[Open] Sweets pastries

Miles wander around the town right as he got outside of his house. He felt as if it’s been forever since he seen Evertim or even walked in his two own feet. The town was as beautiful and calm as he remember it. Once he made a full round around the outskirts of Evertim, he went towards the town square. Sitting down on one of the many benches this square had and he looked at his surroundings. Something inside him felt as if he’s welcomed home. 

“Ahh.”, he sighed out as sudden rumble from his stomach was heard. 

Oh right I haven’t ate breakfast yet.

Miles looked around for nearby places to get some food, but a sweet smell caught his attention. He looked at the direction of the smell only to find a small cafe. The cafe’s window showcased many pasties that made Miles’ stomach growl even louder. He snapped out of the daze and went in the place to get a bite.

DIY Mahogany Set In Electric Guitar Kit Flamed Maple Veneer Albatross G004

DIY Mahogany Set In Electric Guitar Kit Flamed Maple Veneer Albatross G004

Item# gk004 Body Solid Mahogany | Flamed Maple Veneer Top Construction Set In Neck Scale Length 24.75 | 22 Fret Neck Mahogany with Adjustable Truss Rod Fingerboard Rosewood with Crown Pearloid Inlay Controls 2V-2T | 3-Way Switch Pick-Ups H-H Bridge Fixed Chrome Adjustable Bridge and Stop Tailpiece Machine Heads Chrome 3 Per Side Pickguard Cream

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[Closed] Sleepwalking

Miles eyes slowly open to the sight of his ceiling on the floor in the middle of his house. 

“Ugh My throat. It’s so dry.” He sat up feeling his throat. “Ow my back. Hmm? Why am I sleeping in the middle of the room? Did I sleep walked?” Rubbing his back he tried to think, but nothing came to him. Coughing he got up on his feet to walk towards the sink for a drink. Grabbing an already filled glass of water, he drank it all in one go. 

“Ah much better!”, putting down the glass he noticed a blinking phone nearby. “A message? I don’t think I gave anyone my number since I never bring it with me and I’m pretty sure I don’t have anyone in my contacts.” Curiosity took over him as reached over to grab the blinking object. There was a message from a unknown number.

(TXT) No subject

Oh no! Mr Miles! There’s a werewolf on the loose! But you’re the hunter! You are allowed to take one person down with you, in the even that you are chosen to be lynched. Be sure to choose wisely, otherwise your sacrifice might be in vain!

“A werewolf? Hunter?”, Miles frowned. “That doesn’t sounds so fun, especially the part about being sacrifice and taking someone with them. This message must be a mistake, but it does says my name.” he took a moment looking at the strange message. “It’s must be to some other Miles or spam, I’ll delete it later.”, closing the phone as he put it in his pocket. He looked out the window seeing a beautiful day. A small grin grew on his face as he turned around go towards the door, grabbing his keys and right out the door.