G.O is probably the most underrated vocalist I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. He feels his music so deep withinhis soul. He’s so beyond intelligent with how he arranges music when he’s composing. His voice is so smooth and yet powerful and his voice control is amazing and he’s only gotten better! He’s been praised by so many musical actors/singers for his talent and hard work. And yet no one is giving him the recognition he deserves.


MBLAQ over the Years…


From 2009 15th October to 2014, it’s been five years.

I must admit, I haven’t been there since MBLAQ’s day 1 but they were my Day 1.

They were the first K-Pop group to introduce me to this wonderful world, and I couldn’t give enough appreciation and love to them. I started with MBLAQ and I’ll forever love MBLAQ. So instead of saying ‘Goodbye’ I wanted to say ‘Thank you.’

Thank you for believing in yourselves, your precious A+ (us) and in your dreams.

Thank you for the brilliant music you’ve graced us with.

Thank you for the many laughs you’ve given us from all your numerous appearances on variety shows, no matter how tired you are, you’ll always strive to put on a happy face just for us.

Thank you for being MBLAQ, the ones who have that Something Special.

I believe the video we A+ sent you guys on that concert says it best.

‘Although you are exhausted and tired from running towards an end that cannot be seen, you haven’t given up until the end, and you always made the effort to run towards it and we are so proud of you and still are. But we feel sorry because we can only keep cheering for you and say “Have strength”.  The way to reach a destination is not through having a clear aim, information and regular way, but when there are people who believe and stay together by your side. It is a promise that we’ll always stay with you, no matter where you go. A promise that we will walk together, the promise that we will be the A+ that support you at all times. We will always cheer for you by your sides and from far away.

Rather than being the BEST ONE that everyone envies, you are the ONE and ONLY MBLAQ that cannot be replaced by any others.

Because you exist, we are happy.’

 So hold your head high when you part ways, because we know that inside, you’ll always be together even if you’re far apart, as we were all bonded and will forever be under the one name ‘MBLAQ’

Even if I can’t see you,

No matter how far away you may be,

I will always be supporting and loving you.

Seungho, G.O, Joon, Cheondung and Mir.

Thank you.