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Small Bond

This makes me feel nice draws Goth and Palette. I better give them a nickname… But, I dunno what I am gonna calls them. Currently I needed this XD Anger and Nekophy is my inspiration this is why Goth and Palette’s new AU has born, now I am their mother ~ for now on they going to babysit their ORIGINAL, while I am working on the their stories <3 

EDIT: also I am going to draw a portrait TH!Goth’s parents and TH!palette’s with them.

TH!Goth and TH!Palette belongs to me

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Palette belongs to @angexci

More Gem AU

So far, I’m leaning towards a backstory where Toby is technically a defective Topaz (he’s ‘overcooked,’ like Amethyst) and he was considered unfit for work(in this AU, Topaz gems are sort of between Quartzes and Bismuths, large gems meant for building things), so he was going to be harvested/shattered. 

Jim is an Era 2 Lapis, meaning that he’s not as powerful as the Era 1 versions. He still has hydrokinesis (I’m still tempted to refer to that as waterbending) and the ability to summon water constructs to mimic foes, but his constructs could only serve to slow enemies down, and while his hydrokinesis is not to be taken lightly, he could never match canon SU’s own Lapis “Steals-all-the-oceans-and-builds-a-tower-with-them” Lazuli.

Jim served under Blue Diamond, and he’d witnessed her shatter disobedient gems before, so when he heard this young Topaz (whom he might have been paired with before. It would make sense to pair a Lapis with a builder if the work takes place in a flooded area) was going to be eliminated simply for being inadequate, he found it horrifying unfair, and decided to do something. He staged an accident and helped Topaz escape.

He’d heard stories of a gem rebellion on Earth. Nobody mentioned who the victor was, but given how gems now avoided the planet he assumed the rebels won. Being one of the few livable planets not under the Diamonds Rule, he and Topaz went there. During the flight to Earth, they talk things over, working out a plan for what to do when they get there, if the rebels might still be there and might attack, and whether or not to go near the natives.

Of course they end up sneaking into a human town out of curiosity, carefully hiding their gems and scrambling to come up with human sounding names. 

I want to say they encounter the Crystal Gems at some point before ending up in Arcadia Oaks. Jim and Toby are almost constantly moving, town to town or just spending a day or so in the wilderness. It’s partially out of curiosity and a desire to explore, and partially because they don’t want to be found out. They end up in Beach City and see the Temple from a distance, and they automatically know it’s a Gem construct, and almost certainly belongs to the rebels (it’s obviously a depiction of a multi gem fusion, which, as we all know, is shunned on homeworld). They’re debating whether or not they should get closer, and if it would be good or bad if they encounter the rebels, when someone finds them. Exactly who, I’m not entirely certain, and I think I’ll leave that open, because there are various scenarios to explore.

Of course the encounter involves the Crystal Gems being very wary of them, questioning their intentions, pretty much interrogating them on why they are there. Jim and Toby are compliant (they have no wish to be permanently bubbled) and answer the questions truthfully. When the CG prove to be not as brutal as homeworld gems would be with such questioning, they become less timid and start showing signs of admiration (these are the Crystal Gems, the ones who defied the Diamonds themselves. there’s definitely a level of awe there).

The CGs questions ease up, and the two start asking questions of their own, asking about life on Earth, what’s it like living among humans, things like that. Steven happily answers them, and asks them about themselves, he’s met a Lapis before, but never a Topaz. Amethyst warms up to them quickly as well, she and Toby bond over being ‘runts’ and they get along like a house on fire. Seeing their genuine curiosity and friendliness, Garnet and Pearl decide that they aren’t a threat, and they join the conversation. Pearl in particular wants to know about the changes to homeworld, and Jim and Toby describe things as best they can, about Era 2 and what they know about the current state of things. In return, the Crystal Gems tell them a few things about the war, and give them a heads up about the corrupted gems scattered across Earthl

After the discussion, Steven suggests they could join the Crystal Gems. Jim and Toby are a bit hesitant about that. They still want to explore, they only just got there (and they have this underlying feeling that they should earn the right to call themselves Crystal Gems, and all they’ve done is show up) They politely decline the offer, at least as far as staying in Beach City, but they do agree that if the CG could ever use their help (they think that’s unlikely, but you never know) they would do what they could. They also make a bit of an arrangement, if Toby and Jim come across a corrupted gem, they could either contact the CG about it, or, if they could handle it themselves, they could poof it and take the nearest warp pad to the Temple and turn the gem over to them to the CG to be contained. Steven encourages them to visit just for the fun of it every once in a while, and they promise to. (they find his kindness really heartwarming)

So Toby and Jim continue wandering all over the place, never staying in one area for long. Until one day, while taking a short flight over Arcadia Oaks to check things out, Jim senses something in one of the canals. He dives in and lands near an odd pile of rubble, and notices an odd light. It could almost be mistaken for a gem, except it just.. isn’t. Jim leaves the canal, deep in thought. Once he gets to somewhere safe, he takes time to examine the Amulet, wondering if a gem could be trapped inside. In the middle of him studying the strange artifact (he determines that it isn’t gem, even if it does give off this sense of sentience, like it has a mind of it’s own) he is surprised by the sudden appearance of two rather amiable stone beings. Not gems. They call themselves… Trolls?

thoughts: steve with deep dark top surgery scars… steve in binders and bucky helping him tug one on… steve only ever working out in a shirt because he gets too dysphoric if he’s shirtless… steve who paints his shield in the trans flg colours because he can, now, and he’s not gonna refuse himself that… steve who lets a few tears fall when, after the serum, he’s finally (finally) able to grow the beard that he’s always wanted, and sure it’s annoying to have to shave sometimes twice a day, but he looks good and like himself and that’s all he’s ever wanted

will someone someday find the weird shit i do cute like getting really excited about overwatch backstories, bein loud and energetic some days and then just sitting around watching netflix for a week, changing my hair twice a month, infodumping about history and mythology and liking to throw food up in the air to catch it in my mouth

I wanna tell this guy friend of mine off bc he is being whiny but,,,Like shit is going on w/ a girl he likes who got engaged and its all he whines or talks about and its like the end of the world. Im just,,,buddy have you seen what fucking shit ive gone through. Im still here so you sit tf down and shut up. Ik suffering depression isn’t a competition but just like,,,Imagine going through everything that I told you. Also he says guilt trip shit like “Its whatever Ill never be happy” and I just want to say how he has been an abuser in my past as well so he is not pure at ALL