g. lestrade

Quick ‘Cluedo’ meta

Obviously there are similarities with these characters and the ones from the board game ‘Cluedo’. 

(Apologies if this has already been done before but I thought I would try make a quick list seeing who is who but for some people I’m not so sure :/)

G. Lestrade =Sergeant Grey ( a corrupt cop)

Mary Watson = Miss Scarlet ( she is the stock character for a ‘femme fatale’) or Mrs Peacock ( a widow who is hiding something)

John Watson= Colonel Mustard? (  “Rich military background. A bachelor, Colonel Mustard has been “smitten” by Mrs. Peacock and Miss Scarlet”)

Mrs. Hudson= Mrs. White ( takes her domestic duties very seriously)

Mycroft Holmes= Mr. Green ( If we take his description from the Clue the movie:  He is portrayed as a hapless homosexual who must keep his orientation a secret so he can keep his position in the State Department. lol) 

Sherlock Holmes=Professor Plum? ( “In the books, Professor Paul Plum is shown to have an abnormally high degree of knowledge, skill and power” )

Molly Hooper=Miss Peach? ( In the UK her character is a quiet,reserved matron)

Not sure this is anything significant though since these parallels are rather obvious! SO maybe someone could add an idea or two 

In any case Johnlock iS GO

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One day I’m going to make a movie called Holmes and Watson. It is going to be in Victorian London with Lupita Nyong'o as Sherlock Holmes and Zoë Kravitz as Dr. Shayna Watson (pronounced as vinestien). They are lovers and partners in crime solving.

Also Watson is like Jewish like you can deny it in your face Jewish and not really a doctor actually a nurse, but she was a nurse to sick and poor so people call her doctor. 

And Sherlock will Autistic and like not in that we won’t really say it bullshit way and then done in an albeistic way, but like for real with it actually being shown and done with lots of respect.

 Emmy Winner Viola Davis as Mycroft Holmes, Ming-Na Wen as Inspector G. Lestrade. I would also have trans Mrs. Hudson and would played by an actual trans actor. Moriarty would basically be generic white old guy being generic old white guy bullshit.

It would basically be a primarily female cast with most of the characters seen on screen as racial and ethnic minorities. Lots of sexual, romantic, and gender diversity.

Maybe steampunk-esque because I like the atheistic, but in essence my version of a classic that is more in reality of what London looked like by which I mean not every single person is white.

Sherlock (okay, so they're almost all Lestrade~ :D) GIF Post

I decided I needed more Lestrade reaction gifs (yay roleplaying). And Anderson, too. I should make more of those. I dunno, maybe I’m in the minority here, but I love Anderson and Sally. Lestrade and co. yaaaaaaaay~

Credit not necessary if you use them, but please let me know if you do! I don’t like watermarking my gifs, but I do like to know if people enjoy them/use them. Thanks guys! :3

So I’ve been forgetting recently that my love affair with short, competent, snarky, deeply loyal and very good men who work quietly in the background for the service of their states actually started not with Narvin, but with this dapper BAMF right here.

All my love to you, Lestrade <3


For those of you who ever wondered where Lestrade “got it”…look elsewhere.
He didn’t get it here.
Triged Potier is the merriest, sneakiest Breton smuggler of his age.  When he retired the police threw a party.  They invited him.

He’s a cunning old reprobate, a smirking rouge, scoundrel, and it’s no wonder he hails from “the Land of 3,000 Saints.”  Because he needs every single one of them in his ongoing war against taxes, French taxes, English taxes, and taxes.

Colin Jeavon’s features donated to this little portrait of one of my favorite characters in The Moon-Cursers.  Poor Lestrade.  He lives the straight and narrow…and then he has THIS in the family tree.

Well nobody said the English Channel bred sissies.

Potier is wearing a sailor’s coat (much loved and little patched), with a hand-knitted sweater his late wife created just for him:  snug, almost painfully so, it has a thick collar to replace a muffler, and the frontpiece has an extra panel he can button on for extra warmth.

Bottom panel is the corrected version…one of his eyefolds didn’t show up in the scan, so now I hope this makes sense!  Boy, you can just see this old rascal, hands on hips, peering up and whoever’s talking to him from the high rocks, with a complicated expression that many a criminal in London had cause to recognise…and fear.