You can borrow mine.

100 Ways to Say I Love You: 20/100

For some reason, you just could not get warm. The arena was freezing without it filled with thousands of excited bodies and you finally understood why Jiyong would always dress in a ridiculous amount of layers whenever there was a rehearsal. Unlike you, however, he had shed all but two, having warmed up dancing around and running up and down the stage. Thankfully they were almost finished, a light at the end of the tunnel, a warm home and blankets soon to be a reality. You pulled your scarf higher around your neck.

“Okay, I think we’re done,” Jiyong said tiredly into his microphone. Thank god. “Just need to work on that transition tomorrow and then we should be good for Saturday.” He passed off his mic and in-ear to a sound tech, then hurried quickly down the stairs to you. “How was it?” He asked, jogging up.

“Good, best concert yet!” You held up a gloved thumb.

Jiyong surveyed your bundled body with a chuckle. “Cold, Jagi?”

“Just a little.”

“Let’s go home then, I’m exhausted.”

Even with the heat on in the car to fend off the cool March evening, and then the warmth of Jiyong’s apartment when you stepped inside, you still found yourself shivering and digging through your clothes to find your favourite knit socks when you got home. Back in the living room, Jiyong had sprawled on the couch, now stripped down to his last remaining layer, the fire of an intense rehearsal still burning within him. He made room for you beside him on the couch when you returned and you settled down into the cushions. Jiyong’s arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer, and his other hand travelled up to your forehead.

“How are you still cold? Are you getting sick?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Hmm.” He let go and nuzzled his nose into your neck, his hot breath tickling the baby hairs.  

“You’re so cuddly all of a sudden, I thought you were hot….”

“I am, too hot, but you’re freezing, so….you can borrow mine.”

You snorted. “Was that just a lame excuse to hold me?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” His arms tightened. You were finally starting to melt in his warmth… “I’ll expect your to return the favour some day though,” he said and you could hear the smirk on his lips.

You jabbed an elbow back, eliciting a small ‘oof’ from him. You knew exactly in what manner he’d like your body heat against him…

“And just for that, I’m going to start wearing even more layers than Seunghyun.”

Jiyong burst out laughing then, his vibrations traveling right through you. “Are you now?”

“Yup, only long sleeves and at least three layers at all times.”

“I’m sure he’d appreciated the solidarity, but can it wait until tomorrow?”  You could feel his hand creeping up and burrowing beneath your flannel top, a whole new wave of goosebumps erupting on your skin, for entirely different reasons than the cold. “I was never good at keeping presents wrapped…”


I was tagged by @isexoreal to do 9 fav albums tag! 
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top: Big Bang- MADE, BTS- The most beautiful moment in life, EXO- Love Me Right
middle: Girls Generation- Lion Heart, Got7- Just Right, G Dragon- Coup D'etat
bottom: Tiffany- I Just Wanna Dance, Taeyeon- Why, Seventeen- Boys Be
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