9/17/2016- Pony acquisition post #362: ******A VERY SPECIAL PONY ACQUISITION: “G1″ Genie the Unicorn!*******

Year released: 2016

WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Genie the Unicorn is a wonderful fan made, limited edition “phony” toy made in the style of G1, and she’s completely a fan made production! She comes to us from the collaboration of many collectors who actually worked together to create a new, unique, pony toy in the style of G1!

Genie is the result of all of their hard work! She is an AMAZING custom pony that cannot be created by normal means of customizing! First of all, she is modeled after the sparkle pony set and is a true, semi-translucent glitter pony who cannot be made by normal means of customizing! Her amazing symbol, which consists of a Genie lamp, hearts, stars, and horseshoes, is stamped on (not painted) and on both sides for quality! And have I even mentioned her hair yet? It is made in a TOTALLY unique color that NO other pony or doll has! Pictures do not do it justice- it is a wonderful indigo color that I’ve never seen before!

She even has the correct weight and body proportions of a original G1 pony! Her head even turns and can be removed for customizing. Overall I am SO elated that the pony fandom has been able to collaborate like this to make a pony toy so close to the likeness of G1!!

And the best part is: if Genie sells well, MORE of these custom, fan made ponies can be produced!!! If you are interested in buying one, please direct message me and I can provide more info <3

 Original Condition: MINT!

Flaws: none!

Restoration materials: none

Current condition: MINT!


Wow!!!  Thank you to @shelvesofwhimsy​ for providing these amazing pictures from the 2016 MLP Fair and to Ruth Bush for bringing this abundance of history to the fair!  Ruth Bush (pictured) is an artist / sculptor / designer who worked for Hasbro in the 80s.  Look at all these amazing prototypes and unproduced sets! 


  • Prototype Furbobs!  Probably intended to be included with the 2nd set of Princess ponies.
  • Sea pony sink meant to match the Scrub-a-Dub Tub!
  • Ponies with brightly colored blazes and stockings!
  • A pony picnic giftpack!
  • Prototypes of TAF Buttons, Bonnie Bonnets, and Night Glider in alternate poses!
  • Pony Friends backcard that includes the unproduced dolls in Molly’s mold!
  • Unproduced Flutter pony playset, “Flutter Pony Hideaway”! 
  • Perl, Ravel, Yarny, and Bobble, the Knit & Crotchet ponies of Cotton County, who live in Skernville!