150726 [FANCAM] Seungho Teasing Fans Asking To Play The Piano @ Fansign Event at Ilsan

(T/N : He couldn’t play the piano because they didn’t get permission to use the piano in advance)

Credit : atojun B+ @

The Four Elements

The earth that my feet touches
Is now in my throat
I can’t speak or scream
I can’t spit or swallow

The air that fills my lungs
Is now a tornado
I can’t breathe or hold my breath
I can’t whisper or shout

The fire that heats my hands
Burns my chest
My heart is beating, but can’t slow down
And when it does, the flames does it’s job

The water that gives me life
Turned into a angry waterfall
Where my eyes just floats
But my brain drowns
And sobs already drowned
Incapable of turning itself off

I’m not taking anything bad in
I’m incapable of taking anything out
I’m on a war that can’t be won or seen
I’m being attacked by the four elements
Like everyone else

The difference is that some people win
Some fight back
Some die trying
Some like the war

But I’m different
Not weaker
Not stronger
Not the warrior
Or the victim

I’m the war itself.