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The signs as 90's trends
  • Aries: Baby G watches
  • Taurus: shell necklaces
  • Gemini: Jelly Shoes
  • Cancer: scrunchies
  • Leo: Chokers
  • Virgo: JanSport backpack
  • Libra: bandanas
  • Scorpio: butterfly clips
  • Sagittarius: crop tops
  • Capricorns: overalls
  • Aquarius: crimped hair
  • Pisces: Bucket Hats
Dreaming of you is a little like listening to the song inside a sea shell—you can’t see the waves or smell the salt but its call can make you feel like you’re there by the ocean. I know you’re not really here. But when you miss a thing this badly, even the illusion is enough.
—  Beau Taplin // S e a  S h e l l  S o n g s

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Jiminie &&& 45

It’s 2:40 but I was determined to finish this before I slept! Hope you like <33

45. Shower sex

Warm water hit your naked body as you found your hands travelling lower, grazing over your skin as your thoughts became clouded. It had been one month. One whole month. When Jimin had left for tour he’d only had one request; don’t cum through any means until he returned. And it was killing you.

He was due back in an hour or two, so you knew this was your hard work gone to waste, but as you showered to await his return you’d found yourself imagining - imagining what he’d do to you when he got back. You could only wonder if he was as frustrated as you were as you continued moving your hands, teasingly like he usually would, however when you finally reached the spot that ached most to be touched a cough from the doorway of the doorway made you freeze in place.

“You just couldn’t wait, could you?” Jimin’s voice was tired yet lustful at the same time, your eyes drawn to the prominent bulge in his jeans that only raised the question; ‘how long has he been stood there?’.

“I thought you weren’t going to return for an hour…” you mumbled, middle finger still moving slowly over your folds as you longed for touch. He smirked as he quickly removed his clothes, joining you under the stream of water without haste and batting your hand away from yourself. You couldn’t tell if he was turned on or irritated, most likely a mix of both as he kissed you lightly.

“I wanted to surprise you. My plane landed early.” he whispered, mouth now lingering next to your ear as he bit lightly on the lobe. “Looks like I was more surprised though.” He pulled back and frowned a little at you through his now dripping black fringe, brushing your wet hair from your face and cupping your cheek in his large hand. “I asked you.”

“I know, I know, and I was doing fine.” you responded in a whine, putting your hand over the hand on your face. “But then I was on Tumblr looking at fancams and just… I was thinking about you and I just…”

“Fancams?” His face lit up a little and he bit his lip, eyes intent on yours, dark and filled with lust. “Which performance?” As he asked he moved his hand to your pussy, wet in more than one way by this point as you longed for some sort of friction. You moaned at the contact, grinding down slightly when he wasted no time in inserting two fingers into you. He didn’t seem to be in a teasing mood, luckily, as he seemed as desirous as you and jet lagged from his journey. He chuckled, moving them almost painfully slowly as he awaited your answer.

“I started with Fire, because the choreo for it is so good.” you began in an unsteady voice, him letting out a hum and pumping faster, curling his fingers slightly to urge you on. You moaned again and he leaned forward to kiss along your shoulder, working up the column of your neck with light kisses that tickled the sensitive skin and made you squirm a little. “But then I started watching Baepsae fancams and just… the hip thrusts… my imagination started doing things.” your voice was reduced to a mere whisper as, seemingly satisfied with your response, Jimin curled his fingers into your g-spot a few times before he withdrew them. He grunted and, in one swift motion turned you around and pressed your chest flush against the shower wall. The cold tile hardened your nippls further and you let out a shaky breath when the tip of his cock teased your entrance, his chest pressing against your back as he leant in to murmur in your ear;

“Your fantasies can become reality now babygirl.” he practically growled his words, sucking purple marks into the skin of your neck and shoulders. “I’ll make it worth the wait.” Without warning he pushed into you, one, fast movement that had you groaning in relief. Whilst you could have masturbated at any time during his tour, nothing compared to the feeling of Jimin buried deep inside you, thrusts always the perfect depth, speed, and the way he knew all of your sweet spots to the point that every time you saw white and your head span. You pushed your arms up to the wall for support as he began thrusting, quick and deep as you liked. “You’re tighter than usual.” he commented with a somewhat smug smirk. You groaned deeply and pushed back against him, moving your hips slightly in time with his movements as he continues marking your skin all over. A few moans of his name had him gripping your hips harder and angling himself so he could hit your spot over and over, the familiar heat beginning to build in your lower abdomen.

“Jimin I’m close.” you groaned, leaning your head back to kiss his lips hungrily and urgently. You could tell he was too from his more erratic thrusting and frequent grunts and low groans, you swallowing each one as your tongues danced and the heat broke, body convulsing and waves of pleasure washing over you as you slumped against the wall and rode out your orgasm. With a few more thrusts Jimin was cumming too, the pulsing of your walls milking him as he collapsed against you. As you both caught your breath he pulled out of you and you turned to face him on wobbly legs, hands gripping his forearms to steady yourself. “Thank God I’m on the pill.” you commented, placing a deep and more chaste kiss on his swollen lips.

“I missed you.” he whispered against yours, arms moving to securely wrap around your waist as he held your body close to his.

“I missed you too, jagiya. Let’s quickly clean up and go to bed; you’re probably tired.” you smiled, pecking his lips again and grimacing when you felt his release dribble down your inner thigh, soon washed away by the hot stream of water that was still running. He shook his head, smirking.

“I can sleep tomorrow. You see, I really missed you.” you quirked an eyebrow and he laughed. “So I may have bought a few things on my way back.”

“You’re the best.” you murmured, already picturing it; you tied to the headboard, blindfolded and screaming his name… it was all definitely worth the wait.

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