g. porteri


I came home from work today to discover a very exciting molt. My female Grammostola porteri, the first tarantula I ever acquired and one that I have now had for close to 20 years molted! As this female was wild caught and already about 4.5-5″ when I bought her, we estimate that she was probably around 5-8 years old back then. This would easily put her in her mid-20s for age.

This is only the fourth time she’s molted since I’ve had her and her first molt in over seven years! I’m ecstatic that she survived (many older tarantulas ultimately die during a molt) and that she is now sporting some gorgeous fresh colors. She was a solid 6″ before the molt, so I’m really curious to see how much size she picked up. A 6″+ G. porteri is quite good-sized!