Murdoc’s junk O_o;  I can’t look away.



Remember G-bites?   They were great….. want more!

Also, I’m not into that kinda “stuff”, but I want that “Hello Kinky” shirt 2D is wearing.


anonymous asked:

What kind of kinks do you think the boys in got7 will have? E.g a daddy kink. Or what do you think they'd be like in bed at least? And how would they initiate sex ? Sorry for all the questions!

Oh, another naughty anon, I see ;)))) No worries about the questions, I gotchu ;3

Looks like like I’m in for another trip to hell :D

G = Giving ; R = Receiving

Mark: Dom! occasionally Switch

Kinks: Biting (G), hickeys (G+R), dry humping, blindfolding (G), mild scratching ®, teasing. 
How he would initiate sex: He is mostly vanilla when it comes to initiating and sex in general. Probably with a sweet makeout session, foreplay and then getting down to it. I feel like he might be a bit more rough if he hasn’t seen you in a long time, like after he is been on tour or something. He would be more impatient and get down to business right away.

Jaebum: DOM! All the way!

Kinks: DADDY!JB or any kind of dom nickname, rough sex, mild hair pulling (G), dirty talking, orgasm denial, begging ®
How he would initiate sex: he would love make up sex. After you have been fighting you both know what’s coming because that is how he likes to release stress and anger with his partner. When he couldn’t take it anymore he would just suddenly grab your head and give you a rough kiss.

Jackson: DOM! occasionally switch

Kinks: being ridden, butt grabbing/light spanking (he’s a butt guy and he has said it himself LOL), over-stimulation, dirty talking (G+R), dry humping, strip teasing.
How he would initiate sex: With him there would be many different ways he would be initiating it. If he just felt horny, he would just lift you up and make you wrap your legs around his waist and make out until you reach the bed or couch; if he feels more vanilla, he would start with cuddles, then kisses and it would go from there; if he were to test if you were in the mood, he would backhug you and start kissing your neck and see your reaction. Or maybe if he feels like giving you some control, he would let you ride him because honestly he likes the view :))


Jinyoung: Switch

Kinks: teasing, rewarding (behave or do something he likes and he will reward you and say “good girl”), begging (G+R), licking.
How he would initiate sex: You would be doing something completely innocent, like you brought him food or something when you two meet right after his practice and he would be like: “Thank you jagi, you know exactly what I like. I’ll show how thankful I am later since you’ve been such a good girl ;))))”
And from that you would be in for a ride :)))

Youngjae: Switch, but generally Sub

Kinks: dirty talking ®, light role playing, BJs, makeout sessions. vanilla sex.
How he would initiate sex: I wouldn’t be surprised if he farted rainbows because this kid is pure sunshine <3 So generally, he would be very vanilla, making you feel loved and appreciated. Maybe some passionate romantic sex, looking at you  and your lips before kissing you. I feel like he would like to make  love to some low music, like a slow ballad.

Bambam: Mostly Sub, but seldom Switch 

Kinks: Submission (him submitting), role play, teasing (G+R), public teasing (G+R)
How he would initiate sex: He would initiate with some teasing as you two are joking around and then he would test you by asking you a sexual question that would involve you finding out something, like when he said “How do you know I’m not big?” That sort of teasing ;)) Or if you were in public, in  moment when he thinks no one is looking he would tease you again. For some reason, I can’t get out of my head the idea of him with his partner shopping, and while he trying clothes the two end up doing something naughty in the dressing room LOL.

Yugyeom: Switch!

Kinks: grinding (G+R), dirty talking (G+R), delayed orgasm (G), teasing
How he would initiate sex: With him it would be out of nowhere because he is very go-with-the-flow type of guy. One minute you were watching him rehearse a choreography or freestyle and he looks at you through the mirror whenever he hip thrusts or he does some grinding, and next thing you know you are in a steamy makeout session. Like how did it even happen?! 

I hope you enjoyed reading, because I most definitely enjoyed writing ;))))) maybe a little too much, I got carried away in some parts ^-^” *nervous giggle*
I need to sue JYP Ent for making them debut. Ok, lemme stop before I’ll type something I’ll regret. LOL.

I’M 7 OUT! <3

anonymous asked:

What would turn on GD,Zico,Jay Park,RapMon and Suga in bad?


  • Lip biting
  • Dirty talk
  • Teasing
  • Neck biting
  • Being rough

Jay Park:

  • Teasing
  • Eye contact
  • Foreplay
  • Letting him take the lead
  • Leaving Marks/Hickies

Rap Monster:

  • Nibbling on his ear
  • Sweet talk
  • Foreplay
  • Love making
  • Playing with his hair


  • Teasing
  • Eye contact
  • Foreplay
  • Hair Pulling
  • Neck biting


  • Being Rough
  • Hair pulling
  • Dirty talk
  • Letting him take the lead
  • Teasing

redwiitched  asked:

ah yes my fav thing to do: tell you how utterly beautifully you write and how i adore you as a person and i'm SO GLAD we rp and talk and just -gestures between our blogs- this is a beautiful friendship and i'm glad you're in my life. i learn a lot from you, and how to make my writing count for more, and i LOVE how you write mr sassypants, and i can't wait to read more, always.

♖ | @redwiitched

        **is highkey weighing biting you or fighting you**

OKAY SO, LIKE - YOU. I just … I remember when I first followed you and you shot me this message and we IMMEDIATELY HIT IT OFF. Not to borrow an increasingly tired phrase, but your crazy matches my crazy. OOC, you’re FUNNY and QUIRKY and BRILLIANT and GOSH do I get jazzed whenever I see you on the dash because I just caNNOT WAIT TO HARASS you with this idiot that I write.

       But you’re not wrong. I mean THESE TWO JUST LINE UP SO WONDERFULLY. Dick just slips into this natural mode whenever she is about and it is just so WHOLESOME for him. He wants to help her. Genuinely. From the bottom of his heart, it is what he wants to do. He wants to share his washing machine with her, and give up his bed to her. He wants to buy her bagels and bring her coffee and sit on the end of the bed and just talk to her. He wants to be friends, and brother her a little bit -EVEN IF THAT MIGHT BE A BAD IDEA - but he just … has this HUGELY strong emotional pull toward your muse that I am astounded by it. Seriously. If you weren’t openly playing someone who can wield magic I would have to call witchcraft at some point because like WOW. 

     I love it. I love it, you, Wanda, the relationship these two have. All of it. ALL OF IT.