For Jack’s #septicart event cause, fun fact, the day he announced this event I was actually in a really bad mood and his videos just helped pulled me back out of that depressing hole.
So, I kinda wanted to give something back. His energy and personality is just such a giant mood booster. Keep doing you, Jack! You’re amazing!

Mediums used
mechanical pencil (sketch)
Staedtler pigment liner 0.1 (lineart)
Uni Pin Fine Line 0.05 (smaller lineart details)
Artline ErgoLine Calligraphy Pen 2.0 (pants)
Twin Touch Markers CG0.5, BG3, BG5, BG7, G56 (coloring)
Hybrid Ball Gel Pen White 1.0 (highlights & minor bleeding fixes)

under the cut are 297 gif icons of Chris Pine as requested by @ibelieveyoucallmebaby. none of the original gifs are mine, so i give credit here: X and to both the original makers and compilers. i did resize them and apply the texture so i ask that you don’t claim them as your own. please like or reblog these if they help you in anyway. these were made by G in G56

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How Genesis will mirror The Undertaking (in order to show Oliver’s Growth as a Hero)

I’ve been thinking for a while now that Genesis is really shaping up to be The Undertaking, Part 2. And I think the writers are taking this route purposefully in order to show how Oliver’s actions after Genesis will be light years different than his actions after The Undertaking.

There is still much we don’t know about Genesis, but we can infer a few things from spoilers and make assumptions (possibly correct, possibly incorrect) from there.

I’ve laid out what I’m thinking in chart form because it just seemed to make more sense this way:

Some thoughts:

-DD has implied a number of times that his plan involves a “reset” or “a new beginning” and has even compared his intentions to Hitler’s.

-The “Flood” could be a literal flood (Star City Dam?) or it could be a metaphorical flood–where no actual flooding is involved, but the biblical intentions are the same - wipe everyone out and start over.

-Either way, I think its possible that the underground corn field might serve as some sort of “Ark” - DD did mention something about the air quality almost being perfected so its possible that this bunker is intended as a “safe zone” during/after Genesis

-I mentioned this above, but one of the crates at the dock was labeled G56. This is when Felicity joked that maybe they were playing “Bingo…deadly bingo.” In the Bible, Genesis 5:6 is the part of the bible where God looks upon humanity and decides it has gone to shit, so hes just gonna flood it and start the fuck over. Doesn’t seem coincidental.

-Like the Undertaking, I think Genesis will succeed (at least partially), as opposed to Team Arrow stopping it before it happens.

-I also have a hard time believing that HIVE’s plans stop here. I kind of think that Star City is just their first attempt –a “test case” if you will–and their ultimate goal would be to execute this on a national or worldwide scale in the future. Maybe not. Just seems odd to target Star City and call it quits there.

Anything else? Thoughts? Speculation?