g star raw denim

Jay Z, photographed arriving back at the Hotel Le Meurice after dining at the Michelin-starred Le 39V restaurant, located inside the luxury Four Seasons Hotel George V, in Paris on April 20, 2011.

Hov is wearing a pair of his favorite Persol 649 sunglasses ($280), a G-Star RAW “Taylor” denim jacket ($270), and a pair of adidas Originals “Superstar” sneakers ($80).

This picture brings to mind the lyrics: “(Ball so hard) I’m shocked too, I’m supposed to be locked up too, if you escaped what I’ve escaped, you’d be in Paris getting fucked up too!” It was during this trip to the City of Love that Hov and Kanye West recorded “Niggas in Paris” in the $22,000-a-night “Bella Etoile” suite at the 19th-century palace-turned-hotel Le Meurice. In an interview with GQ magazine in 2011 Hov decoded these lines: “I’ve known so many people that didn’t make it. Most people can look at a picture of the kids they grew up with and it’s like, ‘Oh yeah—Adam went away to Harvard.’ This is a whole different conversation.”


The World Cup, Ever Heard Of It?

Apparently It Involves Hot Guys So Pay Attention

Every four years teams of hot guys get together to play soccer, or football, or futbol, or European soccer, or like whatever. All you need to know is that there are hot guys playing with balls and it’s an excuse to get day drunk and form a camaraderie with literally anyone at any bar (single ladies take note) - so basically what’s not to like? This year the World Cup is being held in Brazil and as a dutiful personal style blogger I felt it appropriate to give you some “World Cup”-inspired dressing inspo. I mean you could a) rep your team by buying a jersey or wearing their colors or b) just buy a cute tank with Brazil emblazoned on it if you’re like me and have no loyalty to any team besides the fact that you will root for the team with the sexiest players. Obviously I went with option b because why be picky? Keeping with the World Cup theme, here’s pictures of me being “sporty.” Football, surfing, scootering, and cheap beer - I’m doing great at capturing the team spirit in this post right?? Whatevs, I may not know the first thing about soccer but I do know I’ll be keepin it super cute in my soccer inspired ensemble. How are you guys celebrating the World Cup this year? Drunk? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Cheers!


ASOS Tank  //  G-Star Raw Denim  //  PF Flyers Sneakers  //  Ambig (Similar) Hat



SCANDAL; “parka” blogpost by HARUNA☆

Today, we did the instruments’ recording. Coming to the studio, I realise TOMOMI and I have got the same personal clothing on by coincidence.

We’re the same right up to our taste. There are such days aren’t there ^^

knit cap/G-STAR RAW • parka/STUSSY WOMEN • shirt/Another Edition • denim/ZARA • shoes/timberland. I’ll work hard from here on as well!

Mens Fashion

I hate the fact that just because im a man and i put effort in to what i wear and sometimes wear a fedora instead of a snapback or rolled up patterned trousers instead of joggers, or G-star raw denim, im instantly looked at like i’ve pissed on somebodies kids. I believe theres still a long way to go for people to start appreciating and accepting the ‘average mans’ ability to wear something out of the norm. This is why i think most teenage boys dont experiment with what they wear, which they should as the teenage years are probably the easiest time to wear what you want, because theyre afraid of being picked on.