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U2 abc - F is for Fourty Years

It was in the crowded kitchen of a semi-detached house in Artane that a bunch of teenage school boys from Mount Temple Comprehensive, Dublin, gathered to discuss forming a band. There was barely enough room to fit around the drum kit, with five guitarists squeezed between the fridge and the bread bin. A chaotic jam session involved wobbly renditions of Rolling Stones hits Brown Sugar and Satisfaction, with no consensus as to the correct chord sequences.

One wannabe lead guitarist was forced into the role of singer because he had neglected to actually bring a guitar. Another young guitarist established his position as lead instrumentalist because he had mastered the solo from Rory Gallagher’s Blister on the Moon. The bassist couldn’t play but had the best hair and, crucially, owned an actual bass guitar and amplifier. The drummer was definitely in because it was his family’s kitchen. And thus, U2 were born.
- Neil McCormick


“They’re very, very loyal to each other. And they’re really, really kind to each other. It’s no good to have somebody not well in the unit or not happy. The others don’t say ‘hard luck, mate, we’re carrying on.’ The others say, ‘ok, we’ve gotta get that person happy again, we’ve got to draw them back into the circle.’” - Brian Eno, From The Sky Down