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So excited for tomorrow you don’t understand. I know I may not be meeting them however, I’m privileged to be going. My friends bought me tickets on G33 and G32 ! That’s amazing ?!! I’m sure I’d be able to meet them one day 😂😀I mean I’ve been watching Tyler for four years, it’s nice to just see him in person for once💖💖

reminder that I’ll be wandering around ACEN all weekend!! I’ll be there from opening until close most likely

probz hanging around table G32 a lot because that’s where amonstar and mattpichette are tabling and they’re pretty cool dudes!!!

I won’t have Tumblr access while I’m there but you can always hit me up via Twitter, or message me privately for my number so I can get it to you for the next day.



Saturday Spotlight: Popa’s Pretzels G32/368 Queen Street Price: 5/5 Health: 4/5 Alty diet-friendly: 2/5 Service: 3/3 Design: 2/5 +1 bonus point for being open until midnight on Fridays + Saturdays - FINALLY late night tofu-snackage is possible. This hole-in-the-wall pretzel bar pumps out handmade bread pretzels and more. I’m still in awe of the mushroom, jalapeño, olive PRETZEL PIE that I received. Only really faultable on the lack of wholegrain option and a few big chunks of rock salt. My plea for reduced cheese was easily met + I even got given a crunchy sesame seed topping in its place. Deliciously warm. This place is cool! 60% awesome. (Low marks almost entirely due to design that just doesn’t reflect the quality of the product.)

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