g 17

I miss you and you probably are just apathetic to me. I can’t help but think I stole your innocence, I ruined your 1-year relationship for just a month with me. And I always had regrets because no matter how much you’ve changed I’ve still wanted you around. You and I are so alike, and it’s sad I can’t have you around still. I just hope you get better and stop hurting yourself.

Avevo un cuore che ti amava tanto

Dei miei vent'anni Che me ne faccio Se questo mondo Mi lascia indietro.

Avevo un cuore Che ti amava tanto Che si è perduto Per volerti bene.

Io chiedo a te Di tendermi una mano E di salvarmi Se lo vuoi.

E questo cuore Che ti amava tanto È cieco in questo Mare di silenzio. Mi han detto che Si vive di speranza, Se tu lo vuoi Mi aiuterai.

Per questo amore Io ti ho dato tutto. Avevo un cuore Che ti amava tanto E non rinuncia A perderti per sempre.

Io chiedo a te Di tendermi una mano E di salvarmi Se lo vuoi. E questo cuore Che ti amava tanto È ancora vivo E non sa fermarsi.

In questi occhi Leggi la mia vita Che si è perduta Senza te.

Mino Reitano

ID #26057

Name: Nikhat
Age: 17
Country: India

Hey guys! Honestly the idea of pen pal has always interested me but I’ve haven’t had the opportunity to go through with it. I would love to get to know someone from a completely different country and culture just to learn more. I was born in and spent half my life in Dubai, UAE. I, later, moved to India. I am originally Indian. Well I have interesting story attached to that as well :)

I love music. It takes up a big part of my time. Some fav musicians are Arctic Monkeys, G eazy, The Neighborhood, The 1975 as well as a little bit of Bieber. My hobbies are singing, cycling, travelling, listening to music, watching a ton of tv shows and movies. I’m a big movie buff. Coming back to travelling- I love travelling and I travel pretty often. Last year I was able to go hiking in Himalayas and live in tents and stuff and it was pretty much the best experience of my life.

I’m a super open minded person. I don’t have a religion. I can’t decide whether I’m agnostic or atheist. I have quite an obsession with astrology too. I have an great understanding of Christianity, Islam Hinduism so feel free to start discussions and debates. Other than that I also love nature and the universe and all that jazz makes me really happy.
*Also my IQ is 132 (self promo 😂)

I’m excited to find some amazing people! x

Preferences: Age: 15 to 19
Gender: No preference
Country: Preferably other than India