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Hightown Funk 2k17

Dear Author,

Hi! Thanks so much for making a gift for me. This letter has a lot of ideas and suggestions to get you started, but I’m going to adore whatever you create even if you ignore all of the below. I’m also including some information about my general likes and dislikes; if you have any questions, my askbox is always open for anonymous questions.

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(+) adaptable, courageous, faithful.
(-) compulsive, impulsive, ruthless.

↪ b a s i c s.

f c   carlson young.
g r a d e   junior.
a g e   17.
s e x u a l i t y   bisexual.
r e l a t i o n s h i p s t a t u s   single.
k n o w n a s   the blogger.

↪ s e c r e t s.

TW Fighting, TW wreck

Isabelle has fallen in love more than once but the one time that she thought that she was going to get married to the person, they cheated on her with their best friend while at a sleep over at her house. Walking in on it, she swore then she’d never forgive them but also that day she was the rest that her temper got the better of her and she sent her best friend to the hospital. Her parents made her go to therapy and kept the story that they had gotten into a bike wreck but to this day, she knows the truth. Her friend woke up not remembering what happened and still believes to this day that she saved their life. Once they moved away, Isabelle felt like she could breathe again.

People say that Isabelle’s family is a wreck and maybe they are. Her father is the only parent in her life. Her mother walked away a long time ago. It turns out that her father has cheated on her mother though and whenever Isabelle was little, it was questioned if she was even a Pierce at all because her mother was that way then. Isabelle heard word of this and sometimes she wonders if she’s really her fathers child.

↪ h e a d c a n o n s.

  • Isabelle blogs, all the time. She is constantly writing and making use of her webcam and her green screen. She’s an active blogger and almost weekly there’s a new video up on her page. Writing, doing make up tutorials, anything she can get into.
  • She also binge watches Grey’s Anatomy whenever she gets the chance to. She claims that she is Lexi Grey.
  • She’s never been afraid to show interest in girls, she has found love for them over and over and she’ll continue to show them just how much she appreciates how beautiful they are.

ISABELLE PIERCE is portrayed by T. She ships chemistry but doesn’t ship forced.



(+) hard working, laid back, smart, .
(-) mischievous, has a desire to prove himself, charming.

↪ b a s i c s.

f c   jeremy jordan.
g r a d e   junior.
a g e   17.
s e x u a l i t y   homosexual.
r e l a t i o n s h i p s t a t u s   single.
k n o w n a s   the boy next door.

↪ s e c r e t s.

- The Motta family has a LOT of money, but Bay doesn’t want any of it. He wants to prove that he can do it on his own, which is why he got himself a job this past summer, mowing lawns for a landscaping company. He’s a little hypocritical though, because he drives a brand new Jaguar F-Pace S that was given to him for his 17th birthday a couple months ago which he absolutely loves and doesn’t plan on giving up any time soon.

- Rumors go around from time to time that allude to the Motta family being part of the mob. Bay rolls his eyes at those accusations and makes jokes, but his dad is definitely higher up in the ranks with said mob.

- Bay has been on the Varsity baseball team since he was a Freshman, and since he was put on the team, he and the baseball coach did some really illegal after school extracurriculars. *wink wink nudge nudge* He has no problems with said ‘interactions,’ and will probably willingly participate again this year as well, because the prospect of getting caught is sort of exciting.

↪ h e a d c a n o n s.

  • Bay is really good at math, and he likes it too. His teachers have always had him tutor other students when they weren’t doing so great and said teacher wasn’t getting through to them. His guidance councilor has suggested that he look into a career as an actuary.
  • There is not a single person that Bay is really ‘mean’ to. He is the kind of guy that will stop and help someone pick up books they’ve dropped in the hall, or hold the door for someone else who is coming through. He’s very much into being helpful to others however he can, though he’s not completely innocent with his thoughts.
  • The Motta’s are Italian-American, meaning somewhere along the line a few generations ago, some of their relatives came from Italy through Ellis Island or similar, but they embrace it way too hard. Both parents are very typical New Jersey kind of people who relocated for “business reasons” into Ohio.
  • (Like in Glee canon,) The Motta family owns a piano business. As a result, Bay knows how to play the piano. He’s not really a huge fan of it though because he isn’t really musically inclined when it comes to instruments. He is vocally inclined, but the only place he really wants to sing is in his room or in the shower.

BAY MOTTA is portrayed by ELLEN. She ships chemistry but doesn’t ship forced.


G was out of town for the day for something important and I had English today. After that class, I went to drop my stuff off in the office and I went to talk to D (mostly about the class, in which I left three times) but my friends were about threatened to text G about it (he advised me not to talk to him outside class because the last time I did that, I didn’t eat for 5 days) but I’m perfectly fine now. They’re probably going to tell him eventually, but I mean, who cares. I honestly told D that they were talking crap about how I was going to buy him something when I go on vacation. I offered to buy them something but they said no. D still thinks I’m going to buy him one of the cheap pins or whatever (one of the ones that come in the mystery packs) but I changed my mind and I’m not going to tell him because then he’ll just decline the whole thing. He offered to pay me back but I said no but now I kinda want him to give money


S@¥C € G¤D | 4.16.17

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Product Review: “Explore Asian: Organic Black Bean Spaghetti”

-Tastes good, though not as good as regular pasta
-Is Black in color
-Very high in protein

Serving Size: 2 oz (4 servings/package)
-Calories: 185
-Total Fat: 2 g
-Saturated Fat: 1 g
-Cholesterol: 0 mg
-Sodium: 2 mg
-Protein 25 g
-Total Carbohydrates: 17 g
-Sugars: 5 g

-Would not buy regularly from Whole Foods because it is a little higher in sugars, and not as healthy as zucchini noodles. Would keep in cabinet in case I didn’t have time to go shopping though

A Feeling?

The empty feeling.
Stealing healing from the ceiling of your mind.
Let it go. Unwaveringly.
Ebb and flow. Was this made for me?
To reject or let it show?
To whom shall I go?
A cross to bear, but to the mind that knows
It’s never fair–so the minds of children go
Maybe the corporate fat cats will bleed it slow
Sponge soaked in unicorn blood
From the slaughter show
Winding and twisting, the guts of loved ones flow with the energy of the passion once bestowed upon an immovable object
Become your own project
Build it and grow
Sew the seeds of solitude until you’re ready to let it go
Is it a feeling? Is it a worthy cause?
Too convoluted to know
Better let the sauce simmer on the frying pan’s warm glow

-3/21/17 G.R.M

13:10, 21.03.17
  • G.: Wir schaffen das okey? Zusammen.
  • Ich: Und was ist wenn ich davor sterbe?
  • G.: Du stirbst nicht! Du weißt was wir ausgemacht haben. Ich würde es nicht aushalten, wenn du dir das Leben nimmst!
  • Ich: Ich weiß.. ich habe es Ihnen versprochen. Aber, aber was...
  • G.: Schau mir in die Augen. Du bist schon wie ein drittes Kind für mich. Versprich es mir, okey? Es würde mir das Herz brechen.

book 12/40, the first book in a series you haven’t read before: my own goddamn creation, blood sweat and tears went into this shit and next month i’m back at it again at camp nano. anyway i reread it for the first time since i wrote it so “first book in a series you haven’t read before” should count. also these are two of my favourite passages from the book feat. a grammatical error and two typos, catch them if you can

gt-flufftimes  asked:

13, 16, 17!

13. Would you prefer living in a world where people of all sizes of G/T live and work together or in a world were only a rare few are Giant and Tiny?

I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it.

16. Do you like it when people give you nicknames with your G/T height? Or do you find them demanding?

It depends

17. Favorite G/T books, movies, games, etc.

I’ve never really seen any books/movies/games that are like, explicitly G/t and stuff. So none I can think of.