Starting August 30th, a “Cover Girl” election for Aqours will begin!

Which Aqours member do you want to decorate the cover of Dengeki G’s Magazine? Your vote will help determine the outcome. The member that wins this reader poll will be on the cover of Dengeki G’s Magazine February issue, which will be released this December.

Fitting for Valentine’s day, the theme of the cover illustration will be “Date”! You’ll need to choose not only the member you’d like to go on a date with, but also the “date spot” that you’d like to take them to. ♪

Votes will be accepted from midnight JST on August 30th. For more information, check the October issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine. Voting will end on September 29th.

From August 30th on, you can vote at this page!


He might be in bad shape. The stripped down MAV will get up to 12 g’s during the launch. He could be knocked unconscious and may have internal bleeding. Well, then it’s a good thing you’re our doctor. What’s the intercept plan? We finished attaching the tethers into one long line. It’s 214 meters long. I’ll have the MMU, so moving around should be easy. How fast a relative velocity can you handle? Once I get to Mark? I can grab the MAV at 5 meters per second. 10 is like jumping onto a moving train. Any more than that and I might miss.