Some tododekus from @pitviperofdoom‘s Summer Stars fic! Aka the fic that has been killing me with every update  _(:‘3」z)_

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Hello, do you have any studyblrs for business students? I have been searching but your blog is my most trusted studyblr so I wonder if you have some recommendations!

Ah thank you! Can’t say I follow a lot of business studyblrs, but here’s a few you might like to check out: 

+ any business studyblr that comments on this post. Chances are, if they’re willing to respond publicly = more responsive = may be able to answer your questions in a timely manner (once again I’m so sorry this has been sitting in my inbox for like 3 months gdi). 

All the best, and I hope you find a pocket of the community who can motivate you in your business course! 

listen listen Tyler would so be the kind of guy to text

-please drive safe
-if you need a sober driver i’ve got you
-have fun at the party!!! dont take drinks from strangers
-i’m going to bed now but i have the volume on so if you need me dont hesitate to call me

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how do you feel about the way that people portray keith, in klance, as abrasive, cold, and sometimes downright cruel towards lance? i love klance, and i wanna like keith, but the way this fandom makes keith out to be awful to lance really makes me hate the ship sometimes.

Oh man, I personally hate when people portray Keith as super abrasive to Lance. Keith isn’t cruel to Lance!! He teases him sometimes, but he’d never actually say something super hurtful to Lance on purpose! 

Especially not if they were dating!!!

Even without thinking in terms of the ship, Keith has come to care a lot about Lance!! He was so worried when Lance was in the cryopod! He helped cool Lance down when his lion got too hot!

It’s definitely mostly Keith who gets portrayed as this scumbag in fanworks, but Lance and Pidge fall victim to it a lot too. I’m sure the others fall victim to it as well, but I think that mostly only happens in fanfiction (which I don’t read) so I can’t talk about it. I can only talk about the fanart or textposts I’ve personally seen.

For example, when people draw or write about Keith hitting Lance because he made a joke. What the hell is wrong with you!!! I’ve seen it go the other way too though, someone drew Lance getting angry and hitting Keith because he didn’t understand a joke. WHY?! Neither of them would do that, omfg. It’s terrible.

I’ve seen people complaining because Keith “called Lance nonessential weight” in Episode 1, but c’mon. Keith was trying to rescue his older bro, and then suddenly 3 other people he doesn’t know show up and hitch a ride on his motorcycle, which probably isn’t meant to transport that many people. They’re in a stressful situation, and suddenly this guy he barely knows accusingly says “Can’t this thing goes any faster?” Like c’mon, I would of said the same thing. He was just being sassy. But I digress. 

I guess the best thing you can do is just remember that fanon =/= canon. People seem to latch on really strongly to their Keith headcanons for some reason…Not always in a bad way, but..yeah. I love canon Keith with all my heart and relate to him on a deeply personal level but fanon Keith is fucking weird. Again, not always in a bad way, but still weird. Also just ignore/block/unfollow people who portray him badly if you can. Even if there are a lot of people who portray klance as abusive, there are just as many people who don’t and I guess all we can do is surround ourselves with the people who make the positive content.