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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #16
  • Phil: Dan, I bought you a pet
  • Dan: *excited* omg show me
  • Phil: *gives him a moth in a jar*
funny story

in 7th grade, my friend really had to go to the bathroom, but the girls bathroom was full. so when no one was around, she snuck to the boys while it was empty and went there as quickly as she could. after she finished she was washing her hands by the sink, a boy walked in, while panicking, she screamed,
“you’re not suppose to be in here!!”
the boy ran out, and we never heard of him again.

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Can you do a drabble where g dragon gets mad at you for talking to someone else in bigbang

Sure thing babe!!! 

G-Dragon Drabble

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When your boyfriend, Kwon Ji-yong better known as G-Dragon or GD, invited you to BIgBang’s album release party you just couldn’t decline. The party was very packed to say the least. Foreign bodies mold to other foreign bodies and the oxygen became harder to get. Luckily for you, you had already made your way to the V.I.P section where BigBang was. Sitting down next to T.O.P because both sides of your boyfriend were taken up by groupies.

  Pfft, what an ass. You think to yourself as you take a drink of the alcohol and shake your head. This didn’t go unnoticed by T.O.P, chuckling he leans forward and looks at you.

 “ Yah, Y/n! You’re not jealous are you?” He asked while nodding over to your boyfriend who seemed more than intrigued in the conversation he was in.

 “ Me? Jealous.. of that? No. In order for me to be jealous, she would have to have something I want.” You defend, drinking more.

 “ Something… like your boyfriend’s attention?” T.O.P laughed. You slapped him on the shoulder and laughed a little. You knew that he only wanted to mess with you, he was your best friend and he knew how to get under your skin.

 “ Fuck off Top.” You flip him off and laugh a little more, falling on to his shoulder. You two share laughs as he continues to fill up your cup for what seems like forever. 

That is until GD decides to disengage himself from his conversation enough to pay attention to yours. “ Yah! Jagi! What do you think your doing over there? Come sit by your boyfriend.”

 You had one to many drinks and T.O.P could only laugh because he knew what was gonna happen. You were gonna cause a scene and GD would cause a bigger one. 

  “Y/n! Stop flirting with my best friend and come sit next to oppa!” He drunkenly laughed, patting the new empty seat.

 You scoff, “ Did your date go to the bathroom?” He stood up and grabbed your arm, “ No my date is flirting with my best friend.”

 “ Our best friend has been more of a date than my own boyfriend has!” You sneer as you snatch your arm away.

He follows you to the less crowded hallway and pushes you against the, his arm trapping you. “ Why are you always flirting with Top?! Why don’t you just date him instead of me if you like him so much?!” His face inches away from yours, his eyes look about 20 shades darker and you can see the hurt and anger in his eyes. 

 “ Do you want to be with him instead of me?! God Y/n, you make my blood boil, why can’t you be like every other girlfriend and only talk to me? You’re so friendly, it makes me sick. I’m supposed to be your main interest, not T.O.P!” You just stare at him, realization finally hitting you.

 GD was jealous of T.O.P and your friendship. “ Once you sat down I was going to stop talking to them but then I saw you having a damn good time with Top and.. “ He looks you in your eyes and shakes his head.

 “ You were jealous?” You whisper, hoping that this was the reason.

 “ Of course I’m jealous. You’re supposed to be mine, like I’m yours. I know what you thought when you saw those girls but if you would’ve paid attention you would have noticed me encouraging them to get up for you.” He explained, leaning his forehead on yours.

 “ Are you mine Y/n..?” He was so quiet but you managed to hear him.

 “ Only if you’re mine..” He answered your assumption with a rough but passionate kiss and it became clear to both of you, you were each others. 

Rick and Morty Headcanon #510

Rick loves music and loves sharing his passion with his fam so he takes them to universes and realities that are centered in music and teaches them to play weird instruments and cries when he listens to the Beth precious singing voice and he has some real talent in almost every human instrument and some others because he is amazing. Also he figures out Morty’s favourite artists and takes him to concerts and m&g

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Verte y no sentir

Aveces en raro no sentir nada por ti
Después de tanto amarte, quererte y tanto pensarte
Es raro verte y ya no sentir enojo o frustración por ya no tenerte 
Leer tus estados, tus mensajes o alguna otra foto 
Y ya no sentir esa mezcla de emociones que sentí cada noche pensando en ti
Después de tanto llorarte es raro verte y ya no sentir nada por ti.


How Ryden Probably Broke Up #46

Brendon: Holy shit, I think I broke my ankle! Oh Jesus, it hurts so bad Ryan!

Ryan: …

Brendon: owwwwwww Ryan, do something!

Ryan *giggling*: does that mean your ankle is the world?

Brendon: what?!

Ryan: cause I know the world’s a broken bon-

Brendon: D E A T H I S C O M I N G

First I must say I love you blog and headcanons. Second, I couln’t take this out of my head after reading one of your fanfics and just now I had time to sketch it. 

Vader isn’t wearing his cape because he made a Luke burrito with it.

OH MY GOD!!!!!