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It’s official: ‘Will & Grace’ is coming back for a 9th season of 10 episodes.

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Closet Storm - Part Two

Part One

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“We’re going out” you state before grabbing your coat. It had already been three days since you last heard from Jackson after your fight. Neither one of you being the bigger person, only made your petty thoughts progress more than necessary.

Jordan looked at you up and down before scrunching up his face, “Sorry hun, but you’re not my type”

You felt yourself beginning to gag at the thought of him even thinking of it in that way. Quite frankly, he wasn’t your type either so the feeling was mutual. Nonetheless, you grabbed his car keys before throwing it in the air for him to catch. It was movie night.

The entire ride to the cinema felt like a rush; as if you knew you were doing something you shouldn’t be, but that only made you want to do it more. It wasn’t like you were doing anything illegal or harmful- no never that, but just that thought of Jackson made you willing. Why was it ok for him associate himself with people of the opposite sex but not acceptable for you? Gifts were thrown at him- literally-  everywhere he went by crazy fans and never once would he deny them. What made it even worse was he wouldn’t allow you to explain your side of the story because he was too caught in his own feelings.

You blast the music in the car as you let the air from the open windows blow your hair wild. Jordan looked at you from the driver’s seat as if you were some wild person who broke out of a psych ward. But you needed this. You needed to get out because the longer you were stuck home the more your anger grew.

Jordan eased into the parking spot before you both climbed out of the car. You honestly didn’t care what movie you would watch because you knew he’d pick it regardless. With that in mind, you gave him the money to buy the tickets while you rushed over to buy the snacks.

Let’s be honest here, movie snacks are expensive and you were pissed with yourself for not thinking of carrying a shoulder bag so that you could sneak in some of your own. Just as you grabbed the popcorn, Jordan flashed the tickets in front of your face. You were almost ready to tell him to return the tickets because you knew that this was a movie Jackson was dying to see but that alone made you more thrilled to see it.

You handed him the popcorn as you grabbed the soft drink you had ordered before taking out your phone. Still nothing. Not one text nor missed call from Jackson was notified. Shaking your head, you stuff your phone back into your back pocket while following behind Jordan.

“Did your boyfriend ever get back home” Jordan whispered as you eased into your seat. You nod your head, not very interested in talking about him. But that only made Jordan even more curious. He stared at you for a second, trying to understand your nonchalant attitude before jumping out of his seat.

“You fucking threw out the dress, didn’t you. That’s why you brought me here” Jordan started making stories in his head. “Y/N if you think this is your way of paying me back, we can leave right no-”

“Relax hot shot” you cut him off, “I didn’t throw it away”

Confused, Jordan slowly slid back into his chair. “Well did you at least wear it?”

“Sure did” you roll your eyes. Jordan was so oblivious to your feeling right now, but how could you blame him when you hadn’t told him? You never told him about the fight you had with Jackson or how it obtained to him because you didn’t want to hurt his feelings or have him thinking this was all his fault. This was bigger than that and it all stemmed from Jackson’s ego.

“Did he like it? Did he say anything about it?”

“He had a lot to say that’s for sure” you mumble. Before he could ask anything further, the previews began playing across the screen. It was still early and the theater wasn’t near filled yet which was a little unusual being that it was a Friday night.

Sliding your hand into your pocket, you retrieve your phone. Just a simple text was too much to ask for and it seemed far too complicated to receive at this point. You were fed up and the only thing that could make you feel any better was a cheap form of revenge.  

“Here,” you say as you hand Jordan the phone. “Let’s take a picture for snap-chat”. He didn’t have to be told twice as he positioned the phone in an angle that was flattering enough for the both of you. To make matters worse, you leaned in closer before pulling out your movie ticket allowing to be visible in the picture. Jordan snapped the picture before handing you back your phone. You examined the picture feeling a sense of satisfaction, but it just wasn’t enough yet. You began to write ‘Movie Night’ as the caption before posting it. You were sure he’d see it, but just to make sure you posted it on any other social media you had. Feeling satisfied as the rush began to kick in again you relaxed back into your chair as the movie began playing.

Throughout the entire movie, your mind remained elsewhere. A part of you was a little nervous at the thought that maybe you went a little too far, but that thought was overshadowed by your thirst for revenge pretty quickly.

The movie came to a closing end and you were more ready then you should have been. Your desire for your bed at this point was far more needed than you thought it would be as you dragged your legs to Jordan’s car. The entire ride, all he could talk about was the action in the movie or whether or not he could have done a better job than the cast of the movie could have. You tried your best to ignore him but with ongoing traffic taking place, the ride for your escape from his unnecessary complaining would take longer that needed.

“Ok but let’s be real here, if I had eyes as blue as Chris Evans, with my good looks he wouldn’t have stood a chance”

You couldn’t hold back your snort as you rested your head outside the window, taking in the summer night breeze, “Keep dreaming kid”.

“Who’s that” Jordan squinted as he pulled into your driveway. You look over his shoulder towards your front porch to see a masculine figure sitting on the stairs. To anyone else who may have driven by, this would have looked like a burglar/masked murderer waiting outside the house for the house for the house owners to return home just to finish the job by the looks of his dark clothes and hoodie, but you knew better than that. You knew exactly who it was without a second guess. It began to irk your soul that he would dare to come to your home so uninvited, but since when did he ever wait for an invitation?

Letting out a long sigh, knowing this would be a long night, to force the door open. You still hadn’t answered Jordan’s question on whether or not you knew who this unknown person was which left him uneasy as he climbed out of the driver’s seat behind you. Hearing the car door slam shut, Jackson lifted his head a little, giving a clearer view of his face in the moonlight.

“Ah you must be Jackson, Y/N boyfriend” Jordan smiled from his car, giving a small wave while leaning against his car.

Jackson almost refused to turn in Jordan’s direction while his main focus was on you at the moment. The fact that Jordan knew who Jackson was and that he was, in fact, your boyfriend was crawling under Jackson’s skin. He didn’t even know if your boyfriend and you were the right terms anymore by the looks of things but even so, Jackson forced a stiff nod. You could almost smell the tension oozing off of Jackson, only in Jordan’s direction the longer the three of you stood there with you in the middle. Jordan eyed you for a second, looking for answers but you wore your poker face strongly. The tension was so strong in the awkward quietness that the only thing that dared to rip through it was the sound of the crickets in the grass.

“Well I’m just gonna go, I have to a date to prepare for” Jordan tried to emphasize. “It was nice meeting you, though” he tried again before climbing back inside his car. Jackson spits out the most disgusted laugh at Jordan’s remark but you ignored him as you waved your friend away. You were sure Jordan would be back the next day with questions he’d harass you with later by the looks of things, but that was a headache for another time. You waited until Jordan’s car was no longer visible to the eye in the distance before trailing towards the house.

Jackson was already on his feet preparing to walk in your direction. If you could, you’d walk right past him as if he were a speck of dust in the air; but things weren’t that easy. He walked towards you with determination piercing through his eyes but was cut off when you walked around him onto your lawn. Even so, Jackson trailed behind you keeping pace.

“So we now go on dates” Jackson fumed.

“I told you he was my friend, what else do you want from me”. You were exhausted and there was no energy stored inside of you to argue with him.

“You sure looked comfy in his arms”

“Listen, you told me to go have fun with my friend and that’s exactly what I did, so I don’t even know why we are having this conversation, to begin with”

Jackson stopped short at the bottom of the stairs as he watched you climb them without a care in the world, wearing a nonchalant cloth as a cape.

“So now you don’t huh?” Jackson sneered while shaking his head, “So you see nothing wrong in your actions right now”

You shrug your shoulders at him, “what more do I have to say when I said it all”

“Y/N you sure play a lot of games. You should stop now before one of us gets hurt”

“Just do whatever Jackson. Besides, I can’t control who you are around doing your job right?” you mock.

There was nothing else to say anymore. Jackson stood there for a second longer than necessary, hoping you’d change your mind, but the longer he stood there the more it was clear you wouldn’t.

“Remember, you did this,” Jackson said over his shoulder before walking off. His words hit you while he left them lingering in the air. You turn around, but when you do Jackson was already far gone.

You weren’t sure what he meant by it and it left you tossing and turning throughout the night. Sleep was all you wanted but was too hard to find as his words played in you mind.

Remember, you did this

As soon as you were able to catch what only felt like ten minutes of sleep, you heard movement in the kitchen. Groaning you roll over to catch the time on your alarm clock. Only nine in the morning and there was only one person who’d be roaming around in your home at this time. You force yourself to the kitchen, following the noise and just as you guessed, you caught Jordan raiding your fridge.

You thought about to sneak back into your room and go back to sleep but it was too late. He’d already saw you, which meant you had a lot of explaining to do whether you liked it or not and that you did. You told him everything from the beginning to the end. From how you wore the dress to how Jackson showed up unexpectedly. You told him how it all started out good until he found the gift card Jordan left and how your argument began because of it. You explained everything to the best of your ability, careful not to leave out any important information. You even told him about the picture you both took and how it obtained to last night and the argument that followed.

“So basically what you’re trying to tell me is that last night you used me”. Had Jordan just skipped over all the information you had told him and was only worried about being used?

“Dude, I paid for your movie ticket AND I bought you popcorn so what the hell do you mean I used you,” you threw a grape he had found from your fridge as his face, aiming directly for his eye.

“Ok ok, but still did you at least tell him?”

You snorted, “What? That you’re into men? Why would I.”

“Y/N” Jordan threw his hands up, throwing his head back.

“He didn’t give me a chance to before he went all crazy on me that night”

“Oh, but what you did last night made it any better” Jordan eyed you.

You refused to look him, so instead you began playing with the bowl of grapes in front of you. “It was innocent - well most of it. I swear”

“But what do you honestly think it looked like to him?”

“Like Avengers was a bomb ass movie” you smirked.


“Ok fine, I’ll go talk to him”.

You hated Jordan always being right because when he was it always made you feel worse about things. Sure, that picture was uncalled for you were looking for a reaction whether you’d admit to it or not, but the entire argument was growing out of hand.

You hurried and got dressed- Jordan already was gone, and you forced yourself to do the right thing. Right thing being talking to talk to Jackson. You tried calling him, knowing that he had no schedule today but instead you were sent to voicemail each and every time. You’d say maybe his phone was off but Jackson declined each call in the middle of a ring. Fed up, you were so tempted to throw your phone across the room and just pile back into your precious bed but you knew Jordan would kill.

Might as well get it over with, and words are said better face to face, so you grabbed your keys and hopped in your car. The drive didn’t take long and sooner or later you found yourself outside of Jackson’s dorm. As your road the elevator up, you couldn’t avoid a funny feeling stuck in your chest. One that was explainable but it left a funny taste in your mouth the closer you got to Jackson’s floor.

Exiting the elevator and walking down the hallway, you found yourself in front of the group’s apartment door. You knock on the door and almost immediately you heard footsteps walking towards it. Each shuffle of the feet left you more nervous than the last. It probably would have been smarter to come with your thoughts already organized but it was too late for that now.

Just then the door swung open and Mark appeared in front of you. It was clear that he hadn’t expected you to be the one knocking at the door because although he tried to hide it, it was written all over his face. The awkwardness was killing you because it was never like this between the two of you, but the longer you looked into his eyes, the more sorrow you saw.

“Is Jackson home by chance?” you ask.

Just then, clear voices could be heard from behind the door, but they didn’t belong to the members. Mark instantly jumped and slightly tried to close the door, but it was too late. You already saw.

“Y/N right now is really not a good time” Mark began to panic. Be he never answered your question.

A woman’s intuition is one strong thing and at times like this, it was best to trust it. Mark looked at you hoping you would just walk away, but he should have known you better than that. You pushed Mark’s shoulder to the side, just enough to see over them and instantly felt your heart crashing in your chest. There laid Jackson on the couch visible from the door, but he wasn’t alone. Cuddled up too close for comfort was an unrecognizable face of a woman. You hated each tear that fell from you yes and resented it, even more, the moment Jackson met your eyes. Jackson didn’t even bother to flinch as he stared back at you, Mark still trying to block your view but it was too late. That when Jackson’s words began playing in your head again.

Y/N you sure play a lot of games. You should stop now before one of us gets hurt.

He was right, one of you would get hurt, but who knew it would be you or that it would hurt this much

A/N: I don’t plan on writing another part to this as of now so it is OK to send back feedback but please respect my choice if this turns out to just be the end 


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