g8 protest

I see my online fellows being told they are on the wrong side of history for being skeptical of these protests when there is a history of these protests leading to nothing since 2001. Occupy Wallstreet, Mothers Against the Iraq War (who supported Democrats that voted for the War), the G8 protesters who let police infiltrate them. and the Impeach Bush crowd that later supported John Kerry withered away in quick succession.

Forget the edge lord bloggers who like to use slurs for a second. I don’t count these people as being anything more than attention seekers.

I don’t believe the people I follow who are skeptical of these protests are against rights for women, ethnic minorities, gay rights, and trans rights. Not one bit. They for the last eight years of Obama’s presidency called him out for supporting dictators, Isis, and torturing Chelsea Manning.

The fact they are not rushing in to something is not a sign of anything other than they have burned by activism before. The kind of activism that called Ron Paul racist when he was firing warning signs about state power since the 1980s or the kind of activism was silent for eight years.

I am not going to live in fear of imaginary Nazis. I am not going worship Trump. I am good live my life as a good person and trust that people are good. I will gladly protest with people who love liberty and freedom. But I do not know if I want to throw my chips in with some of these protesters just yet unless I see the relinquishment of the idea that Democrats are the answer.


in 2011 - 10 years after the anticapitalist protests of genova activists opened the Carlo Giuliani Park in Berlin Kreuzberg. Every year at the 1.st of May take the left Open Air stage Barrio Antifascista place on this place. Here some Pictures from the Park out of the last 3 years…