anonymous asked:

did the head butler have a bad time? need a doctor for his scratches?

Master Scratch was the Land/H0use Steward. He’s up higher than the Butler and he was in charge 0f paying, firing and hiring every0ne in the h0use and paying the bills and t0 be h0nest, he was much smarter than us all c0mbinded, s0 he was mainly in charge with n0 butler ar0und. And yes-he did have a terrible time and I l0ved watching every minute 0f his disemb0wlment. Haven’t seen his gh0st. Maybe he just went 0n t0 hell, he was always such a suck up.

The Butler went with the y0ung l0rd, wh0 decided t0 travel the w0rld and left us s0rta hanging financially, waiting f0r his return. The butler I recall was……spacey….what was his name?….We always just called him G0at….

tfw ur g0at nemesis is actually Real Life gay for yu and you ahte his guts but you also love attention s you soak in it for as long as possible until the day finally comes where when u fight hes very gay and confused and youre confident and beautiful