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Me and some friends were watching an old episode of Icons the other night and in the one about Miyamoto, while a quick slideshow of games flash by, you can see Dr. Mario apparently running on Windows XP. 

Please enjoy this screencap of a youtube video of a tv show of a video game on a computer.

The episode also had some other weird oddities. For instance, when they talk about how the Zelda franchise started, they show nothing but footage of Zelda 2. 

And even furthur back when they talk about SMB1, well…

External image

I mean it IS Super Mario Bros. but it’s not exactly the NES version.

All in the all, the info itself was accurate in the episode but a lot of times the visuals didn’t really match up.

On the plus side, they had an excellent use of Toad circa Mario Party 2

External image

Look at him go!