How good are the g1 bionicle comic books compared to the chapter books?

I mean it looks like they had a good run. And the artwork is amazing. But is it worth reading all of them? Is their lore that im missing out on if i dont? I’ve only read two and they seem like just a visual adaptation of the books.


Shattered Memo of the HOLI-day

Valentine’s Day

Only recently did this holiday become bearable for me to bear again. After all, my beloved had thrown my Ember into the ground and snuffed it out. Now I have my Megs and Brightember ( <3 ) , I can celebrate this again. After all, what is Valentine’s Day but a celebration about the ones we love?

For this holiday, I got a bunch of lovey-dovey pictures. Enjoy, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


Pony a Day 2: Day 44 

Today continues our close-up look at the next group of restoration ponies! Salty has a spatter of rust-type spots over his side, which explains the overall “musty” smell of this group. Sparkler has a perfect barrel-curl tail, I’m afraid to touch it! And I suspect that Morning Glory may have been the “favorite” pony from this set, she seems to be the most grimy, as if she was held a lot! 

Help me find my childhood ponies!

This one goes out to all pony collectors. Please help me find my childhood ponies!

Just like so many of us did, I sold most of my pony collection when I was a teen. I was young and needed the money! Now I am desperately trying to find them again, and seeing that there are so many collectors out there that lovingly care for and preserve G1 ponies, I have my hopes up that maybe some of my ponies ended up in your herds and you might be willing to sell them back to me. 

My childhood ponies were usually marked under their hooves with my initials - W. S. - in either a black or a pink permanent marker, sometimes both.

I exclusively had G1 ponies from the years one to seven (1982 - 1989). I grew up in Germany and sold my ponies at some point in the early 90s on a flea market in the suburbs of Duesseldorf. 

If you find a pony in your collection that you think might have been one of mine, please let me know and send me a picture of their hooves. Am willing to trade or pay! 

Please share and spread the word, and help me find my childhood ponies!