Dear strangers who pray,

Please spare a prayer for my boyfriend’s father. Ask your God to take the cancer away. 

In fact, do more than ask. Please demand that your God make them happy again and keep them safe. They don’t deserve this. He doesn’t deserve this. 

I wish I could have faith in a higher power to fix all of this. But for now, I have to just rely on the faith of others. 

Save his father, and doing so, help him. Like I said, he doesn’t deserve this. No one does, and maybe I’m a little biased, but of all the human beings I’ve met, he is the only one I’ve met that deserves none of this. 

Thank you,

A stranger wishing she could pray.

anonymous asked:

hey al, your mom should just be euthanized and stop using up free healthcare resources!! and you should get sterilized too to prevent your bad genes with possible mental junk from spreading

Strike a nerve | accepting

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“… Oh yes. Perhaps that’s it. Perhaps that’s the solution we’ve all been looking for.”

“It’s not like the mentally ill are people, too. It’s not like they have thoughts or emotions or lives.”

“Do you think my mother asked to be the way she is? Do you think she wanted to be plagued by hallucinations and psychotic breaks and the involuntary desire to kill her family that she did everything in her power to fight? Do you think she wanted that?!”

“And me. Do you think I asked to be brainwashed by some coward? To have my consciousness split into two? To have my original self buried for four years? To be broken?!”

“No. We didn’t. I would give anything for Mother to be stable and happy again. Or be fixed myself. I hate this. I hate me.”

“But if I ever hear you even entertain the idea that my mother should be killed for who she is, I will hunt you down and fucking kill you.”

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I spent my afternoon on a silly thing and it was great fun. My little sis made this request of me like a year ago but her birthday’s this weekend so I figured It’s time.


summer vibes 🌴🍃🍹