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Paladin Danse

A = Aftercare- loves to spend a few minutes cuddling and relaxing, always offers to go get food.

B = Body part: He’s very proud of his muscles.

C = Cum- Produces a large load, it’s kind of bitter but not completely unpleasant.

D = Dirty Secret : He always sleeps in the nude(Unless he’s out on a mission.)

E = Experience: Being busy with the brotherhood, he pretty much has no due time to go out and get laid. His experience is pretty low.

F = Favourite Position: Doggy-style

G = Goofy: Is pretty serious during the entire session.

H = Hair: Keeps it trimmed pretty short.

I= Intimacy: the entire time he and Sole are together he whispers how much he loves them.

J = Jack: Having built up frustration, he jerks it at least three times a week.
K = Kink: loves to be called “daddy.”

L = Location: He prefers to do it in areas he feels are safe, such as Sole’s house in Sanctuary.

M = Motivation: Whenever he sees Sole working on power amour.

N = NO- Refuses to ever have sex in public.

O = Oral: Is equally happy to give and receive. Due to his low experience, it takes him some time to find out ways to make Sole come undone.

P = Pace: He always goes slow and gentle unless Sole begs him to do other wise.

Q = Quickie: Isn’t a huge fan of them. But if he feels the area might not be as safe as he first thought.

R= Risk: Not really into experimenting unless sole keeps begging him to.

S = Stamina: Can last a pretty long time, about 30 minutes to an hour.

T = Toy: He doesn’t have any for himself, but if Sole asks him to use toys on them he’ll happily oblige.

U = Unfair: Once he gets comfortable with knowing Sole’s body and how to make them cum. He gets adventurous and tests how much he can tease

V = Volume: keeps pretty quiet, letting out the occasional groan.

W = Wild Card( I’m not good at head cannons)

X = X-Ray- He’s about 7.5 inches, circumcised.

Y = Yearning: his sex drive is pretty low, but it peaks whenever he’s near Sole.

Z = ZZZ: Sole’s the first to fall asleep, he takes a moment to watch their sleeping form before he drifts off himself.

(To the people that know me in person: Don’t hate me plz)