genericlyric replied to your photo: Shiny! (Especially since I might even make it now)


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I’m going in Toronto! :)

Yaaaaaaay for people going to other FRabbit shows! I’m excited for you guys!

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Wish I was going to this!

It should be a special show, if the Barras shows in 2010 are anything to go by and the Picture House last year. I’m hoping my new boss can sort something out so I can make it as I am meant to work Thursdays but the week isn’t booked out yet so fingers crossed. I wish everyone could go and experience it!

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Sauchiehall St will be so good to live on, its so close to everything :) Im a bit jealous!

Yeah, Sleazy’s will be my local and everything else will be really close too (except my work which is a train/bus ride away but that’s not important :P). Plus since it’s a family friend and the room doesn’t need to be rented I’m getting it for a steal of a price. Can’t argue with it.

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I hope you find a job soon! I was the same a while ago, the only job I had was working weekends which left me with five days to do nothing and it just felt so pointless all the time. I agree with what you said to the last question you're asked, I think even a job you hate is better than having nothing at all. Fingers crossed for you that you get something :) x

Aw this is lovely! Thank you so much :) I apply for so many a week, I’m hoping at some point someone will want to employ little old me! x

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Aww that’s horrible she’s got ill now :( But cancer doesn’t have to mean they’re going to die from it. My aunt had breast cancer and now she’s as good as ever so hopes up! I do hope your friend is ok though cause that’s really horrible news to hear x

I can’t really articulate a coherent reply right now but I really appreciate this and you are lovely.

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It’s good to be prepared laughter-wise.

I reckon so!
For example, what if someone said something hilarious and you fell wildly in love with them, but instead of your ‘oh my god you’re the best person ever’ laugh, you accidentally did your 'I think you’re a tosser and I’m laughing because you’re terrible’ laugh. That would be a disaster.