Yongguk & school: Bang Yongguk's parents never approved of his dreams to becoming a singer. To prove to them how badly he wanted it, he studied really hard and met his parents' condition of ranking at the top of his class in grade 10. Yongguk is the perfect example of if you really want something, you'll do anything you can to get it.
Father Time (Yongguk)

When you go into labor during one of Yongguk’s Performance. For Anon, hope you like it! ^_^


“Are you sure you don’t want to come Jagi? I could have the cordi-noonas take care of you.” You gave Yongguk a small smile and a kiss on the cheek.

“That’s so sweet of you to do that, but I think I’m fine at home. Besides, the doctor says I shouldn’t be out in chaotic places these days. Our baby can come out any day now.” Yongguk glanced at you, then glanced at your swollen stomach; where your baby was at. He placed his hand on top of it and rubbed your stomach softly.

“Little baby, come out quick so daddy can hold you and we can watch war movies together.” You laughed and pulled his hand away.

“Aish, you and your movies. Yongguk, you better leave now before you’re late and have your manager yell at you.” You heard Yongguk sigh before resting his forehead against your own.

“I wish I could stay here longer. I’ll come back soon. Keep you and the baby safe, don’t do anything that will hurt it.” He bent down and kissed you on the lips in a loving way before doing the same motion to your stomach.

“Goodbye ______-ah.”

“Bye Yongguk Oppa, see you later.” You waved bye to him as he closed the door, waiting a few more moments before actually moving from your spot. Already you missed him: his loving voice, the way he would make sure everything was safe for you and the baby.

You looked down at your stomach, giggling once you felt a kick.

“Don’t worry little one, Appa will be home soon. And when you come out, we can all play together, how does that sound?” You chuckled when you felt a soft kick answer.

“Hmm, what to do now…” You mumbled as you absentmindedly walked into the room you and Yongguk made for the soon-to-come child. The walls were red as Yongguk desired and his Matoki was drawn on the wall as well. You sat down on the bed meant for you so you could stay with the baby while  Yongguk was away for B.A.P promotions. You rested for a moment, rubbing your stomach and admiring the ring on your left hand.

It only took Yongguk two months after you found out you were pregnant to propose to you. You both were already in a relation ship for three years and just a year ago, Yongguk wanted his fans to know who you were too. For the most part, they were kind, but there were those few individuals who resented you for taking away their ‘Oppa’. Of course, his fans knew about the engagement and the baby and sometimes they would bring little toys for the child to the concerts or fan meets.

You stayed there for a few moments, just reminiscing over the past before your stomach growled. You slowly got up and waddled over to the kitchen. For some reason though, you felt even more out of breath than before.

Thinking nothing of it, you took out all the contents in order to make your
dinner. Though, one of the ingredients you had to reach up to the shelf.

“Damn, why was I cursed with being short…this house is too big!” You whined, reaching up to get said ingredient. But as soon as you stretched your hand out, a pain came from your abdomen.The pain exploded throughout your whole body and it was then that you realized…your water just broke.

“You would want to come out when he’s not here!” You quickly took out your phone dialing your eomma. Not letting her speak, you quickly told her your situation.

“Okay honey, I’ll be right there. Be careful.” You stayed seated for a second; your eomma lived only 5 minutes away so it wasn’t a problem, she was a fast woman when it came to these things.

“Ow….I need to call him…his manager!” You dials Yongguk’s manager, glad that he picked up quickly.

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