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Can you do Prowl and Jazz who are a couple or on their own as yandere parents G1 or aminated please. If any of this makes sence. I really need to stop staying up so late. Thanks for making your imagine blog ;)

This is my s h i t. I’ll do them as a couple and do both continuities, and I decided to make their “child” human because I am self indulgent trash

G1 Prowl and Jazz

- Prowl is an amazing tactician but lacks the charisma to execute it well, but Jazz has ungodly amounts of charisma so they make a terrifying team up. Anything one of them can’t do the other one can and this should be feared. Prowl can handle the legal aspects, looking for loopholes and finding ways to sneak around being caught. Jazz will appeal to the human as the fun friend just looking out for them and giving them a fun time.

- Prowl again is painfully obvious and almost tips you off a few times, but thankfully Jazz is usually around to save it from becoming too suspicious. Jazz will come off as a big brother type at first, and the human will become drawn to him so quickly that he won’t even have to trick them into being around him, they’ll already be doing it on their own. Prowl comes off… Strange. He tries to connect with you over various things like what’s going on at school or how your actual family is doing. He gets a dark glint in his eyes when you talk about how happy you are with them.

- It’s agreed that the best way to make you live with them is to kill your current parents, then they would be the sympathetic shoulders to cry on and it wouldn’t be make the other Autobots intervene because there wouldn’t be anything outwardly suspicious about it. Jazz takes you for a fun day out while Prowl goes in for the kill. He’s a police officer after all so he knows exactly what to do to make sure there is no evidence. Jazz breaks it to you and comforts you oh so well, almost like he planned it, but you’re too grief stricken to notice. He casually offers to let you stay at the base with them and smiles to himself when you agree. 

TFA Prowl and Jazz

- This Prowl is actually capable of being smooth which makes him even more of a threat, and thus makes them as a couple twice as dangerous. Prowl got to know you first and was already very attached by the time Jazz got around to showing up. Prowl is always talking about how adorable you are and how you’re like the sparkling they never had, so Jazz is like ‘then let’s keep them’. Prowl had thought about this before but had never seriously considered it until now. 

- Jazz goes out of his way to get to bond with you any chance he gets. He’ll take you out to do things Prowl wouldn’t normally do, but his favorite thing is to just chill with you and listen to music. Prowl mostly takes you for hikes in the middle of nowhere and teaches you the art of meditation and self defense because he’s got to keep his child safe. Together they make it to where you’re hardly ever at home, which will lead the parents to intervene. Biiiiiig mistake on their part. They called and wanted to speak to the two alone about how they think their child has been hanging around them too much. Jazz loses his temper and lashes out at them. They didn’t stand a chance.

- They dispose of any evidence and break the news to you together. Prowl holds you close and reminds you that you always have a place to stay with them. They already had stuff for you since you spent the night so often… But when did your stuff from home get here? Before you can ask they scoop you up and bring you to the berth insisting that after such a tragic day you need some rest.

Transformers G1: Timeline-A Rubywing Ref Sheet

Note!: This G1 story (Timeline-A) takes place in alternate universe taking bits and pieces from the G1 cartoon, movie, as well as the IDW comics (Timeline-B takes place in the G1 cartoon where Rubywing was created by Starscream and is part of the Decepticon team). Full BIO under the cut!

Reblogs are always appreciated! ♥

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YALLLLLLLL!! So on the songbird HC, think: The G1 decepticons have a songbird human and they think it'll be obedient and timid, but little did they know they somehow got the loud-angry-hawk like song bird who doesn't want shit to do with any Cybertronian whatsoever and refuses to sing any Cybertronian song unless they are physically punished. Whenever the songbird human can, they'll screech out Earth songs just to piss off the Cons! Very rarely, songbirdhuman sings nicely when sad and or hurt

Gee, guys!  It’s almost like… treating your human with like, actual respect? and not holding them prisoner?? will result in them wanting to do nice things for you???  Like, whaaaaaaaaat????  XD

How long is it okay to hold a dragon for somebody before getting annoyed that they’re not taking it home?
I’ve had someone’s XXY gen1 sat in my lair for two months and I’ve pmed them once but they still didn’t have space and then a few days ago I pinged them in a thread we were both posting in to remind them I still had her but they completely ignored me and whilst I said it was okay for me to hold her for a little while I barely know this person and I’m getting nothing from this but a loss of space and a drain on my food but I don’t want them to think I’m rude if I remind them again and tell them they need to take her back in the next week or so or I’ll have to sell her because this is becoming a pain now