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How would B.A.P react to getting a phone call from their gf in jail after she got arrested for something silly (j-walking/protesting/performing publicly without proper permit/not having their ID when pulled over)?

Yongguk - I think Yongguk would mix his worry with annoyance, if that makes sense? Like, I think he’d be a bit irritated that you had been arrested, but only because it makes him worry so much.

Himchan - Himchan would probably act as though he was annoyed, commenting on how irresponsible you were, but deep down I think he’d be really worried about how they treated you.

Daehyun - Daehyun would probably have a mini-meltdown. As soon as you mention the word “arrested”, he’d start to freak out and panic, and wouldn’t let you explain. When you finally get a word out, he’d be completely relived, and would happily help you.

Youngjae - I think Youngjae would be a lot like Himchan. I think he’d be worried at first, but then when he situation has calmed down a bit, I think he’d then probably tease you a bit for a while.

Jongup - I think Jongup would just be asking if you were okay, and then like Youngjae, would joke about how you got arrested, in an attempt to lighten the tone of the situation.

Zelo - I think Zelo would be really worried, and be like Daehyun. He’d be worried about you and if you were okay, and he’d worry about how you were, what happened and I think you’d have to try and reassure him rather than him reassuring you. 

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The King is Back!!! B.A.P🎆🎆🎉🎉♚♚!!!

This is a bit late but when it comes to B.A.P better late than never is the way to go. 

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Now the past year has been a rough one for all those who love and adore B.A.P. I’m sure that no one had it as rough as these 6 angels. 

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I was not a fan of B.A.P since their debut because I had not yet gotten into Kpop. I got into Kpop in between late 2013 - early 2014 which was probably one of the worst times to get into kpop ( groups disbanding, members leaving, it was a hot behind mess!!!!!)

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I first watched their video “One Shot”and to be honest they scared the crap out of me lol.  I think I was mostly afraid of Yongguk, he looked so scary at first (He is Bae now, and my ultimate bias haha)

(That acorn hair had to go ) But anyway, that was the very first music video that I saw of B.A.P. 

That one song that got me into wanting to go a lil deeper into what they were all about , was a video that is completely non B.A.P like. it was “Stop It” or “Hajima”. For some reason the cutesy thing is what captured my attention and funny enough , the person to catch my eye first was our very own “Mr. Bang”. 

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Bae is just too gorgeous , my head hurts too (hehehe)

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The song was so catchy that even now to this day if it comes on I wont skip it, and I will sing the whole song, as if I wrote it haha. 

Anyway moving on!

These guys began to interest me and so like any new kpopper I watched every youtube music video that they had out and naturally fell in love with them. Songs like “No Mercy”, “Warrior”, “Power” ,” Badman" ( One of my favorites), and “Rain Sound”.

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 Hajima ^_^ My favorite dance move (Can you tell that he is my bias?) 

It made no sense how I became so interested in this group of korean boys, more so than any other group I looked inti. To make it that much better, I didn’t really get deep into kpop until after I got into them. 

So to get better acquainted, because I was already obsessed, I would watch every and anything B.A.P related. I would look through their profiles to learn more about them ( I had a problem) . I will even admit that I had a hard time at first distinguishing between Youngjae, Jongup, and Daehyun. No Idea why, might have been the names ( I really don’t know). I got it together from watching “Killng Camp” haha

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As I delved into the world of B.A.P I began to really learn what they were really about. I began to discover their passion for charity and humanitarianism, which I absolutely loved and adore. The way that they attacked political issues, and social injustices in a way that drew and commanded the attention of those that listened was definitely one if the things I liked.

When they finally released their first full length album “First Sensibility” and began their promotions, man was I the happiest person in the world or what!? When they dropped “1004″ ( Angel) I was head over heals. I was going bonkers. A really good friend who I refer to as “dongsaeng” got me their album for Christmas ( My niece was born that day 12/25/2014) and I literally cried. I was an emotional wreck. I was so pumped and I was a proclaimed BABY! 

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They had me and I was hanging on every single thing that they did. It didn’t matter if it was radio shows, variety shows, music programs, awards , I was on it like like white on rice ( from behind my laptop screen in NJ of course, but still lol ) 

After the end of their promotion when the said they would release another single album ( “Where are you? What are you doing?”) man was I too through with life. I wasn’t expecting it to be the last album or the last thing they put out as a group for the next year and 9 months.

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These silly, love-able boys would disappear from the screen of my laptop and I would have to re-watch countless videos of them and live off of the Instagram posts that they would sparingly post just to see their smiling faces. 

That year and 9 month wait was not put to waste because my boys came back with a vengeance. Everything seemed so sudden , from when the reconciled with the agency to when they released the comeback date, everything but I didn’t care because my boys were coming back. I was to hype when they began releasing the teasers, I even watched the comeback stage at work on the V app (shhhh!!! ). 

I was so through with the anticipation so when the MV for “Young, Wild and Free” came out I thought I was gonna have a heart attack or something. The next thing I knew I was crying, tears coming down my eyes. I kept up with all things B.A.P related, during their hiatus. For some reason I felt as if I needed to. When I was upset and down and out I would listen to these 6 angels do what they did best, and it gave me joy. I felt as if I needed to do this much by actively keeping up, listening to their songs, liking their pics and videos (Daehyun, Himchan,and Zelo updated the most)  on instagram. They had been through so much since they began as trainees and even after their debut. They worked so hard even getting named “No Rest B.A.P” so after all of that , this was their rebirth. This was a way of saying we wont go down without a fight, and that we are here and we are here to stay. Needless to say I loved the MV, and the title track “Young, Wild, and Free ”. 

I even have Yongguk’s version of their album. Yet again my “Dongsaeng”got it for me along with an official poster. I kinda love her!! This has been a long post and I thank you for hanging in there. I’m almost done :) 

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With the guidance of our amazing leader Bang Yongguk B.A>P has grown so much. Who would have ever thought that no offense to Jongup, but who would have thought that he would become a vocal, I mean he practically owned “Take You There”. Zelo is becoming an even better rapper, and dancer (choreographed title track and “Be Happy ” with Jongup. Daehyun and Youngjae are really settling into their voices and Himchan, he is still as motherly and adorable as ever. They have all put in the work and taken care of each other , which is why I think they will go so much farther than we could ever begin to imagine. 

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Now yet again they are preparing for another comeback and i just can’t wait. This “Matrix”comeback was awesome, epic and exactly ( in my opinion) what us BABYZ have been waiting for. Being produced solely by Mr.Bang himself, along with all the members actively having taken part in writing the lyrics,.that album was “B.A.P”. I’m excited to see what they have in store for us in this new mini album entitled “Carnival” I’m sure they’ll deliver yet again an awesome performance as usual. 

Bang Yongguk  ( Leader) ( Main Rapper) 

Himchan (Visual) ( Sub -Vocalist )  (Rapper)      

Daehyun ( Lead Vocalist) 

Youngjae ( Main Vocalist) 

Jongup ( Main Dancer) ( Sub - Vocalist) 

Zelo ( Maknae ) (Dancer) (Rapper) 

I hope you all go check out my favorite Kpop group, and my favorite group in general . Whether you’ve been in the fandom for all 4 years or if you have been in it for the past 12 hours because that’s how long it took for you to read this post, once you’re a BABY you’re always a BABY. If you’re not in the fandom, and you just like listening to B.A.P’s music, thank you anyways for supporting them. They are awesome and are the BEST. ABSOLUTE. PERFECT!!! ~Make Your Heart Smile 😘~