BLAQies weird poses never get old…can’t imagine JTune had the hard time to control their crazinessthey never care keeping images…chic,crazy,dorky and they just being themselves…not try to be look cool…that’s make them different from other idols….the most HUMAN amongst idols….lol


how idols were scouted 

B2ST Doojoon: He was originally preparing for admission into an athletics college but changed paths to become a singer when he saw a Big Bang documentary at home while in his underwear and eating pork cutlets. He became a JYP trainee when he placed 3rd at a public audition. Joined the survival ‘Hot Blood’ program and almost became a member of 2AM before being eliminated. Left JYP to join Cube and got a fresh start as a member of B2ST, the same group as Hyunseung, a previous member of the same Big Bang documentary he watched. 

SHINee Minho: An SM manager tried to cast him at a ski resort but Minho declined. He kept following Minho around only to be denied again. The manager then spotted Minho walking home from school and gave him another casting offer. Minho declined. Manager kept following and offering anyway again until Minho finally accepted. 

Sunny: She was originally a trainee in a different agency. Her group disbanded before they got to debut so Sunny kind of floated around before she auditioned for SM and got accepted. Ended up being Lee Soo Man’s niece. 

2PM Wooyoung: He wasn’t really given much attention when he originally auditioned for a Wonder Girls’ audition. Ended up winning #1 at another public audition and debuting with 2PM. 

TVXQ Changmin: 
SM’s casting manager waited for Changmin outside of his school every day after seeing him play badminton during phys ed class. He was so persistent that Changmin told his mom. His mom was a BoA fan so she took Changmin to an SM audition because she wanted to see BoA. Changmin passed the audition and debuted with TVXQ. 

EXO-K Baekhyun: Baekhyun initially gave up auditioning because he failed all of them and began preparing for music college instead. While clearing his throat and practicing outside of his practical exam room, he was cast by an SM manager. 

INFINITE Sunggyu: After graduating from high school, he left home for Seoul to become a singer. He lived alone and worked several part time jobs, one of them being at a cafe. His cafe manager mentioned to a customer that Sunggyu was preparing to become a singer. The customer asked Sunggyu who his favorite singer was and he replied that it was Nell. The customer ended up being Nell’s manager and offered him a chance to audition at the company. Sunggyu obviously passed and debuted with INFINITE. 

Seohyun: She was cast by an SM manager while riding the subway when she was an elementary school student. 

SHINee Jonghyun: SM originally cast him for his handsome looks when he was a bassist for a band. Ended up becoming SHINee’s main vocalist. 


How to look “great” on red carpet with MBLAQ styles ??

MBLAQ just being themselves..not try to be look cool..sometimes they don’t care about their images on red carpet…chic'dol, crazy & dorky…that make their fans love them just the way they are..