g3 rifle


Aim Sports G3 M-LOK Extended Rail

Generally the aftermarket parts for the HK G3 series of rifles have been pretty sparse. The Aim Sports M-LOK rails are a nice modern alternative to the picatinny covered options that were often the only choices. The Extended Rail covers up the exposed portion of the barrel but a standard rail maintains the regular profile. MSRP is about $126.00, which is considerably cheaper than a handguard from Spuhr which is around $459.00. (GRH)

Brownells employees don’t just work in the industry, we love firearms too! You all probably recognize Paul Levy. Here is what he has to say about his PTR-91 - “I’ve always been interested in roller locked guns, and had dabbled in domestically produced G3/91 pattern rifles in the past.  The PTR-91 is the first that I have been 100% pleased with, both in regards to function, fit & finish.  The newest models are great in that they come with 5/8-24 threads, making them compatible with commonly found 30 caliber muzzle devices.  I put a PWS brake on this one to soften it a bit.  The rest of the rifle is pretty much stock besides the HK wide forend.  The trigger is great out of the box for a semi-auto rifle.  The gun is a pleasure to shoot with iron sights using the diopter rear & hooded front sight.  Having the welded Picatinny rail is nice, but I prefer this rifle with irons.”