gotta love how kai is confirmed to be the person who is late for literally every rl meeting but answers texts in a matter of seconds

just think about all the communication problems in the previous seasons that could have been avoided if they had just texted kai instead


Scientists normally monitor polar bear populations via tag and release programs, or visual surveys with low-flying aircraft. Seth Stapleton is trying a different, much less invasive technique - identifying bears in satellite images.

Human observers compared satellite images, finding large white dots that appeared in one image but not the other. Their identifications were confirmed by traditional methods.

Polar bear photo: Arturo de Frias Marques

Satellite photos: DigitalGlobe, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0101513.g002

[Open] Maybe this place first

Miles wandered around a bit until he realised that he forgot where the commerce area was. He patted his pockets looking for the Map, but nothing.

I might of left it on my desk. I should note to myself to leave it in my pants later.

Miles shurged his shoulders and looked around if he can recognised where he was. In front of him was a rusted gate area with overgrown grass, and broken empty tombstones scattered around. He visited the graveyard before but can’t remember why.

Well, it’s nice to visit this place once awhile. The morning mist makes it mysterious this time of day.

[Open] Hello doggie!

He turned around after saying his goodbye to Meri.While walking torwards the shopping area he noticed person near the fountain. He had black hair but the brightest blue eyes he ever seen before.

Who is this person? He looks familiar, but I can’t remember his name.

As walking closer to the person, he noticed the person is holding a leash. Miles eyes followed the leash to see a happy dog standing by.

“Oh! Hello doggie!” Miles excitedly smiled.