An incredible find by Steve and Dave Mapes of Transformers At The Moon - from Sunbow studio tapes, deleted, never-before-heard dialogue from the Generation 1 pilot episode, “More than Meets the Eye, Part 1″! Listen out for extra dialogue throughout, including a completely deleted scene of Bumblebee and Wheeljack returning to Iacon and being greeted by Ratchet and Optimus Prime, as well as director Wally Burr!

Next commission completed! This time it’s Soundwave for a good mate of mine Hursticon!
I really wanted to try something different with the composition of this picture.
I tried to pick a different angle to work with and have soundwave’s tape deck be all kinetic and flipping open and I think it kinda worked! Hope y'all like it. :)
(I can’t remember the last time I drew soundwave so that was real fun!)

anonymous asked:

Your megatron is kind of shit imo. All of these voices are just so off and wrong with how I imagined them. For Primus sake, you can't even get megatrons mannerisms right. He sounds nothing at all like frank welker.

I understand your complaints and they’re being taken into consideration. I didn’t go the G1 route with his voice because Frank’s is very difficult to emulate while remaining consistent and I can’t imagine G1 Megs’ voice paired with this particular incarnation of Megatron. 

thetricksterphoenix  asked:

Idk what everyone is going on about. I love the way your Megatron sounds.

I’m a little confused, too. Like, I get that he should sound younger, less harsh and the like- I tried doing a little of that when I recorded. I just don’t imagine Megs having too drastic a change in his voice. That’s all subjective, though. To make things weirder, I’ve used this voice for Megs quite a few times prior to this small dub and folks seemed to enjoy that. I’m mainly just confused. 

delectablygroovygiver  asked:

G1 jazz walking in on his cybertronian s/o singing beautifully

G1 Jazz

•he would definitely notice the singing when he was going about his day and go too see who was singing so beautifully

•when he got their he would be surprised to see his s/o and wait for them to either notice him their or finish singing, and would then go up to them and complement them, also telling them that they should sing more