DEH little quirk Headcanons


  • Chopstick snob
  • like if you’re eating chinese food with him and you’re not using chopsticks he’s judging you
  • he wont say anything
  • but he’s judging you super hard
  • Secretly wants to major in Musical Theatre but will never admit it
  • Wears massive amounts of bracelets but only at home or when he’s wearing long sleeves
  • Lactose intolerant but drinks milk/eats ice cream anyway because fuck you
  • Always plays Koopa Troopa in Mario Kart
  • He tried Drybones once, but the noises annoyed him
  • Not scared of heights, but TERRIFIED of ferris wheels
  • Accents the nails on his ring fingers with a glittery top coat instead of a normal one
  • Lowkey has a crush on Brendon Urie


  • Nicknames everyone in his phone with plants
  • Like Zoe is “Honeysuckle”, Jared is “Corpse lily”, and Connor is “Cedar”
  • Kept his cast and has it in his closet to look at when he’s sad
  • Loves My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco like 100 times more than Connor or Jared
  • Has his locker combination written on the inside of his shoe because he keeps forgetting
  • Has shelves/magnets/other organizers in his locker
  • Actually makes his bed every morning


  • Alternatively to Evan, No one in his phone has names, only Emojis
  • Evan is The tree emoji, Connor is the skull, Alana is angel
  • Unironically likes Homestuck but plays it off as ironic
  • Same with My Little Pony
  • Uses bathbombs
  • Putting memes aside, he legitimately uses bathbombs
  • Actually goes to Hooters for the food, not the girls
  • Has matching Pink and green pencil, highlighter, binder, and scissors
  • They’re his watermelon supplies
  • Plays Daisy in Mario Kart when he’s alone, but Toad when Evan/Connor are around
  • Both because he’s embarrassed by Daisy and likes to annoy them with Toad’s noises


  • Grows out her nails on just her right hand so she can pick her guitar but not have them in the way on her frets
  • Owns more Flannel than every lumberjack in the US combined
  • I’m talkin every shade of every color
  • She goes hard with the flannel
  • Doesn’t have a favorite color, so anytime someone asks she just says white
  • Has bad eyes but won’t wear her glasses or her contacts and lies to her parents about it
  • One of those people that act drastically different depending on which group of friends she’s around
  • Like around Evan/Connor/Jared/Alana she’s the way she is in the musical
  • but around her Jazz Band friends she’s a valley girl
  • and she’s not putting on an act for them that’s just how she is when they’re around, she doesn’t even notice
  • Can’t use chopsticks to save her life and knows Connor hates it
  • So everytime she uses a fork with chinese food she just stares at him
  • Also lowkey has a crush on Brendon Urie but will actually fight Connor for him


  • Failed the G.A.T.E. test in elementary school and has been salty about it ever since.
  • Got a perfect score on the SAT, but only after she took it 6 times
  • She refused to accept her score until it was perfect
  • Has about 6794 novels half-written in her google docs, and will never finish any of them
  • Bites her nails when no one is around
  • Allergic to nuts
  • Has a friend- sorry, “Acquaintance” in the anime club that tells her all about what happens every meeting because she’s scared to join the club herself
  • Favorite Pokemon is Jigglypuff
  • Actually seriously considered taking Ritalin to help her with studying but ultimately decided against it.
  • obsessed with chocolate covered pretzels
  • like, an unhealthy obsession.
  • Seriously 100% thinks about if she can get away with killing someone on a daily basis
  • Not because she wants to kill someone, but just wants to know if she could get away with it
  • Has an internal fit anytime she sees someone put their phone in their back pocket and sit down

Hey! I haven’t really posted about Clarence but they screened footage at comic-con of an episode I wrote a synopsis for about a year ago - Average Jeff. It’s based on a crisis I went through as a kid when I failed the test for the G.A.T.E. program. I’m not sure when it’s going to air but it’s definitely surreal to see it as a finished episode! Spencer Rothbell wrote the final version and Derek and Diana storyboarded it.

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