B.A.P reaction when their gf fails at something she was saying she’s pro at

Yongguk: “Don’t worry i still love you”

Himchan: “Good job, that bowling ball didn’t touch a single bowling pin”

“So you’re pro at making shakes? Ok let me tr- that’s really not good”
*Then he would send you “you tried” star”

Youngjae: “You’re pro for sure”

Jongup: “ I didn’t know being pro at means being really bad at something”

Zelo: *After your experiments with milkshakes he got to clean up”
“Maybe she’s good at this,  but she could have just close the blender”


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11.5 쥬스




“Thanks for coming,” you say, looking down at your lap. You rub your fingers together awkwardly, not knowing what to do with your hands. A big ol’ tear rolls down your cheek and now you have something to do with them.

“Of course I would be here.”

“Fuck, man, this is scary.”

Youngguk puts his arm around your shoulder.

Chul is also crying, rivers of tears washing down his face. “Omma! I don’t want to go!”

You scoop him up in your arms and hold him close to your chest. “Okay Chul, you’re not ready to go away. We’re not ready. We can just go home and eat some omurice and forget about this. We won’t talk about this. I love you so much baby, I love you. I don’t want you to leave me. I can’t live without my baby.”

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All this travelling to distant places with no apparent interest to spend time with his members makes me think Yongguk is actually escaping from it all. (Anon)