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This is my oc Chrysi! She’s half human, half ethereal being (which I’m not going to name because I’m still not confident about the name). She’s really good at art and piano and she loves to play the guitar. She’s super funny and happy and smart and loves theater and psychology. She has naturally white hair, which she takes advantage of and dyes crazy colors. She kinda has a super sad backstory and hides her feelings behind humor. She also has a condition and is slowly dying but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ everything’s fine

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Thought I’d try my hand at submitting one of my many OCs. Meet Moira Mistvail a gnome illusionist wizard I play in a weekly Pathfinder game. She’s small (3ft tall) and cute, but she’s tougher than she looks, and dresses the part in a leather jacket and oversized big iron spiked gaunlet. She’s intelligent, reckless, and stubborn to a fault, but also loyal and surprisingly sentimental under it all. As far as her magic goes, she specializes in illusions. especially disguises, but she’s no stranger to other spells. When magic fails, she’s an excellent liar and actress. The way she sees it, lies are just illusions we craft out of words.

A TBG Inspired Fic

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Inspired by this text!


Amethyst padded down the steps of the crystal pedestal and into the kitchen. Something had been in the trash can for far too long; she could smell the heavenly aroma all the way from her room and there was no way she was leaving a midnight snack uneaten.

“Come on, come to mama,” she said. Her eyes were still cloudy from sleep that she didn’t need, but it didn’t matter. Her nose was more than capable of tracking down her prey.

Pans crashed onto the floor as she crawled through the clutter on top of the counter. The smell of rotting bananas and trash juice was growing stronger. 

She was close now.

Her foot found the edge of the trash can. She grinned. “Gotcha.”

The can fell when she shoved it, spilling its glorious guts all over the kitchen tiles. Amethyst leapt from her countertop perch and shapeshifted into a leopard as she flew, pouncing on the defenseless rotting fruit and empty soup cans. She rolled several times with her prey, shaking it for good measure in her jaws. An empty milk jug sailed through the darkness when she tossed it like a poor, defenseless-

There was light. Why was there light in the middle of the night? Amethyst raised her head, sniffing the air.

A bass beat was thumping the window panes. She could see it, feel it inside. The square of light illuminating her carnage was red, now blue, now red and pink and flashing like a heartbeat.

A feral grin spread over Amethyst’s muzzle. Garbage slaver dribbled from the corner of her black gums.

A party.

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What do I like that begins with a J? Are you shittin’ me? You called me out of class for this? I don’t even like Chem, but I think I’d rather be back there than doing this bullshit

Is this like one of those prison inkblot tests? If I say I like killin’ people are you gonna send me to jail? 

…That was a joke. Oh my God, it was a JOKE.

Okay, fine. I’ll answer.”

“What even begins with a J? Jesters? Juggling? Couldn’t you have at least picked an easier letter? What is this, AP Counseling? I didn’t study for this.  The therapists at this shit school, I swear–

Alright, I’m answerin’, I’m answerin’! Sheesh. 

I have this nice JACKET that I like. There, is that superficial enough for ya? It’s black and it’s made of leather–not real leather, what, do you think I’m made of money?–but it looks like leather and it makes me feel like a fucking b a d a s s. On days when I need to channel my inner Rihanna I’ll put it on and wear it like a bad bitch. Sometimes pretending you’re in a Bitch Better Have My Money music video can turn your whole day around. 

There. Happy?”

Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you 1 thing I love which starts with that letter | Accepting

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Waiting for the SGB's heads to explode - People Mag just ran with a confirm from BC (no quote tho) about birth of Baby#2 and a confirmation that Sophie has changed her name to Cumberbatch. Cue Haters with "She (and her PR) did this behind his back!" "He will have to go formal divorce!" "More fakery!!" And pulling old CDAN blinds that G submits as proof!! What knobs! Going to so love that the media will now start stories with "Benedict and Sophie CUMBERBATCH"!!! Let the cleanup begin in Aisle 5!!

Oh happy day!

My mom is in the hospital right now with my terminally ill dad who has recently been diagnosed with throat and mouth cancer and i told this guy I’ve been talking to on tinder i was nervous about it and he literally said this to me: “Geez……stop…..calm down…or you’ll put ur self in the hospital and you’ll be the one dying…”

Like wow my dude thanks a lot feel 100% better….why the fuck would you say that to someone.


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76. Prettier than the fairy lights, brighter than the stars

Week 6 | Prompt 1

Word Count: 476
Rating: G
Submitted by: shinywords (tumblr)

Summary: Only Yoongi and Jimin are awake. Well, awake at that point where you’ve passed the limit of passing out from tiredness and you start waking up again, but additionally to feeling awake you also feel a little bit high or a little bit drunk or a little bit of both.

Week 6 Prompt Set

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im dealing with DID right now and i already submitted something before, but is it okay if i submit a few more, here and there? it gives me motivation to draw, which helps me cope. love you lots, mod g. stay safe <3

submit as often as youd like
-mod g


Waves contain lots of information. They are also time invariant, which means that they will behave the same regardless of whether time moves forward or backward. This isn’t a property we observe often in life since time just moves forward for us. But a new experiment has demonstrated a method of wave control that can, in a sense, roll back the clock.

To do this, the scientists created a instantaneous time mirror, or ITM. When they create a disturbance on the surface of a pool of water, it sends out capillary waves in the form of ripples. A short time later, they accelerate the pool sharply downward. This universal disturbance is their instantaneous time mirror, which generates backward-propagating ripples. Those new backward-propagating waves travel back toward the source and refocus into the shape of the initial disturbance. This works for both a simple point disturbance (top image) and for a more complicated geometry like a smiley face (bottom image). (Image credit: V. Bacot et al., source; submitted by @g_durey)

ETA: To be clear, this experiment does not refute causality. It’s more like saying that the information for the initial conditions is still carried on in the later state and that you can do something to extract that information.