g: 4x21

Max: I'll move to Africa.
Steve: I'm proud of you.

Catherine: I'll stay in Kabul.
Steve: I understand you.

Chin: I'm thinking about running a task force in San Francisco.
Steve: This is a great opportunity.

Danny: I want to move back to Jersey.
He even went to jail to make Danny stay. 

So I’m seeing that some people aren’t completely happy with the reunion scene, but like…that was beautiful?? The way they comfort each other and they’re just together and don’t need to say anything and Jemma showing Fitz that she still loves him and him thinking he doesn’t deserve even though he ONLY HAS ROOM IN HIS HEART FOR JEMMA BECAUSE SHE OWNS IT AND ALWAYS HAS and just… Like yeah, okay, in my hopes and dreams there were hugs and epic kisses but really, this was so much more realistic after everything they’ve been through. They need to heal, and this is them taking that first step toward that together, despite everything they’ve been through and I just… I dunno, I just really loved it okay? 

Also can we talk about how freaking amazing Iain and Liz are in scenes when there aren’t even words like??? Honestly I’m in awe of them (like always).

As terrifying as AIDA’s reaction was, it made perfect sense. She’s only been human for a few hours and has no idea how overwhelming things like this can me. She has the emotional maturity of an infant – she wants something and when she doesn’t get it, she goes nuts. Perfect time for the guy she’s been crushing on to tell her he’s still in love with his girlfriend.