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Here’s a little summary of what’s been going on in the Raine Household lately!

I figured I would speed things up a bit for you guys since it’s taking a while to get an heir, and next I’ll be posting on Elri & Alura’s birthday - they will finally be aging up to Young Adults (they’ll be the first Young Adults of Generation 2!)

Cody came home for a visit from Dribbledine Sports Academy and aged up to a teen.

Platinum aged up to an elder kitty.

Ethan came home for a visit from Fort Starch Military School and aged up to a teen. 

Alura got in trouble with her dad because she was apparently skipping and failing school due to too many early morning birthday celebrations. -_-

Kalen took Summer out on a (much needed) romantic dinner date. ❤

Summer took the kids to the Festival and caught a monster toad. 

Grayson was beyond proud to beat his 3 sisters in a hot dog eating contest. 

Lily went home early to change because she got completely drenched during a water balloon fight with her siblings.

Kalen got a big fat bonus and was promoted to Ingredient Tester and Summer bought him a new pretty yellow sweater. :)

And Lucas enjoyed some perfect summer evenings with his soon-to-be young adult twin siblings.


It’s time for the eldest twins to move out of the house! 

They are officially the first Young Adults of Generation 2!

Elri fell in love with Anna, the baby-sitter, so they are moving in together. ;)

Alura found a nice 3 bedroom house and she’ll be taking her teen brothers Ethan and Cody with her (both of whom are attending boarding school).

Don’t look at me like that, Alura…your parents need space to have more babies. You can always come over to visit and babysit. Plus, you’re a young adult now - think of all the cool things you can do!

Alura: I have to move out all because of this stupid heir business, huh?

Yes, that’s what this challenge is all about…we have to ‘Make way for Prince Ali’, if you catch my drift.

Alura: Pfffftttt…

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Now it’s Elri’s birthday! He’s now a Young Adult!

Coach Potato, Adventurous, Absent-Minded, Daredevil, Virtuoso

Lifetime Wish: One Sim Band

He inherited his father’s Fairy life state, but not his mother’s hair or eye color.


My birthday hatches grew up aaaaa

i threw some genes at them since someone bought my Aries Starmap (listed for 2kg) and someone bought another accent (~500g) so it was enough to buy these genes without dipping into my savings. He’s lined up to get petals so……. gonna save up for that. And maybe underbelly, the tert is spruce. She’s pretty much done, just gotta find an accent.

@protowilson your wind entry would be perfect for her - just saying ;)


my mc who is dating chris decided to try to take the high road but boy KEEPS. MAKING. EXCUSES. did we NOT just have a conversation about all of this a few eps ago?? why is he sTILL being like this? it’s honestly truly bumming me out that chris doesn’t seem to want to put any effort into the relationship with the MC anymore, let alone be out there supporting the group. mc tried to tell zig he had a pattern- but cHRIS does. he always gets super into one thing and can only put his time and energy into it and doesn’t know how to balance it with the rest of his life in a healthy way. if this were rl, my mc would be telling him to go TO A THERAPIST AND GET HIS LIFE IN CHECK. i’m not so sure i want my mc to have to continue to be in a relationship with him at this point. srsly. everyones mcs who have been dating chris from the get go are s a i n t s for putting up with his constantly flakiness and unapologetic behavior.