160204 PLAYDIUM Facebook Event Notice (ENG/POR/ESP) Presenting MBLAQ Product

[Event Notice]

Hello, It’s Playdium.
Surprise event will be started to celebrate open beta test of MBLAQ’s mobile application.

- How to participate -

Share your post of ‘Introduction of PLAYDIUM MBLAQ’ in PLAYDIUM Facebook, then we will present MBLAQ members’ own product to 3 people who have earned largest number of 'I Like It’.

Event period : 02.6(Sat)~02.15(Mon) 24:00
Prizewinner notice : 02.16 (Tue)
Prize : MBLAQ members’ own product (randomly given among 3)

To participate, please click on the link below and share it!



[ Sobre evento ]

O Evento de surpresa começa para celebrar o teste de Open-Beta do aplicativo móvel de MBLAQ.

- Como participar -

Compartilhem o post “Apresentação de PLAYDIUM MBLAQ” no Facebook de PLAYDIUM.
As 3 pessoas que recebam mais “Curtir” com o post compartilhado receberão as coisas possuidas que os membros de MBLAQ preparam.

Período do evento: 06.Fev(sábado)~15.Fev(segunda) até 24:00
Dia de anunciar: 16.Fev(terça)
Prémios: As coisas possuidas dos membros de MBLAQ (entre 3 coisas aleatoriamente)

Para participar, por favor clique no link abaixo e compartilhá-lo!



[ El aviso sobre el evento. ]

Hola, somos PLAYDIUM.
Vamos a hacer un evento de sorpresa para celebrar la prueba de la aplicación móvil de MBLAQ.

- Comparte la publicación -

“La introducción de PLAYDIUM MBLAQ” en Facebook de PLAYDIUM.
A los 3 que ganaron más ‘Like” en la publicación que compartieron,
los miembros de MBLAQ va a regalar sus artículos en posesión.

El período del evento: sáb.06.feb.~lunes.15.feb. (hasta las 24:00)
La notificación de los ganadores: martes.16.feb
Los premios: Los artículos en posesión de los miembros de MBLAQ (entre los 3, aleatorio)

Para participar, por favor haga clic en el enlace de abajo y compartirlo!


Credit : Playdium Facebook

October 15th, 2015 - Even if there are 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 member remaining, thank you for trying to protect MBLAQ’s name until now. Without you, there will be no A+. We’ve gone through storms together and none of us know when will it end, but as long as you are willing to try once again for music, I will be here to protect you. Let people say that I’m having a disease for listening to language I don’t understand, but it’s easy for them to say it since they don’t know how many times I’ve been saved by it despite the language barrier. I still want to be that one last fan who supports you. So until the very end, please continue to do your best. Although some of you have gone separate ways, in my mind five of you are still the best and have contributed equally to build MBLAQ together. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for debuting. 엠블랙, 데뷔해 주셔서 감사합니다. 사랑해! ♥♥♥♥♥

[News/Trans] 160114 MBLAQ G.O ■ TeenTop Chunji ■ BOYFRIEND Hyunseong unites… ‘Idol Vocalist’ Collaboration Performance

The performance ‘Concert Idol Vocalist’ where you can meet the vocalists up close is getting a lot of attention.

The concert that MBLAQ G.O, Teen Top Chunji, BOYFRIEND Hyunseong is participating in is on February 14 at 6PM KST in KBS Arena.

The concert ‘Idol Vocalist’ is a collaboration concert of idol vocalists who have surprised the audiences while demonstrating their (singing) skills through various music programs on the TV.

In this performance, the representative song of their own group that they sing together with the members that will be rearranged as a solo song, solo songs that has been shown on Immortal Song, King of Mask Singer, etc. , classic (songs) that they want the fans to listen to, these are the songs that they may perform for this concert. The highlight of this performance is the collaboration of each of the groups’ vocalists.

Idol group singers most of the time are judged by the public based on their image, more than their (ability to) sing. But, in this performance, the fans are giving a lot of attention to the fact that the representative vocalists of the idol groups have gathered. The concert ‘Idol Vocalist’ will showcase the idol vocalists’ singing abilities and live performances that were not shown in the TV. And also, anticipation for the concert is building up, hoping that this will be an opportunity for everyone to see, listen and experience in that one place,  the emotions that you can only feel in the venue.

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: sports today
please take out with FULL credits.

160123 [INSTAGRAM ] G.O's Replies to Mir's Retweet

G.O→Mir: I wanna kick your ass.

A fan replied: There’s even a photo in high definition.

G.O→the fan & Mir: Ha! Oh my, what is this all about.

Source: G.O’s Twitter + Mir’s Twitter
Re-uploaded: merlinka @ mblaqattack.net
Translated: 엠블랙神煩暖暖男→ 鄭丙熙G.O @ Facebook
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