Whether you are a fan of Group 1 Crew or not... Please pray for them...

Please pray for one of the main singers, Blanca, and her family.  Earlier this week, on Monday, her father was diagnosed with cancer.  But last night during one of their shows, Blanca’s father was called home to the Lord.

Please pray for the family as they deal with their loss.

I’ve seen days when the nights don’t end
I’ve seen strangers I used to call friend
How could I pretend
To trust in the fact that you’d never let me go?
Been left so many times, felt like nobody could know
The sound that my heart makes when it starts to break
And the pain that I hate waits for me everyday
And yet I lie awake, alive and still breathin’
Hoping that this time in my life is just a season.
—  Group 1 Crew (Please Don’t Let Me Go)

Love is a beautiful thing.
It brings together people of every generation.
Love can heal the pain
Of a broken world.
It’s got to start with us -
And all it takes is Love.

Well I’ve got to make it clear,
Love’s the reason we are here.
We’re the object of affection from God who holds us dear,
And everywhere we go and every thing we do,
Every time that we love,
It’s a reflection of You,
Because You are True Love,
So make it real enough…
Stop holding onto the past,
So we can bask
In the rays
Let the new Love last,
Because -
Love is a Beautiful Thing.

—  ~ Group 1 Crew: Love is a Beautiful Thing