That ask about a fairy warrior ending up in the human world got me thinking about stuff, but with the size kinda shifted- so picture this:

Giant, burly Orc warrior falls through a portal into a quaint small village, is completely bewildered by why they’ve gone from a battlefied to someones rockery- in fact what even is a rockery, they don’t know!!

And then a small, kinda timid human finds them and just takes this wall o’ muscle under their wing because for some reason they don’t look at them and see a ten foot tall axe-wielding monster- they just see them as lost and lonely and they want to help them!

So they end up with a giant Orc as a roomate, who accidentally breaks their things and doesn’t understand why they arent allowed to start fights with everything.                                

Shenanigans happen.

I should actually write this using my old embarrasing Orc OC

I just realized tomorrow is September 28. I met The Farmer three September 28ths ago.


scarfofsilver  asked:

1, 4, 6.

1. How tall are you? Do you stay one certain height or does it change on the situation and depend on the size of the others around you?

I like to consider myself a size-shifter! Depending on the day, I might feel like being a little big, or a lotta big, and vise versa for being tiny. I usually like to stay between 1.5 inches and 150 feet.

4. How do you relax? Any special ways to relax now that you are Giant/Tiny?

As a giant, a good romp through an abandoned city is a nice way to unwind and de-stress, and as a tiny it’s nice to take the ever so cliché warm tea bath! But as both, cuddling with my cutie and just being dorks together.

6. Tinies: Do you like to get smooshed or Squished? If so what is your preferred ways to have that done? Giants: Do you like to smoosh or squish a tiny? Is there a certain way you would prefer to smoosh/squish them?

I love being on both ends of the smooshin’ and the squishin’! (Non-painfully/non-fatally of course!) It’s just a fun way to tease and play with tinies and a good way for a giant buddy to help pop my back, and make me feel nice and snug!

I guess non-fatally, gently, and of course playfully (no foul intent here!) is how I prefer it either way!