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A vardo (also wag(g)on, living wagon, van, and caravan) is a traditional horse-drawn wagon used by British Romani people as their home. Possessing a chimney, it is commonly thought of as being highly decorated, intricately carved, brightly painted, and even gilded. The British Romani tradition of the vardo is seen as a high cultural point of both artistic design and a masterpiece of woodcrafters art. The heyday of the living wagon lasted for roughly 70 years, from the mid-1800s through the first two decades of the twentieth century. Not used for year-around living today, they are shown at the Romanichal (British Romani) horse fairs held throughout the year, the best known of which is Appleby Horse Fair.



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Animal Names in Ojibwe

  • Ma’iingan- Wolf
  • Ginebig- Snake
  • Bimiiskodisii- Snail
  • Apakwaanaajiihn- Bat
  • Gwiingwa’aage- Wolverine
  • Enigoons(ag)- Ant
  • Makwa(g)-Bear
  • Aamoo(g)-Bee
  • Bineshii(yag)- Bird
  • Gaazhagins(ag)- Cat
  • Bakwe’aakwe(yag)- Chicken
  • Bizhiki(wag)- Cow
  • Mooshka’oosi(wag)- Crane
  • Aandeg(wag)- Crow
  • Waawaakeshi(wag)- Deer
  • Animosh(ag)- Dog
  • Zhiishiib(ag)- Duck
  • Migizi(wag)- Bald eagle
  • Giigoo(wag)- Fish
  • Ojins(ag)- Fly
  • Waagosh(ag)- Fox
  • Omakakii(g)- Frog
  • Gekek(wag)- Hawk
  • Mooz(oog)- Moose
  • Zagime(g)- Mosquito
  • Waawaabigonooji(yag)- Mouse
  • Gookooko'oo(g)- Owl
  • Nigig(wag)-Otter
  • Gookoosh(ag)- Pig