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Anarchist Call for ANTI G20 protest Hamburg 7–8 July 2017


New York City: Don’t let them use Paris as an excuse for racism & war! Protest at CNN, Nov. 15, 2015.

Photos by redguard

A People’s Response to G20 Summit – which is being turned into a “WAR” Summit

An Urgent Reason To Join The Protest Against Capitalism and Racism on Sunday

We mourn for those who were killed and injured in Paris on Friday. But mourning is not enough. We must also remember that what happened in Paris is yet another terrible example of the bitter fruits that are the fallout from endless war, occupation, shock-and-awe bombings, and regime change.

That fallout also includes the decimation of Iraq, and a human rights crisis in both Syria and Iraq of epic proportions – including the displacement of millions of people. Now is the time to remember how 911 was used as a pretext for war, racism and repression.

The corporate media wants us to forget the heroic protest of the Black students at Missouri State University that has inspired students across the country. They want us to shut all protest down so that they can whip up a new war fever.

The racist anti-immigrant movements in Europe and the U.S. are already planning how they will use the attacks in Paris on November 13 to bolster their violent campaigns against African, Arab, and Latino immigrants. Police chiefs across the U.S. who have been pushed back by the Black Lives Matter movement are at this very movement feverishly strategizing about how they will use the Paris attacks to support the ongoing police war against Black and Brown people.Homeland Security and the Wall Street interests that it serves will try to use the Paris attacks to expand surveillance and repression against protest movements. Politicians and their billionaire backers are already plotting how they will use the Paris attacks to launch a wider war against the peoples of the Middle East, Africa and Asia – the same way that Bush used 911 to destroy Iraq. Now is the time for all of us who know this to stand up and say NO!

Called by: The Peoples Power Assembly – May 1st Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights – The Working Women’s Coalition – International Action Center


So I posted that picture of Toronto at night from down near the Eaton Centre, but now all I can think of is this fucking thing.

It still makes me laugh :D

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What has Bill Blair done?

This article explains why he’s problematic:

Why Canadians should be worried if Trudeau appoints Bill Blair to cabinet

Here are a few choice quotes:

He became Chief of the Toronto force in 2005 acknowledging racism there. He vowed to increase diversity and be more responsive to racialized communities. Some steps were taken to open dialogue. But right from the beginning he institutionalized carding, a patently racist practice, and his support for it has hardly wavered. A revised carding policy was approved by the Police Services board in April 2014 but Blair disregarded the directive and did not implemented the changes.

Under Blair carding has also represented a massive information-gathering project. The data collected at each carding stop is put into a central system, and the public doesn’t know what that is used for or how long the information is kept. These carding stops and information gathering have been called a violation of “constitutional and privacy rights” by the Law Union of Ontario.


Another blemish in Blair’s career was his handling of the demonstrations at the G20 Summit in 2010. Hundreds of peaceful protesters in downtown Toronto were detained in cages or forced to sit in the pouring rain surrounded by police. Ontario Ombudsman André Marin called it “the most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history.”

This was the G20 mass arrests that Bill Blair presided over:

And here are a few articles:

Canada police commander found guilty over G20 arrests

Toronto G20 cop who ordered ‘kettling’ of protesters found guilty of misconduct

G20 report slams police for ‘excessive’ force

Toronto journalist witnessed ‘police brutality’ at Toronto G20

Medics at G20 protests speak out against police brutality

A rundown of arrests of journalists and police brutality at G20 Summit

This man is now assisting the Minister of JUSTICE in Canada’s government.

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I know the blog has looked like it was totally dead for the past four or so days, but I’ve been very busy. I went up to the protest the G20 and came back late last-night. I really didn’t get a chance to get on the internet and update here, so I’m very sorry about that!

Things should be getting back to normal this weekend, though. So don’t worry.

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