For those of you who have no idea where I’ve gone over the past several days, I’ve had a lot of stuff to do and a lot of failing Internet as well.

As an apology, have this shoddily-painted (though no more so than my normal stuff) G3/G3.5 Pinkie Pie. Pinkie was the main character and the organiser of ther group of friends, though still party-obsessed; she could arrange any food, entertainment, special guests, whatever. In G4 dynamics terms, that means she occupied the Twilight Sparkle role of the group.


It also, in my opinion, makes her the patron saint of conventions.


Whew! It’s been quite a while since I did a headcanon drawing of MLP characters, so I think it’s high time I start it up again. This time, we’ll jump back into the headcanoning through one of Pinkie Pie’s relatives… her grandmother, to be precise!

Throughout the show, Pinkie references both her “Granny Pie” and her “Nana Pie”, both of which I’m assuming are her grandmothers. I’ve already headcanoned her “Granny Pie”, which I’ve given the role to the G1 incarnation of Pinkie, Surprise. As such, I think it only makes sense that her g3 incarnation (also named Pinkie Pie) should take the spot of Nana Pie! I played around with her design a bit to make her look similar to Pinkie but not so much so that she could be mistaken as her despite the familiar color palette. I’ll list off the differences later, but for now, here is my headcanon on the character: G3 Pinkie Pie is renamed to be Rosa Pie because, if I’m not mistaken, “rosa” roughly means “pink” in spanish (correct me if I’m wrong), so she’s still “pinkie pie” but only a different variety of the name.  Anyway, onto the real headcanon:

Rosa Pie is the mother of Cloudy Quartz (Pinkie’s mother) and known to her grandchildren simply as “Grandma Rosa” or “Nana Pie”. She was a native of Equedor before ultimately moving to Equestria when she was around the age of 25, and has lived in the country ever since then. As such, her first language is Spanish while her secondary language is Equish (basically english but named differently), although she’s able to speak and understand an additional 3 languages (Gryph, Neighponese, and Torr'an). She’s the origin of Pinkie’s ability to speak spanish, among other languages.

Despite there seeming similarities (balloons for a cutie mark, their surname being “Pie”), Surprise and Rosa are in no way related. That said, it’s a funny coincidence that they both ended up being Pinkie’s grandmothers because they were best friends and were very close before Surprise ultimately passed away. Rosa remains alive and well. She is a mare of many talents; in her lifetime, she was a master chef, an educator, a freelance artist, and a translator-for-hire, among other many odd jobs and talents. She is wise, gentle, and calm,  a good balance to Surprise’ energetic and boisterous attitude. Whereas Surprise was the grandmother that brings gift after gift to her grandchildren and is more than willing to roll around with them in the dirt, Rosa is the grandmother that will tell fantastic fables and cook the best home-cooked meals her family has ever tasted. Among the Pie family, her strawberry-frosted Gingerbread cookies are legendary.

She currently resides in the peaceful countryside on the outskirts of Manehatten, where she owns a tiny but successful bakery alongside her doting spouse, which you can see above. Speaking of the character, here’s a little headcanon on them:

This character is Pinkie’s grandparent on her mother’s side, and they are a Seraph changeling: a subspecies of changeling that has a hard-to-tear but smooth hide, an equally smooth and colorful protective carapace upon their back, three-toed hooves instead of cloven or traditional hooves, and more than one pair of wings. This character has four wings in total.

The character doesn’t have a name yet but they are non-binary, but any suggestions for the name and overall colors of the character is welcomed.

This character was unintentionally lost by their parents as a foal when their hive was suddenly attacked and brutally slaughtered by a bunch of hateful ponies. The character managed to escape the masacre thanks to the adults’ efforts, but they eventually wound up alone in a dense, nearby forest. The character wandered for days and fed off of the nector of flowers and rodents in an attempt to keep themselves nourished, but as you may know by now, that can only sustain a changeling for so long before it eventually just stops working. Their missing limb is a result of a stray Timberwolf targeting the tiny foal as its prey, and while they managed to escape with their lives they lost their front leg and nearly bled to death. Fortunately for them, a kindly pony found them during one of her routine nature walks, and immediately took the character in their home for treatment and proper food. The character was nursed back to health and the kind pony ultimately decided to adopt them, where the character lived most of their young life happily in a loving, safe home.

They eventually took over the family business (a small cafe), and this is where they first met the love of their life: Rosa Pie. The two became best friends before becoming anything more, and at some point before their romance bloomed, the character revealed their changeling nature to Rosa, who took it all in stride and accepted the character for who they were without a second thought. They have been married for over 30 years, and they are still happily together to this day. C: As a sidenote though, despite Cloudy Quarts being half-changeling, she is more or less full pony and did not inherit any of the ability to create illusions like a changeling is able to.

As for the differences, I provided an image to show it off, but below is a brief description pointing them out if you can’t see them:

-Rosa has a more square and broad muzzle than Surprise and Pinkie
-Of the three she has the thickest eyebrows
-Her hair isn’t as curly as Pinkie’s or Surprise’s
-Of the three she has the most sleek fur; not a hair is out of place
-The most curved jaw and largest face, but possesses the smaller eyes
-Her eyes are more narrow than the other two
-She has the largest ears and is the tallest of the three

I hope I made the differences obvious or at least noticeable. >.> Buuuuut yeah. Feel free to ask questions and thanks so much for taking a look! ^.^