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tyte pants and sexy shoes all the way for this guy right ‘ere,



(not au LOL)

think of it as parrarel universe of gsans universe(s)

besides, this ended up happening eventually:

cuddling is my fave I just finished reading the whole bokuroo ao3 tag

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stormpilot cuddles???? :3

“You know,” Finn murmured, tracing a line up Poe’s exposed torso, “I never got to do this in the Order.”

Poe looked up to face him. “Well, obviously. That’d be some pretty bad propaganda- ‘come join the First Order, we’ve got cupcakes, cuddles, and cats too!” 

Finn huffed a laugh. “Don’t joke, General Hux has a cat.”

Poe once again jerked his head up to look at Finn. “You’re shitting me.”

“No!” Finn laughed, squeezing the pilot tighter to his body, “If I had a credit for every time I saw cat hair on that guy’s hat…”

“Did you ever want to say anything about it?” Poe grinned. 

“That’s like asking if I want to get executed,” Finn shot back, and Poe nuzzled into his side, his body shaking with residual laughter. 

“You’re adorable,” Poe muttered, planting a kiss on Finn’s chest. Finn stroked Poe’s arm, kissing the other man’s neck. 

“You’re amazing.”

“You’re beautiful.”

Poe blushed a little, and smiled. “You know how to flatter a guy.”

Finn smiled back. “I learned from you.” 

Poe leaned up, crawling on top of Finn and pressing his lips down onto the other man’s, a sweet, gentle action that the two had grown fond of exchanging frequently. 

“You know something else I’ve never heard in the Order?” Finn asked quietly. 

“What?” Poe mumbled, eyes dropping down to stare at Finn’s lips, their noses touching. 

“I’ve never heard anyone say I love you. So… I love you.”

This made Poe hesitate. “And… that means, this is your first time saying it?”


“Well,” the pilot said, slipping back into their cuddling position with his head on Finn’s chest, “I love you too, Finn.”

Then the two fell asleep, listening to each other’s beating hearts. 


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