HK 91

German semi-automatic rifle that is the civilian model of the G3. This example is configured as a pseudo-G3K. It uses an HK 93 handguard because of the shorter barrel but to maintain a non-SBR length, an extended flash hider is pinned on. This way makes the gun easier to transfer but if you live in a state that allows for Class III firearms, then doing the paperwork to convert it into an SBR will get you a proper G3K configuration. (GRH)


German special police forces SEK stand guard outside the building of the German Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof) in Karlsruhe, Germany December 15, 2015. (REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski)

*That HK G3K has a special adapter made by Bruger & Thomet for the SEK unit. It allows for the use of a SIG 550 side-folding stock as opposed to the fixed stock of the standard G3. It was a limited contract run and the adapter is no longer in production. (GRH)


The short barreled variant of the G3, this might have started off as an HK91, PTR or built from a parts kit. Generally the G3 platform relies on STANAG claw mounts for optics but this one has the pricey and kind of rare Brugger & Thomet mount. Note the shape of the collapsible stock’s pad. It indicates an older model due to the concave shape.