Fallout: Sunrise

This is a concept I’ve been thinking about.

A sequel to Fallout: New Vegas that takes place in Arizona. 20-30 years after the events of NV, Arizona is a region that’s regaining its identity after decades of occupation by Caesar’s Legion finally ended, with lots of factions, cultures, and groups vying to fill the power vacuum left by the Legion’s collapse.

I also have this headcanon that Arizona after the war became a very different place climate wise due to the fact that the G.E.C.K factory was located in Phoenix (Because a Phoenix rises from the ashes). Different groups used different G.E.C.Ks throughout history, and the resulting mess of terraforming created an array of habitable and less habitable regions full of strange new creatures.

The main theme of the game is Rebirth. Arizona is being reborn in various ways. Resurrected physically by the G.E.C.Ks after the war, resurrected culturally after being assimilated and culturally suppressed by Caesar’s Legion, and resurrected economically after the collapse of the Legion and the economic stability it brought. And also literally resurrected by the invention of a new technology that can bring the dead back to life.

Your character is one of the first to be resurrected by the new technology. You died some time before the events of the game (the game begins with you being resurrected, so you can decide in your head for yourself how long you’ve been dead. Could be 1 year, could be 500, it all depends on how you interpret your own character) and were mummified in the desert. You were brought back to life into the world of the Arizona Wasteland in this crucial time.

Many of the quests in the game involve the rebirth of cultures, languages, cities, and regions. But there is no clear answer to how it should be done.

  • Should you bring back the dead leader of a community so they could finish what they started?
  • Should you help a tribe to return to their xenophobic way of life or should you help them find a new way?
  • Should you view the faction that tries to bring back the Legion as trying to suppress the Arizona Wasteland, or as trying to revive it?
  • Should the Arizona Wasteland even be brought back and reborn, or should it be left to evolve in its own way?

These are some of the questions and decisions one would have to face in Fallout: Sunrise.


FALLOUT 1: Where the fuck is a water chip?

FALLOUT 2: Where the fuck is a G.E.C.K?

FALLOUT 3: Where the fuck is dad?

FALLOUT NEW VEGAS: Where the fuck is Benny?

FALLOUT 4: Where the fuck is my baby?

In lieu of my desktop computer that holds all of the texture and meshes I’ve made up until this point I’ve decided to restart Fallout modding again from scratch on my laptop. The long-term goal really is to eventually port Fallout 3 into NV as the DC wasteland would be at the time of the second battle of Hoover Dam. This means the Protomic river will flow with clean, non-irradiated water from Project Purity and me having to manually check each of the worldspace’s ~42,000 cells to do this. I’ll be so glad when this is done…

anonymous asked:

Where do you think Fallout 4 will take place, rumors suggest Boston since it was heavily mentioned in F3 but you think it could take place in Philadelphia because it was heavily mentioned in F3 too in one of the quests, where do you think it would take place?

I’m not going to assume it’ll be anywhere until we get some more solid information, because I wouldn’t want to be disappointed.

However, with that said, I would love for it to be placed in Boston because of the Institute and android. But I would also really love it to be set somewhere with snow, where body temperature would be an additional hardcore meter along with the previous water, food and sleep meters. Or somewhere where we get to see more water creature mutations. I’m also interested in Florida where, according to the never-released Fallout Tactics 2 (not confirmed as canon therefore) a G.E.C.K. was irradiated and caused the plant life and fungi to go absolutely bonkers.