Plans: G1 vs G2

G1 Makuta: Flawlessly executed a detailed and brilliant plan that hinged upon his enemies doing what they do best, managed to rule the universe for several months (a decently long time by fictional evil takeover standards, most villains don’t even make it that far), only defeated by his enemy pull off an incredible feat of willpower and strength and smashing his head into a fucking moon.

G2 Makuta: Pulled a vague and poorly mapped out plan that rested on the faulty assumption that the heroes wouldn’t figure out how their own powers work, didn’t even get his ass all the way out the portal, was defeated by his enemies doing something he knew well they could do, but took no steps to prevent.

Now I am certainly not a G2 hater, but I think we can all agree who’s the better villain.

stickytablet  asked:

Hey there! Gotta say, I'm loving the blog and I find that your stuff is always in character; keep up the outstanding work!!! I was wondering if you had any headcanons about the G1 Dinobots (individually) with a human s/o? I can't get enough dinobabes

Aw, thank you! 
Gonna be honest, I don’t remember a whole lot about the G1 dinobots, but I’ll try!

Grimlock TF G1

He doesn’t like getting kisses, because ‘he’s a warrior’ but he is down for some cuddling 

Slag TF G1

He’s pretty aggressive, but he’s okay with letting you ride on his back 

Sludge TF G1

The big dope loves getting affection from you, he’s not much for giving it, but he tries 

Snarl TF G1

He’s pretty quiet and prefers to keep to himself, but he’s ok with letting you ride around with him 

Swoop TF G1

He thinks humans are really cool, so he loves it when you ride around on his shoulder and give him little kisses 

Help me find my childhood ponies!

This one goes out to all pony collectors. Please help me find my childhood ponies!

Just like so many of us did, I sold most of my pony collection when I was a teen. I was young and needed the money! Now I am desperately trying to find them again, and seeing that there are so many collectors out there that lovingly care for and preserve G1 ponies, I have my hopes up that maybe some of my ponies ended up in your herds and you might be willing to sell them back to me. 

My childhood ponies were usually marked under their hooves with my initials - W. S. - in either a black or a pink permanent marker, sometimes both.

I exclusively had G1 ponies from the years one to seven (1982 - 1989). I grew up in Germany and sold my ponies at some point in the early 90s on a flea market in the suburbs of Duesseldorf. 

If you find a pony in your collection that you think might have been one of mine, please let me know and send me a picture of their hooves. Am willing to trade or pay! 

Please share and spread the word, and help me find my childhood ponies!