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It’s time for the Best Friends’ Ball! Twinkle Twirl helps everyone get ready for the big day. But what is she going to wear? With a little help from a special pegasus pony, Twinkle Twirl will find a way to sparkle, too.

2004 Hasbro/Harper Festival. 

Written by Ruth Benjamin, illustrated by Ken Edwards

I scanned my copy of “Belle of the Ball”! 

It’s a little beat up since, unlike all the other G3 books I have, the pages are made out of plain ol’ paper instead of the glossy stuff. :x I only scanned the pages and added the text in Photoshop. These “Picture Readers” books had pictures in the text, (example: “A wishing 🌟!”) but I wasn’t going to try to replicate that. :’)

📖🌈 Full book under the cut, 11 pages total 🌈📖

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