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Hey-hey, remember that one ask about Chihiro being Fuyuhiko;s secret admirer? What if when Chihiro started to get more confident and wanted to start moving back to presenting as male he started with suits, like what his idol wears all the time? Also, as a side note, can we take a moment to imagine a Talent Swapped Idol Fuyuhiko, and subsequently a Yakuza Heir Sayaka?

KAMAKURA KAMAKURA YASSS QUEEN!!! Honestly I love any and all headcanons/fics of Chihiro transitioning to presenting as a male again just because of the confidence it would give my boi.

Before I like tear into this let’s please have a moment of silence for Chihiro in a suit… He would slay all of us.

But like when Fuyuhiko realises that Chihiro is actually a guy he immediately switches to male pronouns and says ‘bastard’ instead of ‘bitch’. Chihiro sees Fuyuhiko as like this manly, confident, cool guy who is secure in his masculinity ASWELL as being short and baby faced with a somewhat feminine figure and it gives Chihiro so much confidence that he doesn’t need to be a muscley jock to be seen as a man. So he starts to wear suits and of course Fuyuhiko notices. And instead of thinking it’s weird that he’s copying his style or whatever he understands that Chihiro is figuring himself out and fully supports him by giving him names of good tailors/suit shops. Just like… Tiny boyfriends dressed in perfectly fitted suits being badass and hecka adorable at the same time.

As for the talentswap, I am already in love with idol!Fuyuhiko as he would be wearing an idol dress and would rock it. I refuse to accept the au without Fuyuhiko in a dress on stage, who also has a body pillow released aswell as that swimsuit magazine that Sayaka had. And Yakuza!Sayaka (or Sayakuza as I like to call her) makes me realise how gay I am. Like Sayaka smoking a cigar with her hat casting a shadow over her eyes, sitting classy as fuck behind her expensive desk with two bodyguards either side, smirking because she knows exactly how and when six people will die that day. Hoooo boy.

~Mod Yoyo

while yes tinies would be scared upon seeing giants, i think it’d go the other way too. at the very least, giants would be startled as hell at seeing a tiny


  • that sudden drop of anxiety when u see anything resembling a bug scurrying across the floor
  • i can totally see him BECOMING giant rather than being born giant
  • suddenly hes TALL and he utterly loves it hes just BIG and its all EXCITING so he yell
  • he definitely doesn’t mean to break stuff but lets be real here, he totally accidentally destroys a ton of stuff because look at how much this dude flails around currently, that wouldn't stop if he was a giant. he doesn’t mean to break shit, but he does
  • he’d probably wind up moving someplace kinda isolated so he doesn’t hurt anyone on accident
  • although don’t think he’d be a ~secret~ giant, because he’s so excitable he’d definitely tell all his friends and everyone he knows “LOOK AT HOW TALL I GOT ISN’T THIS AWESOME”
  • because he left pretty quickly to make sure he didn’t hurt anyone, he hasn’t really interacted with normal sized people much
  • so of course if he meets one he’d flip
  • “oh my gosh!!! yer so little!!! can i hold you yer so cute oh my gooood”
  • *scoops up smol without warning and fidgets with their arms nd generally coos over them bc “holy shit you’re so small”*
  • he probably gets lonely so if a smol does come across them he’d try all he can (nicely) to get them to hang around longer
  • he’d be p careful when handling normal sized people, but he’d also occasionally get excited and move too fast/pick em up without warning/ drop them into pockets before asking/etc
  • “In today’s news, there has been a suspicious robbery at a nearby hair dye factory. The only type of hair dye taken is neon green, and there are reports that more dye was stolen from similar factories across the country. Why someone needs this many tons of hair dye, we don’t know, but they probably look fabulous.”

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for tht ask meme: is it ok if its irl people? (liek youtubers?) if so, then tyler scheid as a human ;0

im assuming u mean human as in like a human and borrower situation, if u mean something else lemme kno and i’ll make ya new headcanons lmao ANYWAY

  • would definitely notice super quick that there’s a borrower about. not necessarily by seeing them, maybe just by noticing that bits of food go missing/cracks in the walls/etc.
  • probably wouldn’t be above setting a trap to catch the borrower lmao
  • comes off as intimidating at first because of how big and quiet he is, but once you get to know him he’s chill af
  • casually forgets that borrowers are small?? “hey come see” and just leaves the room, making the borrower climb alll the way down from the counter and trek into the other room on their own. “here hold this” *casually drops pencil on borrower* “o shit sorry”
  • probably would be hesitant to show the borrower to mark/ethan/amy/kathryn bc he knows how excitable they can get and how it might be overwhelming
  • if the borrower does decide they wanna meet the others tho, he’ll be totally supportive and there to make sure the tiny doesn’t get overwhelmed and everything goes smoothly
  • if they decide to just continue living in secret, he’d also respect that, chat with them if he ever sees them about borrowing, and occasionally leave out treats or supplies for them where they’ll find em
  • also??? he gives the best hugs (with his hand ykno the whole ~borrower hug~ thing). the best. 10/10 hugs.