gotta love how kai is confirmed to be the person who is late for literally every rl meeting but answers texts in a matter of seconds

just think about all the communication problems in the previous seasons that could have been avoided if they had just texted kai instead

[Open] Maybe this place first

Miles wandered around a bit until he realised that he forgot where the commerce area was. He patted his pockets looking for the Map, but nothing.

I might of left it on my desk. I should note to myself to leave it in my pants later.

Miles shurged his shoulders and looked around if he can recognised where he was. In front of him was a rusted gate area with overgrown grass, and broken empty tombstones scattered around. He visited the graveyard before but can’t remember why.

Well, it’s nice to visit this place once awhile. The morning mist makes it mysterious this time of day.

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[Open] Hello doggie!

He turned around after saying his goodbye to Meri.While walking torwards the shopping area he noticed person near the fountain. He had black hair but the brightest blue eyes he ever seen before.

Who is this person? He looks familiar, but I can’t remember his name.

As walking closer to the person, he noticed the person is holding a leash. Miles eyes followed the leash to see a happy dog standing by.

“Oh! Hello doggie!” Miles excitedly smiled.

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[Closed] I'll sleep early

Miles stepped out the last store after spending the whole afternoon window shopping. Nothing caught his eye to buy now, but there were new stuff that he can buy later. The blue sky was now red and soon fading into a violet color. 

Well I better get home. Today was somewhat a eventful day.

He began walking home and thought about his day. Meeting Meri put a grin on his face. Then his face turned disappointed as the thought of the man with the dog came to mind next. 

I should always try to remember not to touch his dog.

Finally making it home, he locked the door behind him as he entered and crashed onto the couch. Looking around he gave a huge sigh from the relieved of being back home. Reaching over the coffee table he scanned the letter again.

Hunter huh? I would never bring someone with me to the afterlife.

Miles looked up from the letter to see a unopen box across the room. The box was neatly packaged same as the others that he unpacked after moving here. The only difference was there was a huge handwritten ‘x’ on it. Miles tries to remember what he has in the box but the memory was all blurry since he packed it long before he started to moved. All he knows is that he feels he should bring it with him whenever he moves.The grandfather clock rang disrupting his train of thought. 

It’s getting late. I should sleep early today, maybe I’ll remember what is inside later. For now I’ll put it in the closet.

He placed back the opened letter on the coffee table and walked to the box. He picked the box to place it in the top shelf of the closet. Closing the door he turned around and got ready for bed.

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[Closed] Hunter sounds nice

Miles’ eyes fluttered open, staring at the ceiling of his home. The chirping of the birds told him it was already morning. As sat up up he got blinded by the sunlight that was peeking out from behind the closed curtains. He got up on his feet, got dressed and walked across the room to open the curtains. A flash of sunlight made his eyes squint until his eyes had adjusted. Evertim was out his window he remembered.

Ah yes, I’m living here now.

He took a moment looking out the window towards the town. This town had a different sense than the last place he lived.He turned around from the window facing his room.

The arrangement looks the same from my old home, but…

 He stopped in midsentence and started to look for his keys. While looking he noticed a red envelope on the couch that was never there before. He went over to the strange letter and opened it.

“You are the Hunter. Under the event that you die, I will allow you bring company to your grave. You can only bring one person with you to the afterlife. Don’t forget your belongings.“

Hunter? Being a hunter is nice but if I die? That doesn’t sounds good in my book. Anyway why would I need to bring someone to the afterlife with me if I’m not planning on dying anytime soon? 

Before he could go any further questioning he got a glance of his keys on the small table next to his door.

"Oh! There it is!.”, placing the opened letter down on his coffee table, he went over and grab the keys.

I should go by the by the commerce area and check what new in the stores for summer.

He stepped out and locked the door behind him. Off to town square Miles walked to.