In this joyful day of celebrating the walking embarrassment that Matsuoka Rin and his glaring crush on Haru is, let it not be forgotten that Nanase Haruka doesn’t fall behind:

  • Has a song about Rin and how joyful their days together were
  • Gets jealous Rin may have pictures of Gou and not of them in his room
  • Knows Rin’s handwriting as if it were his own (even though they studied together for like 2 months)
  • Stares at Rin’s picture for an embarrassing period of time without minding who’s seeing him do it
  • Stares at Rin’s training regime for an embarrassing period of time just because it was written by Rin (no wonder he knows his handwriting, pffft)
  • Has Rin as the person he wished to be reunited with (his fortunes)
  • First thing he does when arriving to a meeting is looking for Rin in the crowd(s)
  • Is so overjoyed to have mini!Rin back from Australia that he can’t even think of anything coherent to say
  • Was actually waiting for Rin to call and couldn’t help but admit it aloud
  • Is so shocked to run into Rin that he literally forgets there’s anyone else around them
  • Pictures Rin swimming ahead of him and egging him on rather than Sousuke (he basically hallucinated come on now)
  • Keeps lending Rin his favorite shirt
  • Tried to lend Rin his ultra special water porn he doesn’t let anybody else see least of all touch
  • Got sad when he thought Rin didn’t keep his matching dolphin toy
  • Spent a night in a pool looking up at the moon and longing thinking of Rin
  • Becomes a shoujo prince for him unprompted
  • Actually seems to have developed a thing for cherry blossoms himself
  • Sees Rin as this shining light
  • Felt his entire world go dark at the thought of not swimming with Rin again
  • Smiled like a lovesick fool while Rin cried all over his face
  • WANTED Rin to carry him bridal-style not in clothes but in his swimsuit
  • Called Rin oniisan


I got tagged so why not

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Nicknames: Maddy, madderz, madz, mac daddy maddy, megatron, edward, etc. There’s more. I have a lot of different nicknames from different people

Gender: Female

Current time and date: July 31. 3:48 a.m

Birthday: January 8th, 1997

Average amount oof aleep: I’d say about 5-6 hours on,average I suppose.

First word that comes to mind: Sex

One place that males me happy: Anywhere I can pet and play with animals. Never fails.

Fav characters: Winston from New Girl, Cheryl from Archer, Grey from Fairy Tail, Blake from Rwby, and some others. These were the first I thought of.

Fav food: Tiramisu, steak, potatoes, chocolate, and mac&cheese. Hell yeah.

Fav book: Gosh I don’t know. I’ve read my fair share and haven’t read one in a few months. The House of Night Series is pretty good. I also like the immortals series. Currently trying to get back into the chronicles of nick.

Fav TV shows: Once upon a time, new girl, archer, and Bob’s burgers

Last movie I saw in theaters: the gallows. I enjoy seeing shitty horror films.

Last Holiday: uhhmm. New years, I believe. Went to my,brother’s little house party with his friends and girlfriend. Pretty fun night. Played a few drinking games, smoked throughout the night, and played some super smash nros.

Dream Holiday: I wanna,go on a vacation to Ocracoke,Island with some friends for a week or two. That’d be lovely.

Dream Wedding: I have no idea. I never think about that to be honest

Dream Job: cosmetologist or musician.

Zodiac: capricorn. Jell yeah

Relationship Status: Single as a pringle

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