g1 firefly

@whencandyattacks asked me for my fave ponies that I own so here they are together!

Top left to right : Sweet Lily, Raincurl, Ringlet, Locket
Bottom left to right : Streaky, Night Glider, Baby Rainribbon, movie version Firefly, Stripes

They are all g1s because it’s my fave generation! ;u; I hope it’s not too many!! It’s really hard to pick favorites when they’re all so beautiful!! 

The Loyal Subjects have shared a quick look at some of what you can pick up this year as their SDCC Exclusives found at Booth #4951!

On the pony side of things we have,

Pearlized Lickety Split(with her mane color finally correct!), a flocked Firefly, and both Snuzzle and Lickety Split as sparkle ponies! As mentioned in prior posts, these figures are articulated.

These four will come in boxes with a viewing window on one side, with a limited quantity of 262 available and a limit of 4 per customer. Priced at $18.00 usd. Each pony will become available to buy at different times throughout the con.

Pearlized Lickety Split is available today(July 19th) at 8pm!

Sparkle Snuzzle will be available on Friday July 21st at 5pm.

Sparkle Lickety Split will be available on Saturday July 22nd at 6pm.

And finally Flocked Firefly will be available on Sunday July 23rd at 12pm.

They will also! have the non-exclusive blind boxed MLP figures that have still yet to hit stores, available for $14.00 usd each. They will also be selling loose figures for $10 usd each, although it is unclear if from all current lines or specific/older lines. There will be no purchase limit on blind boxes and loose figures.


Baby Firefly and Baby Glory sit atop the cake in the fairy themed “Sparkle Wedding” of Jennifer and Sarah Diemer, who had decided to have a second wedding after same-sex marriage was legalized in New York in 2011. 

You can see more photos of the wedding here at their filckr.