g-dragon birthday


It’s here, people

the day where one of the most legendary kpop groups debuted ELEVEN YEARS AGO

ELEVEN!! that’s amazing… they’ve lasted this long with no member changes or anything! I mean, shinhwa has 19 years to now with no member changes or anything, but you gotta admit, 11 is pretty badass because

that was 11 years of hard work

11 years of teamwork

11 years of being together

and to those VIPs from debut to now, you deserve an award as well

you’ve stayed with them through stupid scandals, drama, hardships and happiness

and they’d gifted you all with 11 years of happiness.

11 years with this man (KWON JIYONG [this fandom has so many layers and i can say that one of them is Not Knowing What The Fuck Is Happening, But Loving Them For It Anyway])

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11 years with this man (DONG YOUNGBAE [i can say with confidence that i use that facial expression at least once a day])

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11 years with this man (LEE SEUNGHYUN [once you get into this fandom, you stop questioning what they’re doing and just go along with it])

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11 years with this man (KANG DAESANG [dunno what’s happening, but that’s okay. ily anyway])

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11 years with this man (CHOI SEUNGHYUN [don’t ask me what he’s doing bc i doubt anyone knows])

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(you don’t know how easy it is to find gifs of big bang acting crazy bc they’re basically Crazy™)

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*whispers* i love them

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they deserve it. :D



shy hyungs while seungri sings the birthday song for youngbae~


I am Kwon Jiyong and also G-Dragon. I can’t show you everything but showing you who Kwon Jiyong is for the first time…I wish I can be someone who still shines without all these shiny things on. 

Happy Birthday Kwon Jiyong! (August 18th, 1988)

*credz to the photographer*
Happy birthday to the most inspirational, beautiful and hard working man I know of. Kwon Jiyong inspire me too keep reaching for my goal no matter what may be in my way. He is my ultimate bias and I will always look up to him. For me he is the true king of kpop! #happykwonjiyongday

GD donated 81.8 million won to UNHCR Korea’s rep today to help refugees around the world suffering from civil war & violence
He & his fans have been making donations every year on his bday~this donation to UNHCR will help around 2mil refugees around the world

GD “ I hope we can all live in a safe & peaceful world. my heart breaks seeing children escape war & violence~I want to show them there is hope.”
GD “Peace can only be achieved by combined efforts and not by one individual.”


Happy Happy Birthday to
My first ever love & my ultimate bias Jiyong Aka G To The Dragon Money.

My love, I hope you spend this birthday with family and friends who love and adore you, I hope you continue to chase your dreams and inspire many more people.

Thank you for being unique
And thank you for not caring about others opinions.


Request: G-Dragon has a daughter that is 4 years old and does not know if he is her real father because he is never around.

(For optimal immersion, I am naming your daughter Mirre.)


   “Wake up, baby girl.” I whisper softly, brushing the tips of my fingers over my daughter’s soft cheeks. With a tiny giggle, the corners of her lips begin to widen, revealing the adorable smile that melts my heart every time I see it.

   “Morning, eomma.” She stares up at me with bright, beautiful eyes that remind me so much of Ji-Yong. She is a spitting image of him. He has always taken pride in it, when he is around, that is. 

   Leaning down, I press a kiss to her forehead. A hearty laugh falls past her pink lips when I lift her right out of bed and into the air, smiling widely up at her. Bringing her back down, I rest her on my hip and carry her to the kitchen where I set her on the counter. “What would you like for breakfast, love?” I ask, leaning on my elbows.

   “Whatever is easiest for you.” She smiles at me. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by love. 

   “How did I end up with the most considerate, intelligent, gorgeous, and loving daughter in the world?” I sigh, wrapping her small body in my arms and hugging her impossibly close. She giggles loudly as she squeezes me back. With a sigh, I release her and look through the cabinets to begin making her breakfast. “So, Mirre, your birthday is in a few days. Appa and I would like to know what you want.” I inform, already knowing and having already bought the deluxe doll house she has been swooning over for months.

   I wait for a few moments, but when the silence goes on for too long, I furrow my eyebrows and turn around to face her. To my surprise, a frown has settled itself on her pouty lips. “What’s wrong, Mirre?” I ask, becoming concerned.

   She looks up at me with a tiny jump, as if she were just startled out of deep thought. “Is G-Dra- G-Dragon my real appa?” She asks.

   Every ounce of breath has left my body as I stare at my daughter in complete shock. My mouth slips ajar, the words I was going to speak caught on the tip of my tongue. How do I even respond to this? Why would she think Ji-Yong isn’t her appa? Why would she refer to him as his stage name? I know she has heard me call him Ji-Yong. Many more questions fill my mind but by her silence, I can see she is becoming uncomfortable. “W-What makes you think he isn’t your appa?” I question somewhat sternly. 

   A frown settles itself on her face. “He never comes home.. I can’t remember the last time I saw him. He didn’t come to my last birthday, he missed Christmas and he missed your birthday, too, eomma. You’re always sad.” Mirre looks up at me with tears leaking from her eyes. 

   From the wetness on my cheeks, I’m also crying. I didn’t even realize I was sad about this. Mirre brings up a good point. I’ve been ignoring the fact that Ji-Yong is never around. I never wanted to accept it and it has always been easiest to ignore how much I’ve been hurting. “And now you’re crying again.” Mirre sighs, her bottom lip quivering. 

   “Hey,” I smile, wiping my tears away quickly, “I don’t want you to worry about me, okay? Ji-Yong is your appa. He will be here for your birthday and he will be around more often. I promise you.” I hold my pinky out, grinning when she links her own tiny pinky with my own. 

   “Hey, babe.” Ji-Yong greets upon answering his phone. My immediate instinct is to melt into his words, but I refrain.

   “Hi.” Silence spreads over the line. I can tell he knows something is wrong, which is exactly why he isn’t saying anything.

   “Is everything okay?” He questions cautiously. 

   He genuinely sounds concerned, which leads me to bite my lip harshly, desperately trying to hold back tears. “Ji-Yong..” I murmur, tears already beginning to slip down my cheeks. 

   A sigh falls past his lips and I just know he is running a hand down his face. “Don’t cry, love. C’mon, you can tell me.” He says softly. 

   With a deep breath, I am able to compose myself. “You’re never around.” His stunned silence prompts me to continue. “When’s the last time you saw your daughter? She asked me today if G-Dragon was her real appa. She barely even knows who you are.” I rant, all of the words just spilling out of my mouth. “Think about that for a while. Maybe you’ll start putting you daughter before your career, G-Dragon.” 

   “Happy birthday, my love.” I sigh, kissing Mirre on the cheek. She giggles happily, staring up at her deluxe doll house. The last of the guests have left, and I can just tell how exhausted she is from all the exertion and playing.

   “Thank you for the presents, eomma.” There is a hint of sadness to her voice. I can see in her eyes that she misses her abeoji. “Appa isn’t going to come, is he?” She murmurs, her sad, little eyes gazing at the floor boards. 

   I immediately engulf her in my embrace. “I don’t know what to say, my love.” I sigh, at a complete loss for words. How do you explain to your daughter that her abeoji cares more about his career than he does his family? “Appa is just-”

   “I’m here!” A voice suddenly yells from the doorway. Mirre and I both snap our heads towards the direction of the noise. Standing in front of the door, holding a giant, wrapped box, with sweat pouring down the side of his face, is Ji-Yong. “I got stuck in traffic for three hours.” He gently places the box down and leans against the wall. “I tried to get here on time.. this was my chance to show you both that I’ve changed and I messed it up..” 

   Before his spiel can continue, a tiny squeal interrupts him. “Appa!” Mirre shrieks, bursting out of my hold and sprinting as fast as her miniature legs will take her towards Ji-Yong. “Appa!” She jumps into him, effectively knocking him over.

   “Hey baby girl.” He laughs holding her tightly to his body. “I missed you so much.”

   “I missed you, too, appa.” She cries. I can see the pain in his eyes just from those few simple words. He makes eye contact with me, but I quickly avert my gaze. “I thought you didn’t love me anymore.” 

   Ji-Yong lets out a choked sob. “No, baby girl. I love you and eomeoni with all my heart. You two are the only girls I want in my life.” He says sincerely, running his fingers through her hair. 

   “Did you get me a present?” She asks excitedly. He nods, prompting her to run over and rip away the wrapping paper. “Appa.. eomma already got me this doll house.” She giggles, looking over at him with innocent eyes. 

   I hold in a laugh, shaking my head. “Oh man… do you want me to return it and get you something else?” He frowns.

   “No, it will do.” She grins. “Now my dolls will have two houses!” 

   As I stare fondly at our daughter, I don’t notice Ji-Yong make his way over to me. “I’m sorry for never being here for the two of you.” He whispers. Heat rushes to my cheeks and I hold back the urge to start crying. “I didn’t have my priorities in check. I don’t want to mess up what I have. You and Mirre are my life. And I’m sorry it took me so long to figure that out.” He runs his fingertips over my cheek. “I love you.”

   “It’s going to take more than an apology and some sweet words to convince me otherwise.” I state matter-of-factly, smirking at him. He flashes me a smile before leaning down and pressing a kiss to my lips. 

   “I’ve got a lot planned for you, love.” He grins cheekily, pressing another kiss to my lips. “You’ll see soon. I’m changing my ways.” 

   “Appa!” Mirre calls. “Please come build the doll houses for me!” With a quick wink to me, Ji-Yong goes to help assemble the doll houses. I stare adoringly at my small family, knowing that things are going to turn around and only get better from here on out.