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Daddy Long Legs

the first song from this show I heard: The Color of Your Eyes

do I own the cast album?: No, I have Spotify.

favorite song: Charity or My Manhattan

least favorite song: I don’t think I have a least favorite. There all so beautiful.

favorite character: Jerusha

least favorite character: Mrs. Lippett (just mentioned, but she seems horrible)

OTP: Um. There’s two characters and one relation…so I guess…I have to choose Jerusha and Jervis

BROTP: Jervis/Jerusha

NOTP: Jerusha/Jimmie

song I didn’t like at first but now do: The Oldest Orphan in the John Grier Home, not that I didn’t like it. I, sometimes, am not a fan of people changing their voice to play a different character, but this works.

song I used to like but now don’t: N/A. Because I love all of them.

is the fandom annoying?: No! Theres like little to no fandom. Please check out this musical, so it has a bigger fandom. Annoying that there is none than Yes,

do I read/write fanfic for this show?: I don’t write much so no. There’s very little fanfiction on this, but I have read like the one fanfic I’ve seen.

favorite non-sung line: N/A. I don’t really have a favorite yet.

favorite lyric: Just who is helping who
You are free to go your way
Whatever path you choose

overall rating out of 10: 11/10. Highly recommend.


theatre challenge: three out of nine shows » the last five years

“If I didn’t believe in you / We wouldn’t be having this fight / If I didn’t believe in you / I’d walk out the door and say, "Cathy, you’re right” / But I never could let that go / Knowing the things about you I know / Things, when I met you four years ago, I knew / It never took much convincing / To make me believe in you"

Daddy Long Legs Giveaway!!! (AKA Part 1 of Sarah’s Summer of Giveaways!!)

So I have a SHIT TON of playbills and flyers in a box (I call it the Theatre Porn Box of Shame) and the prospect of doing one HUGE giveaway is kinda stressful so expect a lot of small giveaways this summer.  
So for the first of Sarah’s Summer of Giveaways, and in honor of the show closing yesterday… 
I was lucky enough to see Daddy Long Legs Off-Broadway in January and I picked up some flyers from the lobby!! Also, They had this thing where they gave you a pen and a postcard before the show and you could write home abut it! I somehow ended up with an extra one of these pens.


1 first place winner-

a flyer and the pen

3 second place winners-

a flyer 


- must be following me
-must be comfortable giving me their address
-I’m sorry but I can only ship to the United States. International is expensive and I’m a college student. 
-You can reblog as many times as you like to get a better chance of winning. and also liking the post will give you one vote.
-giveaway ends my birthday, June 26th, I will contact the winners the 27th, who then have 24 hours to respond with their addresses so i can send them their prize. 

Best of luck!! 

Can somebody please explain where the new “Aaron isn’t impressed” pic is from?

Is Steven and Molly a new project he’s doing that I somehow didn’t know about?

I know it’s from Adam Halpin’s Instagram, but I’m not sure who he is either…

I’m sorry if this a dumb question but if somebody could please explain that would be great!