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Hey, something about the way you responded to that ask about someone acting childish etc to their teacher really bothers me. Some autistics do "act childish" and "immature" in neurotypical standards, and thats totally fine. It's not up to autistics to "behave ourselves" the way NTs want us to, it's up to NTs to start treating us like people. I feel like your reply is playing into the "high functioning" snobbery a bit tbh? We can be as childish as we want as long as it doesnt harm anyone!

I apologize if my response came off wrong. There is nothing wrong with autistics whose behavior is perceived as childish or immature by neurotypical standards. However, pretending to be childish and immature to get back at a teacher for being condescending not only does that person a disservice as the teacher will continue to treat them in a patronizing way for behaving as such, but also is a disservice to other autistics. Behaving childish or immature should not be a means of retaliation. 

I fully agree with you that the mindset surrounding childish behavior needs to change. There should be nothing wrong with being child-like. It should not make a person lesser. Unfortunately, as it stands right now, society does view these things as lesser and that is something we need to fight. But pretending to act childish as retaliation doesn’t fight these ableist standards and is harmful both to the self and to others. Retaliation in general is harmful. 

If a person naturally behaves in ways that are perceived as child-like or immature, there is nothing wrong with that and we need to change the idea that it is. Mainly, we need to change the idea that children are lesser as that is where this idea originates. It shouldn’t be an insult to compare someone to a child, but, currently, it is is because society doesn’t view children as people. We need to fight the ageism at play here as well as the ableism. 


in retaliation to dan’s influence on sophii’s amnesia au

here @blackjacktheboss and @spooky-son-of-rome . I know you guys love jasper.

  • It’s been twelve years.
  • Twelve years since the final battle with Gaea.
  • Twelve years since all of her friends were together.
  • Twelve years since Piper has seen Jason.
  • He sacrificed himself that day, right before Leo could. It was–Piper hadn’t expected Jason to grab Leo’s arm and push them back down toward the ground, and all she could hear was Leo screaming and yelling and Piper was falling toward the ground watching as the sky lit up with fire and and and–
  • Piper doesn’t believe it for a long time.
  • Leo doesn’t either.
  • It’s just–he’s gone. There’s nothing left. No body. No glasses. No clues. He’s just gone. Erased from the world. Incinerated. Blown to dust.
  • It makes it worse when Leo tells her all of the stuff that he did to try and make it so he could get to Ogygia because it was supposed to be him. It wasn’t supposed to be Jason and if he would have just stayed out of the way then they wouldn’t be having this problem and Leo blames it all on Jason right then and Piper can’t stand to listen to him anymore and–
  • Piper doesn’t speak to Leo for a year. Even after he apologizes because Jason saved the world and saved them and Leo just threw that away because he wanted to save Calypso. It takes Piper a long time to forgive him for that, but that’s when she realizes that he’s been hurting just as much as she has.
  • They officially say goodbye to Jason one night in the winter of the following year. They go out to that museum at the Grand Canyon where they technically met Jason for the first time since their other memories of him weren’t real. They sneak out onto the observation deck, letting the wind blown around them, and Piper remembers Jason jumping out after her even when he had no idea if he could fly.
  • As the wind ruffles her hair, she lets her tears fall.
  • “Jason,” Leo’s voice is rough because he’s crying too, and Piper reaches out for his hand. “We miss you. You were–you were–”
  • “Our best friend,” Piper finishes for him, staring out at the dark sky. “And we love you. We’ll see you soon.”
  • They cry that night, but it helps them move on.

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We must realize that there is no way for us to overcome all our external foes. If we defeat one enemy, another always arises to take his place. If we kill someone who has harmed us, his relatives and friends will attack us in revenge. How is it possible, Shantideva asks, to be free from all enemies who are as infinite as the expanse of space? Only be defeating our own anger can we overcome those who would harm us.
—  Geshe Kelsang Gyatso - “Meaningful to Behold”
  • Bioware: Oh hey there, good buddy! Yeah, we are finally going to add a new faction to fight against in ME3 multiplayer!
  • Me: Oh, cool, it's about time -
  • Bioware: The Collectors are back!!
  • Me:
  • Bioware:
  • Me: The Collectors are back
  • Bioware: Yes
  • Me: The ones I blew up
  • Bioware: Yes
  • Me: I destroyed their base
  • Bioware: Yes
  • Me: And disintegrated their Collector General
  • Bioware: Yes
  • Me: They're back
  • Bioware: Yes, back
  • Me:
  • Bioware:
  • Me:
  • Bioware:
  • Me: Did any of my actions matter at all even once
  • Bioware:
  • Me:
  • Bioware:
  • Me:
  • Bioware: New guns too