g17 mag

My current pistol line up as of Today. 

M&P Shield - 9MM - Apex Duty carry trigger | XS big dots

G32 -357 SIG - Pyramid Complete trigger kit | XS big dots | tungsten Guide rod | ZEV Magwell | Moose Knuckle cut | Vickers Slide/Mag releases. 

G17- 9MM- Pyramid Complete trigger kit | Trijicon suppressor height NS sights | Dawson magwell | Vickers Slide/Mag releases | VEX cuts | RMR 06 | ZEV dimpled / threaded barrel | Tungsten guide rod | Grip reduction and super heavy Stippling. | Taran Tactical +5 base pads on stock G17 mags. 

Everything I own has an Armiger Solutions holster.