I am so exhausted both mentally and physically that all I wanna do is hug Dan and tell him he is amazing and doesn’t owe us anything but his happiness and I wanna hug Phil too and tell him that life gets harder when you get older and it’s okay to be emotional and it’s okay to let us know that he is indeed an adult with feelings. I just wanna hold dnp and tell them they make us so happy.

  • Eddie: Guys guess what I'm having kids
  • Dan: !
  • Anne: Eddie that's great to hear, is it a boy or girl?
  • Eddie: Symbiotes, 7 of them to be exact * opens of box showing seven jars of 'goo'
  • Dan & Anne: ...
  • Venom: We never been so happy. Look this one has our eyes :D
  • Dan: Hey congrats guys
  • Anne: Their very cute babies

It’s currently 3:40am…yes this is what I’m doing and yes I have school tomorrow

Who all is in the same boat?

I am LIVING and THRIVING after Dan and Phil’s new video. Like, I have wanted a video like this for the two years I have been watching (which is short time compared to many others) and I am so happy to see where they are today. I hope we get more videos like this, because it was so wholesome and I just want to hear more of their bants and life stories.

Currently playing: DAN

  • The sounds in Nancy’s room are so quintessential suburban summer: birds singing, sprinkler going, bicycle bell, lawn mower
  • For a high end fashion designer, Minette’s designs that they showcase in the case file are. Fucking ugly.
  • Tbh I should try this whole 10 seconds of rage, 6 seconds of sobbing, and 4 seconds of laughter to solve all my problems in 20 seconds
  • Heather completely just ignored Nancy’s joke and if I hadn’t played this game 17 times I would have decided that she’s the culprit based on that alone
  • Why are all these Parisian companies emailing in English?
  • Heather is so fucking transparent why doesn’t she just straight up tell Nancy “hey I’ve got a huge fucking lady boner for Dieter”
  • I would die for JJ’s apartment tbh
  • Why would you order anything besides the most expensive thing on the menu when Jean Mi is paying
  • If a random girl paraded into my apartment my first instinct would be to give her a digital camera too
  • Developing the photos is actually not as hard as I remember it being. It’s been probably like 10 years since I actually did it without the cheat.
  • Day 1 is over and I haven’t spoken to Minette whoops
  • According to Prudence Rutherford, “winter is almost upon us.” But the newspaper says it’s August?
  • Not to be dramatic but Heather saying “Go like the wind” makes me want to vomit
  • Minette wants JJ now but Daddy says I can’t be out late so I’m going to sleep instead
  • Is the comment about the spider’s name possibly being Boris? Ever explained? Ever?
  • I’m still obsessed with feeding Nancy and no it doesn’t make any more sense to me than it does to you.
  • Traquenard doesn’t have to remind me that I’ll have to pay literally every time I want to order something
  • In the time it took me to type that Henri cleared his throat twice while waiting for me to pay calm the fuck down
  • So if the rats end up stealing your code book, how the fuck are you supposed to know how to decode the final message?
  • I never had the opportunity to tattle on the bitch like I planned, so I accidentally ended up being a model in Heather’s show.
  • My game crashes before I get to see my awards but I’m guessing I got the one for painting a lot bc I ended up having like 300 euros, even after buying all the necessities and eating all the food.