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  • <p> <b>Tony:</b> Steve and Bucky keep asking me the names of my inventions so now I just give them rapper names<p/><b>Steve:</b> [in the distance] I think the G-Easy is broken!<p/><b>Bucky:</b> use the Jay-Z, Steve<p/></p>
Haikyuu Fic Recommendations List

A list of Haikyuu fanfics I enjoyed. All of these are completed. There are more fics that I liked but they arenโ€™t finished so I didnโ€™t include them. Might make a separate post for that one day.


(itโ€™s pretty long oops)

Do Unto Others - Kindaichi x Kunimi - Rated T - 10,685 words

The Jacket You Never Returned - Bokuto x Akaashi - Rated G - 5,152 words

Shiver - Iwaizumi x Oikawa - Rated T - 16,703 words

Love Me Like You Do - Iwaizumi x Oikawa - Rated T - 100,516 words

Over The Pavement We Walked On - Kageyama x Hinata - Rated G - 1,890 words

Come and Get Lost With Us - Kageyama x Hinata - Rated M - 150,504 words

The Coming Of Spring - Daichi x Sugawara - Rated G - 3,876 words

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