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Don't know if tumblr ate the first or not. Any Starscream, TC, and Warp with human friend or s/o headcanons?

Hmm, I think it must have done, unless your request was worded as the command trine? If so, then yes I got it! If not, it’s being put in with this one! 

Poly G1 Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker:

  • Skywarp is honestly the most affectionate out of the three. He’ll surprise you with little kisses now and then, if he thinks you need them
  • Although they pretend to hate it, Starscream and Thundercracker love it when you show them affection. Starscream is more receptive to it than Thundercracker is
  • They all love to show off for you, whether it’s while they’re flying or sparring with each other. It’s one of the few things they have in common
  • They’re all so willing to protect you, though generally it’s Starscream and Thundercracker that actually fight off any attackers, while Skywarp gets you out of there

Wow!!!  Thank you to @shelvesofwhimsy​ for providing these amazing pictures from the 2016 MLP Fair and to Ruth Bush for bringing this abundance of history to the fair!  Ruth Bush (pictured) is an artist / sculptor / designer who worked for Hasbro in the 80s.  Look at all these amazing prototypes and unproduced sets! 


  • Prototype Furbobs!  Probably intended to be included with the 2nd set of Princess ponies.
  • Sea pony sink meant to match the Scrub-a-Dub Tub!
  • Ponies with brightly colored blazes and stockings!
  • A pony picnic giftpack!
  • Prototypes of TAF Buttons, Bonnie Bonnets, and Night Glider in alternate poses!
  • Pony Friends backcard that includes the unproduced dolls in Molly’s mold!
  • Unproduced Flutter pony playset, “Flutter Pony Hideaway”! 
  • Perl, Ravel, Yarny, and Bobble, the Knit & Crotchet ponies of Cotton County, who live in Skernville!