Giữa một người phụ nữ có thể hi sinh tất cả vì tôi và một người có thể khiến tôi hi sinh tất cả. Tôi xin chọn người sau vì với người đó là chân thành, là yêu thương còn người trước khiến tôi thấy nợ nần. Trong đời người nếu không được một lần dốc hết tâm can ra yêu một người thì đó là bất hạnh.
—  heli


A soft summer breeze swept your hair across your shoulder, the sun heating the skin beneath. Only moments ago you had realized that Jiyong had fallen into a doze beside you on the blanket. The afternoon was coming to a close and you both had to be back soon, but rather than pulling him from such a state of relaxation, you chose to take a moment to watch him instead. 

Settling down beside him with one hand propped under your head and a smile on your face, you reached out to play with the hem of his billowing white shirt. His bangs had fallen to the side and the sun was glancing off smooth, tanned skin. Fine eyelashes skimmed his cheeks, as delicate as the floating dandelion tufts that had filled the air. Moving your hand up to his own that was resting on his chest, you traced your fingertips gently along his arm. The sensation was a enough to wake him from his light sleep.

Jiyong rolled onto his side, mirroring your own position, and held your gaze steady with sleepy eyes. It was too much for you to resist. 

Your body reacted, colliding with his and pushing him over beneath you. His hands found the back of your neck, pulling you in, lips making warm contact as his loose tunic slid upward, soft skin brushing against your arms. A desperate heat was ignited within you when he moved his hands down the sides of your body to grip the back of your thighs. 

Clothing became tangled, the blanket twisted and bunched up, yet there was nothing but the feeling of Jiyong overwhelming every sense that you had. The feeling of his palms guiding you, the sound of his heavy breathing, the taste of his berry sweetened mouth, the scent of his cologne on the breeze…

When it was over, you were left staring at the clear sky in wonderment. Jiyong was sitting beside you, ruffling his hair with a bemused expression on his face.


His lips turned upward at the corners.

“You didn’t tell me that was in the picnic basket.”

Truyện siêu ngắn nhiều kỳ “Gã”

Tập 113.1 - Thủ dâm vs Tình yêu đích thực

Gã thích rất nhiều những cô nàng sexy nóng bỏng cũng như đặc tính sinh học của tất cả giống đực.

Nhưng để biết đc tình yêu đích thực là nàng nào thì gã sẽ thủ dâm trước khi gặp nàng ta. 

Nếu thủ dâm xong mà vẫn hào hứng muốn ở bên nàng ta thì đó đích thị là tình yêu đích cmn thực.


She should had come prepared, she knew that but she didn’t expect this to come out of control. Panicking wouldn’t help in that moment and seriously, she was embarrassed -and trying not to laugh at the sight- for the situation she -and her dog- were in.

Oh, Shinobu, stop tackling strangers” She grabbed the collar of her big dog and try to peer him off of the young stranger “Please, excuse my pet. He sometimes gets too excited to meet new people” The dog -a big Siberian Malamute- sat while looking at the stranger with his big eyes and excited tail like if he was waiting for something. Kumiko rolled her eyes and giggled at her dog’s attitude “He wants you to pet him. Don’t worry, he is a big fluff, he doesn’t bite

Okay but imagine Hawke cooing whenever Carver do something right or something good like “What a good boy you are~”, “That is my adorable little brother”, annoying the crap out of Carver.

Now imagine after the fight against Meredith, Hawke cooing all over again, annoying Carver as always until he hears “I’m so proud of you, Carver. You have grown to be a great man” without that annoying tone he is so used to. Carver just stop for a moment to rewind what he heard and he just don’t know what to do or say, he doesn’t know if his sibling is being serious or not.

He just can’t believe what he heard and for some reason, he feels happy and proud of himself until Hawke decided to ruin it with their jokes and cooing.