Translation (some trans are not in sequence)

GD V app: Hi I am GD. This is the first and last time I do a live broadcast. I was going to drink for my broadcast but they said I couldn’t

GD: I brought seungri today but I’m not sure if he’ll talk. 

GD: They said they made this room like my house but my house does not look like this.

GD: I flew in last night to Korea so I’m really tired. Let’s just sleep.

GD: This show is called “Let’s Do Nothing.” So I’m going to do nothing.

GD: Seungri and Daesung are fun people so I am funnier around them but when I am alone I am pretty shy.

GD: I don’t have a girlfriend, and you may not have a boyfriend. I’ll try to make this broadcast like FaceTime.

GD: I’m in Seoul. What are you doing? Ah yes, I changed my hair. Idk if it looks good. Its plum/cherry color.

GD: I wore this nice shirt today and it is super hot.

GD: When I’m home alone, I like to play with my cat and listen to music. I want to recommend some songs to you guys, let’s listen.

GD: I will recommend you guys songs. Today it rained a lot. I was so shocked. I will recommend Big Bang’s solo songs that fit the weather.

GD: First song is Open Window by Seungri&me

GD: The important part of this song is the chorus.

GD: On my way here, I also listened to TOP hyung’s “Act like nothing’s wrong”

GD: Seungri asked me to feature in a song called Open the Window and I didn’t know what type of song it was.

GD: When Seungri first let me hear the song, I thought he was saying “Open your anus” (Anus in Korean=Hang Moon, Window =Chang Moon)

GD: The concept of this broadcast is to be like your boyfriend. So we should give nick names. *reading comments “Take my clothes off???? 

GD: I have a lot of aegyo but all these people are watching. So I won’t do it.

GD: I think a lot of fans watch this, but I think people who aren’t fans watch too so I can’t just act normally here.

GD: I have nothing to do so I’m going to play video games on my phone. Just watch me play.

GD: *reads* What did I do today? I met Taeyang and shopped with him earlier, and I got my hair done, and now I’m here. I ate too.

GD: If I was actually at home I would do what I want, but look here *shows staff* They’re all looking at me so I feel weird.

GD: I have a lot of aegyo but all these people are watching. So I won’t do it.

GD: *points to the hot tub* So I am going to get completely naked and get in the hot tub. What will you do. Take screenshots right? So I will just put my feet in. Ah. Its hot. It’s so hot right now.

GD: I am putting my feet in the tub. What should we do. I am trying to read comments but they keep refreshing so I can’t see them.  I am washing my feet now. I have a really big big toe. So everyone is surprised. Look at me sweat. It’s hot.

GD: You want me to go to the bathroom? I already went. Where am I? If I tell you, you will come here right.

GD: I want to reply to all the comments but they are going by too fast. I don’t know what to do.

GD: *reads* What did I do today? I met Taeyang and shopped with him earlier, and I got my hair done, and now I’m here. I ate too.

GD: *reads* "Do you like me or Seungri?” Um, obviously me? If you are watching this right now? 

GD: It’s been 16 minutes. Thats a lot. Ah its so hot. I look like a radish pickle? How do I respond..

*reads comment* “Talk to the Panda doll” GD: How do I talk to that thing? LOL

GD: Should I sleep for like 5 mins? You’ve never seen me sleeping, right? Maybe you have…

Fan: Say my name out loud 

GD: Jooyoung? Give me your number so I can call you. I want to talk to some funny/talented fans. 

GD: Hello? 

 Fan: Is this GD? 

GD: You’re a guy? How old are you?

 Fan: 23. I just came out of the shower and I’m doing a nose mask right now 

 GD: Whats your name again? 

 Fan: Kim Yeonsu. 

GD: What do you do? Fan: I am a college student. Fashion and business. 

Fan: I can’t believe I’m talking to GD right now. I’ve been a fan for 7 yrs. Heol, Daebak.

 GD: Heol, Daebak! I’ll send u nose masks 

Fan: I’m good at singing <WHO YOU> by you. *sings*
GD: *claps and laughs* Wow, you’re so good! You’re better than Taeyangie.

GD: I will call one more person. Someone who has a fun skill.

Fan: My friends are watching ur show b/c we were bored

 GD: I called you cause I was bored too

GD: Show me your talent! 

Fan: *sings* 

GD: Um.. I don’t know about this. We should call someone else *jokes*

GD: What’s your name? 

Fan: 1+1 is gwiyomi~ 

GD: I’m asking u!! 

Fan: Not telling u~ 

GD: What’s your name, YA!!!!!!

GD: I never got to figure out her name, but I would like to say thanks. And we’re done with calling so stop posting ur numbers LOL

Fan: I’ve waited 4 hours for this 30 min show. 

GD: Are you complaining right now? I was worrying about this show for the whole week!

GD: Taeyang will be doing the next show. Good night!! *sings a lullaby* Good night, my baby~ Oh wait, I have one more min left?

*reads comments GD: Happy birthday! Hi Yoojin! Why are you talking about Soohyuk here?

GD: Ah its been 30 min. I don’t know if this will happen again. See you later.

Translated by: @kristinekwak and @bigbanggisvip