Runaway Boy

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Pairing: JiyongxReader
Rating: G, Fluff
Summary: RoyaltyAU, When you were just a small girl, you found a runaway boy tapping at the window. 

Notes: I’m sad so I decided to write some fluff Ji to cheer myself up. Not too happy with how this came out but I hope you enjoy it if you give it a read. For the @vipnetwork

Every little girl in the kingdom dreamed about being born into the royal family, dreamed about being born a princess. Every little girl except for you, the princess of the Kingdom of the Fields. If you could grant their wish and switch places with them, you’d do so in a heartbeat. Maybe then they’d understand that being a “princess” is more of a sentence than a title. Maybe then they’d understand how it feels to grow up as the second born but first forgotten child of the king.

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I can’t wait until bigbang are all done with their military service and are forgotten about, that’s if top can even finish his without fucking up again lmao, my guess is he’ll try and kill himself again for sympathy because everyone now knows how much of a fuck up he is, I doubt anyone would miss him too much. Jiyong will probably get in a scandal when someone finally reveals he’s been getting fucked by men, daesung will stay in Japan, youngbae will get married to that slut and fuck off too and seungri will hopefully leave the industry for good. Bts will reign supreme as the kings of kpop and they will have got there through their own hard work and not because they are from a big company - jiyong probably let yg fuck him in order to become successful lmao


171118 GD Focus -  Good Boy -  LAST DANCE in Fukuoka


IU shyly complimenting GD (in English) @ his concert in Taiwan ±
I want to congratulate you for having this fabulous concert. You traveled through twenty nine cities, and touring so much isn’t easy. But you finally, perfectly, DID IT!!~~ yay”