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Lance headcannons with a very distant and tough female s/o? How their first meeting went and how he fell for her and how she finally fell for him??

here u go!! Sorry if it seems rushed!

•he first met you because you were the leader of a Rebellion against the Galra
—you scared the absolute shit out of him because the Galra had him tied up and he couldn’t see anything but one second it was quiet and the next his head almost fell off
——you tried VERY hard to not hurt him but pricked his neck a tiny bit

•eventually you handed him over to the rest of Voltron, who were pretty intrigued and curious about you and your Rebellion.
—your rebellion consisted of every range of alien species/race. Balmerans, Galra, even some Earthlings. You being one of those Earthlings.
they talked to you but you weren’t very kind. whenever Keith or Allura would question you certain things that offended you; you’d scrunch your face and glare.

•Lance tho? Oml oml oml oml oml oml = repeatedly going off in his head
thought you were honestly really cool and attractive but would never say that out loud
wants you to go on a ride w him in Blue but…you’ll probably kill him for a single pick up line so he decided not to
eventually he ends up acting cold toward you so that you don’t get too close but next thing ya know…

•one day the two of you get stuck underground after a very tiny earthquake
you two don’t talk for an hour until he hears a sniff and wow r you CRYING
––—turns out you missed your family and were over thinking and next thing you know once I directly beside you asking what’s wrong and wow are you telling him your entire life story
that’s how you realized that you might just like Lance, but you don’t really say anything about it to anybody

•Lance liked you the whole time but didn’t actually realize until you saved his life (different time)
you jumped in front of a laser for him, and Shiro eliminated the person before they could do anymore harm
you fell into him and he grabbed at you and he was so scared he thought you were going to die
-became a sobbing mess and tried to helplessly drag you off to safety

•when you wake up he stays with you for a while and takes care of you, but he’s just really quiet and hasn’t even talked
finally you get mad and so does he and he tells you how reckless you had to have been to try and save him, who he believes should be dead rather than you
he cries and confesses by blurring out “I don’t wanna see the person I love die”
next thing you know you’re kinda making out and then you fall asleep beside each other and coran finds the two of you and G IGGLES

•later on in the future, you return to Earth and he proposes at the 1 year anniversary of your return (celebrated by whatever place you are in)
you actually had kids while in space, one that was your own named Lucy, and one that you adopted (Galran Balmeran Mix) named Dominic
they ‘hate’ each other but they also love each other and it’s truly painful to deal with them

•they love to braid hair yet they refuse to braid yours and end up force braiding Lance’s despite how short
he grows it out for them HSHSHSH

•Dominic’s favorite Uncle is Hunk and his favorite Aunt is Shay YESYSHSHSHHSSH

•Lucy loves everyone but she prefers Shiro and Pidge over everybody if asked


“Seasons…”  He blinked, his eyes turning downward, taking in the feel and appearance of the bears. He knew the clothes to be his own - and intuitively figured that was him - the other bear was also her.  He put them together, and tucked them in to sleep.  “They’re sleeping now. Okay?”  He sat back, speaking in a stage-whisper. “Shhh!”

━ ❀  Giggling silently with that big ol’ smile of hers. “Yes, sleeping. Shall we go somewhere that we won’t wake them, Leslie?” Hands clasped together that a flower had bloomed in the middle of them. This boy surely a medicine of pure happiness that could make anyone ridden with agony happy.

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