MBLAQ Announces Group Comeback in June

It has been announced that MBLAQ is currently gearing up to make a group comeback in June with a brand new album.

On April 20, a representative of MBLAQ’s agency J.Tune Camp revealed to X Sports News, “MBLAQ will be releasing a new album in June. However, the exact date has not yet been decided. G.O and the other members have participated in producing the album.”

The agency rep has confirmed that the group will be returning as three members—Seungho, Mir, and G.O. It will be their first comeback in about seven months, since the release of their seventh mini album “Winter” in November of last year, as well as the departure of former members Lee Joon and Thunder in December of last year.

It is said that the members are working harder than ever to complete a quality album for their fans, despite it being their first album as three members.

Are you looking forward to seeing MBLAQ back on the stage?

~Source: Soompi

Are we looking forward to seeing MBLAQ back on stage????! Are you kidding us?? We can barely breathe from the anticipation and we are SO READY!! And our beloved main vocal producing………..we know this next album and this comeback are going to be pretty special.

G.O is probably the most underrated vocalist I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to. He feels his music so deep withinhis soul. He’s so beyond intelligent with how he arranges music when he’s composing. His voice is so smooth and yet powerful and his voice control is amazing and he’s only gotten better! He’s been praised by so many musical actors/singers for his talent and hard work. And yet no one is giving him the recognition he deserves.