Guided Home (George Washington x Reader)

Title: Guided Home

Pairing: George Washington x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 1436


Summary: You’re out late and a friend of, well, someone more than a friend, offers to walk you home and that’s when danger strikes.

Author’s Note: This is my very first Hamilton piece I have ever written, so yay. Also, I know some of this isn’t accurate with time periods and locations (you’ll understand), but this is fanfiction. Key word fragment: FICTION. That is all. Hope you like it!

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Guard Dog (Echofell Comic Dub)
mae-neau ft.eggpurin
Guard Dog (Echofell Comic Dub)

It’s been a while! Glad to be back at these dubs again, a million apologies to my followers for being absent for so long~!

That being said, enjoy this dub of Echofell G~

Special thanks to the talented @eggpurin who voices both Frisk and the narrator! 

Thank you @casper-cat for letting me dub your comic~!

Also, keep in mind I’m always open for requests! Send me a message/ask if you have any recommendations of what we should dub~

Imagine Washington ....

Calling Jefferson and Hamilton to a meeting to scold them for all their in-fighting.

He sits on one side of a table, and orders the two of them to take the two empty seats on the other.

And the entire time G-Dubs is giving them his “I’m not angry, just disappointed” lecture, Jefferson is tormenting Hamilton.

Spreading his legs apart under the table so his thigh brushes Hamilton’s. Fingers delicately tracing circles on Hamilton’s knee. Moving that hand up his leg, painstakingly slow, pausing to gently squeeze, just hard enough for his nails to be felt scraping through the fabric of Alexander’s breeches. Upwards, inch by inch, gliding and groping, tantalizingly close to Hamilton’s cock but never quite- making contact.

Thomas clears his throat, leaning back in his chair so his erection is clearly visible when Hamilton glances over at the noise.

When Washington finally finishes his scolding, he looks at Alexander, noting his embarrassed flush, the discomfort he’s obviously trying to hide, and says gently-
“Don’t take it so hard, Alexander. Just, try to get along a little better, ok gentlemen?”

This ridiculous ficlet written entirely for the amusement of @telepathicnarwhal . Hope it cheers you up, friend.



Nah I’m really not. But I am rather confused and curious after seeing a shared post on my tumblr today (Oh tumblr, you bring out the armchair social revolutionary in all of us).

FEMALE SPACE MARINES. Or as I tend to call our friends in Power Armor “Speeeeezzzs Merrrrines.” Lately I have been hearing oh so much debate about the topic of the lack of female astartes in the FICTIONAL WORLD of 40k. Oh so many people seem to be butt hurt about this.

And honestly it confuses me. 

Now I’m going to go super hyper creative artist on you here and say this. First off I love it when people create their own damn shit in a fictional universe like 40k. If its minis or art, stories or just thought ideas, I prefer original over by the numbers (Notice how so much of my 40k art doesn’t have a lot of space marines face fisting orks?).  So fuck yes! I love it when people draw or model female space marines. Hell I loved it when a friend’s GF painted orks with hot pink skin and black leather armor! (take it from me, Orks actually look really fucking cool in pink skin!) 

That being said, this doesn’t seem to be enough…..for other people I mean. Yes, the cries to have G-Dub make female SMs a reality is something I constantly seem to be coming across. And, as per usual it comes in two groups. First, the people who want it cause they already make it, and like to see shit made official (Oh if only it where so easy!) and the second and more loud and prominent group, the “This is in the name of diversity and equal representation!” crowd.

Well? Can some one explain all that to me? I mean…whose not getting represented here? How are the ladies in the grimdark not being represented? 

First off they comprise 2 armies in the world of 40k and 1 in the world of Necromunda,(Sisters of battle/silence, and house Escher) that are GIRLS CLUB ONLY! Like…seriously, men can’t join. By the lore!

And then moving on to multi gender armies we see Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, Inquisition and Guard all having the ladies in Uniform (or armor) in their ranks.

So…yeah, Space Marines are by fluff men only (The Emperor tried with both genders and couldn’t get it to work) yadda yadda yadda. Its still a fictional game by the way, not a political spectrum.

So…2 40k armies vs 1 plus 5 multi gender ones in the “FICTIONAL WORLD GENDER WAR” and we are saying there isn’t equal representation.

TELL ME WHY? Seriously tell me, I want to know. Why? What am I missing?


Featuring the All-Girl winners of World 2014 (Inspired by x)

My However-Many Pages of Writing To Make Sense Of

Reader Inserts:

ritsu-kageyamas  asked:

1, 7, 8, and 18 for reigen :D

  • 1: What is a scene that really got to you?

I already answered this one here!

  • 7: What’s the most hilarious moment to you?

I also answered this one here! But truth be told any English dub moment is funny. That dub is g o l d. For example

  • 8: Favorite and least favorite arc?

Tbh I think my favorite arc is the Mogami arc, mostly for projection reasons. owo;; and my least favorite arc is the Separation arc because it deals with my biggest fear. ^^;;

  • 18: What headcanons do you have for Reigen?

Dude….D u d e….do you even realize…who I am…? Buckle up and lets go.

-Autistic Reigen

-Ace Reigen

-Reigen used to love to sing and wanted to be a famous singer but was bullied out of liking the sound of his own voice, so that desire of wanting to be famous morphed into ‘wanting to be somebody’

-When Mob nods off on really long bus rides, Reigen lets him use him as a pillow and hums softly to help him rest. 

-Reigen’s favorite stim is running his hands through his salt bag. 

-Reigen has a shady file on his computer called ‘massages’ which many people think to be a porn folder….it isn’t…its literally just tips and tricks on massages. 

-Reigen used to have some purified salt, but discovered the hard way that it hurts espers.

-Reigen loves dogs, but never was able to have one because his mother was allergic. 

And now a thing from my Headcanon list:

-Reigen….Is a walking existential midlife crisis. He doesn’t know what he wants to do so he tried to do everything and now….he’s a con man running a half successful consultation office and using a child to do his shit for him and he came from a pretty shitty work life that was physically, mentally, and emotionally draining and so he decided to help as many people as he could

but yeah. that’s totally where his issues of self worth came in because reigen was good in school but here’s the thing he never knew what he wanted to do and god has he tried.

he’s changed himself over and over and over and over again to try to find something that he might at least be INTERESTED in. but no. He’s not interested. All that’s in his head that are interesting are superhero shows and esper powers (because this guy was most definitely a reverse weeb at some point if he knew about obscure American cartoons about food based superheros.)

but he can’t find anything real.

He can’t find anything Useful

And after schools over he just collapses in on himself and gets a soul draining job as a phone clerk at some sort of company and he has to turn so many people down and he has to not help and there are people crying and he goes home crying but his mom is proud of him because he has a job!!! but….but…

he’s lost his heart. his soul. his love for the world and he feels empty inside and the depression grows and grows and grows until he becomes seriously ill and has to take a week off to just think and reflect on himself and when he’s doing this he reconnects with the things he used to love. with the things he’s always wanted to be…

And he quits the next week and makes his business and starts the most bullshitted project he’s ever done in his life. but he does this with such intensity and such determination that it doesn’t flop in the first few months and he’s okay with most of his clients being just normal people needing massages because




He actually gets his hands on some exorcising salt and he actually manages to exorcise a few real ghosts by sheer dumb luck but then one day as he’s smoking a cigarette after a long and quiet day there comes a little knock on the door and before this knock Reigen’s life had been pretty much the same as it was in the job. just day after day. job after job. the only difference being he was actually able to help people. 

but this door opens and there’s this kid there and this kid is so small, so vulnerable and so hurt…

He knows it’s probably a prank but he can’t turn away a kid like this….and he feels really happy when he finally makes this stoic kid smile….but then he asks to come back in tomorrow and reigen doesn’t know if he can do this…if he can lie in front of a kid…

but then mob uses his powers and reigen remembers his empty wallet and his bills piling up and he hates himself for what he’s about to do but he does it anyway because it would help both of them…right??? right??

and every day he feels guilty but he hides it behind confidence and shit and it continues and then one day he realizes that he’s patting mob’s hair and praising him and actually enjoying himself because god, he really loves this kid doesn’t he…?


Real life is one thing, but in fantasy situations…

Where are the folks who love when giants DON’T get consent from their tinies? Giants who fuck with their tinies? Giants who make death threats? Giants who act like the unstoppable forces of nature that they are? Giants who like to cause harm? Who get off on watching their tinies squirming, or watching them gasp in pain? Who love being feared?

Reblog if you’re a fan of G/t dub-con or non-con~